ACQ ICD comes to Tanah Merah


ACQ ICD comes to Tanah Merah

Indonesia · April 25, 2023

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ACQ ICD comes to Tanah Merah

The Tanah Merah dumpsite is a landfill located in Makassar City, the capital of South Sulawesi province in Indonesia.

The local community living around the Tanah Merah dumpsite is mostly comprised of low-income families who work in informal jobs or small businesses. Many live in houses or shacks made of scrap materials near the dumpsite. They have no other choice since they cannot afford the high cost of living in Makassar.

The presence of the dumpsite has had a significant impact on their daily lives, enduring poor living conditions, which can be unbearable at times. Air pollution and contaminated groundwater are just a few of the challenges these families face.

Among the hundreds of children in the community is 12-year-old Amelia. Her father left her when she was only eight (8) months old. Even without her parents, she considers herself fortunate to have grandparents who really love her.

She dreams of becoming a doctor someday so she can help her grandparents, her community, and others who are in need.

She is one among the many destitute children who long to get a chance to celebrate a real birthday—with delicious food, balloons, and gifts—the kind of birthday that every child deserves. Because of life’s dire circumstances, such a longing seems to be too far out of reach.

Amelia’s wish, along with the other children in Tanah Merah, is finally granted as they become beneficiaries of the ACQ International Children’s Day.

The joy and excitement in each child’s face is a priceless sight to behold.

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