18th Anniversary of the Birth of the Kingdom Nation for web

Celebrating 18 Years: The Birth of the Kingdom Nation

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Celebrating 18 Years: The Birth of the Kingdom Nation

From the Kingdom Chronicles · April 2023

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Celebrating 18 Years: The Birth of the Kingdom Nation

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As we commemorate the 18th anniversary of the birth of the Kingdom Nation, we can look back with awe and gratitude at what the Almighty Father through His Appointed Son has done for mankind.

First, the fulfillment of His work of Salvation in the life of the Son. After 28 years of spiritual journey, the Almighty Father declared to the whole world on April 13, 2005, through His audible voice, His anointed and Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy that the Kingdom Nation had been born, a nation of a Higher World where its laws are written not on paper but in the hearts and minds of His people, where His Will is perfectly done as it is in Heaven. It is a nation of people who have been completely freed from the serpent seed.

Through the years, the Almighty Father has flooded the Kingdom Nation with countless triumphs and successes, which made it a shining example to the rest of the world, of what can a person become when he enters and signs the covenant through repentance and complete obedience to His perfect Will.

All these successes and accomplishments are a testament to the power of the Almighty Father’s love, compassion, and grace to restore man into His image beginning with the Son. They are proof that with the Father, anything is possible.

The Kingdom Nation’s Humble Beginnings


A Product of Collective Unconditional Faith

The road to the 18th year is paved with sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears of sons and daughters, coupled with storms of persecutions. Ingrained in the Kingdom Culture is sacrifice, which demands giving up everything that is valuable to us. We seek the Will of the Father above all, even if it costs us our lives. The interest of the Kingdom is of the highest value to us because it involves the salvation of souls.

Those members who are nothing, despised, and considered foolish in this world were with the Son all the way, faithfully going with his pains, sufferings, and sacrifices, just so he could obey the Father’s Will. Imagine putting yourself in his place at that time when you had nothing – no money, power, might, or connections – and being all alone, just so you could follow through with your confession that you would do the Father’s Will no matter what.

Today, this Kingdom Nation led by the Son has overcome countless obstacles and challenges and emerged stronger and more united than ever before. This is a testament to the Son’s unwavering commitment to building a strong nation of just men with spirits made perfect.

This is all because of one man who used His freedom of choice to follow the Father’s Will no matter what, who remained steadfast in his commitment by laying down his life for the greatest cause on earth.

We are filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead. With the Almighty Father’s Appointed Son leading us, this spiritual nation is going to conquer the whole world. The sheer magnitude of what lies ahead is beyond imagination and will surely dazzle the eyes of all nations and races.

Today, the Kingdom Nation has become a spiritual refuge, a beacon of hope, not just for the sons and daughters, but for all those who believe in the Son of God and his message wherever they may be in the world.

As we celebrate the 18th anniversary of its birth, we can look back with pride and thanksgiving that we have been crafted into the spiritual family of sons and daughters, who composed this Kingdom Nation on earth, totally free from the serpent seed.

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