A Tribute to the Philippines’ Unsung Heroes


A Tribute to the Philippines’ Unsung Heroes

Hong Kong · April 25, 2023

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A Tribute to the Philippines’ Unsung Heroes

During the 1970s, the Philippines was among the first countries to participate in the foreign domestic worker program in Hong Kong, sending workers to work in households. Today, overseas Filipino workers are regarded as modern-day heroes due to their invaluable contribution to the country’s economic development, despite facing homesickness and numerous other challenges in order to provide their families with a better life.

On weekends, many of these workers can be found gathering in parks, subways, underpasses, or sidewalks to socialize or catch up on sleep after a long week of hard work. However, beneath the surface of their lively chatter lies many heart-wrenching stories.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has always had a soft spot for Hong Kong and its overseas Filipino workers, particularly women who work as domestic helpers. In recognition of these unsung heroes, hundreds of overseas Filipino workers and their wards were treated to a surprise event, the ACQ International Children’s Day, to commemorate Pastor Apollo’s birthday.

At the Southorn Stadium in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 400 overseas Filipino workers were able to put aside their daily struggles and experience a joyous occasion filled with kindness. At the same time, hundreds of local children in Hong Kong were also thrilled to be a part of the event.

The highlight of Pastor Apollo’s birthday treat is always the cakes and birthday presents given to the beneficiaries.

A simultaneous celebration was also held in Macau where children accompanied by their big sisters, who are known as “nannies” in the local Macanese dialect, happily took part in the celebration.

True love knows no boundaries. It can embrace anyone in the world, regardless of wealth, age, or status, and Pastor Apollo aims to spread this love all over the world.

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