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Sounds of Worship · April 09, 2023

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The Father told me, in our Spirituality vs Carnality warfare, “You are the Lord of the Flesh.” You know the devil tries to weaponize the flesh against me. Look at the accusations that have come up. They are all about the flesh because the flesh, before my coming, is the King.

And everybody bowed down to it and that is what the devil did in the Garden of Eden. He lets everybody bow down to it where the flesh flexes its muscles, shouts its voice, trembles, and falls down.

The Appointed Son came, and we had a showdown at last for all the warfare that I faced. This is the greatest one because in the flesh is death, and the last enemy to be conquered is death.

Death will have no power when the time comes, and when everything is going to be finished, every ounce of salvation is restored to mankind.

Death will be the last enemy to be conquered and death is only in the flesh. When the Father told me, “You are the Lord of the flesh,” that means flesh cannot win over me. I will win over it. I am the master, flesh is the slave. Before flesh is the king, he is the master and we are all slaves of it.

But right now, flesh is the slave and the spirit of the Son is the master.

One day, soon, you will see all of these come to pass. It has now begun my brothers and sisters.

I would like to simplify to you what heaven is about. Many people have disputed those who do not know Him.

Those who do not have a direct connection to heaven are all aghast, surprised, flabbergasted by the revelations coming from the Appointed Son because they have not heard these before. They have not seen it before. It has not entered into their minds or their hearts before.

Why? Because they cannot be trusted, because they are not worthy.  So, He has to appoint a son and go through the fire to be proven gold in and out.

Whatever circumstances, whatever trial or persecution, whatever hardships or obstacles, the devil would throw in front of the Son as he was tested and tried in six years in two mountains, particularly five years in Tamayong.

The Appointed Son passed with flying colors. Those are my official records in the Book of life in Heaven.

Nothing compares to that. As I passed, the Father can now entrust His secrets to those who love Him.

Then, He entrusted the secrets to me. As the Word of God says “The secrets of the Lord are with the righteous.”

Because of these secrets, the ordinary individual knows them but it is with them that fear Him.

Who are those who fear Him? Those who have repented and followed His will, loyal to that will, dedicated to that will, obedient to that will, committed to that will.

So, those secrets are with me. He said He will show them His covenant, He will show them His promises.

Do not forget the Manna of Revelations about spiritual growth. There are three levels of spiritual growth.

The first level is Infancy. Infancy is divided into three. Next is the Son Accountable. On the level of Son Accountable, they are also divided into three. And Son Placement which is the last where you become a son and a daughter of the Father Almighty, engaged to his work. There is only one heaven and that is the true heaven where you can find the Father. Only Sons and Daughters will see His face. That is the Seventh Heaven where He dwells.

When the Father revealed this, He showed me seven buses, six of them look-a-like and the seventh was the most beautiful-looking bus of all. And He said to me, “These six buses I have given but the seventh one, I have not given to anyone. This is what I will give you.”

The Seventh Heaven can only be open when the Appointed Son comes and will be the one to open it for all of you.

In the Seventh Heaven, that is where the real description of heaven is, where our Father Almighty dwells. You, who will be with me there, will be the one to see His face. Walking in the streets of gold, mansions built for each one of you who has come up to that level. Mansions, no more longing, no more death, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more suffering.

Revelation 21:5-7

This is a spiritual one I’m talking about. Spiritual understanding, you go there. When you are in the Son Placement, you engage in His work. Leave everything behind. No more attachments, like me.

Having nothing, but possessing all things. No more personal interest. No more self-interest, only the Kingdom’s interest in SR, FR, and ROE. That’s all you care about. Bringing fruits to the Kingdom. This is how you gather riches in heaven.

Behold all things have become new. This is the New Heaven. One to six are the Old Heavens. “Old heavens have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

You are now in the New Earth, New Heavens and this is what is bringing the message to all humanity. Not only you, but all people of the world should know this.

Even a powerful nation is composed of people and people will die.

Your soul faces God and the books will be opened, which is the Book of Life and everyone will be judged according to what is written in the books.

If your name is not written in the Book of Life, I’m sorry. Angels will escort you and a trapdoor under your feet will just open. As soon as it opens, there is a lake of fire beneath. Don’t say you’re powerful. You’ll die, man, you’ll die and you have a soul.

What did you do? Now that the Son is here in modern times, what did you do to the Son? What did you say to the Son? What did you accuse the Son of? What did you do to persecute the Son? It’s all written in the Book according to your works. 

If they died in the sea, you will be spewed up by the sea. If you died and went to hell, you will still be spewed by hell for the last journey of your life.

There is a lake of fire, this is the second death.

This is the most scary part. Listen, you, humanity. The Appointed Son is here to speak the truth about your soul because every individual who lives here has a soul. Now, He is talking here about the dead, small and great.  

Generations after generations, thousands of generations have passed since Adam and Eve. They all died. They have a soul to answer to God one of these days. And then you will be judged according to your works. 

Don’t brag to me about your weapons, you die. That is your final destiny. Whoever you are, you will die. Death is the equalizer for you.  

When you die, you’re no longer the God. The God of the book is the God that you will face. And then the books will be opened. Every idle word you speak shall be recorded and you will answer thereof in the day of judgment.

Whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was casted in the lake of fire. Then you will know who is powerful and who is not.

Better recognize the Son now; give favor to the Son right now. Everything you do to the

Son will be recorded in Heaven. You will be cast into the lake of fire.

Why am I here? He sent me for humanity. He sent me for you. So that you will know the truth.

There’s no other person on earth that He can trust to tell the truth as it is in the word of God without fear or favor, except that He will call and choose a Son, anoint him, and then appoint him to be His speaker, to be His voice all over the world.

No one He can trust, not denomination, not religion, not powerful countries, no one, about the salvation of souls.

Only an Appointed, Anointed Son whom He has chosen. That’s why He told me, “I will send you into all nations of the earth where I have children. You don’t know them, they don’t know you. But when they hear your voice they will follow it, because My sheep know My voice.”

Don’t brag about anything on earth today like this rich man here in Revelation Chapter 3.

This can be applied to a nation, an organization, a company, a group, a religious organization, a political organization, an individual, to anyone who brags about their riches, power, and wealth, that nobody can stand before them.

Listen, you’re just a human being, you’re just a mortal. You’ll die and one day, you will see who you are. You are nothing in the sight of God.

Revelation 3

These words are powerful. I’m telling you. Increased with goods and need nothing. These are, even how powerful your organization is or any other group.

Do not brag about your power. There is a power above you that is more than you.
If God brings a curse upon you, nobody can stop it. He is the owner of the ocean. He can command the ocean to “give me a tsunami” and drown that city. He can do that.

He can command powerful tornadoes to congregate and decimate your city. He can command hail from heaven and He can command fire and brimstone as He did in Sodom and Gomorrah, and nothing can escape Him. He is more powerful than anyone else.

Nobody is more powerful than the God that I serve!

Listen to me, I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire. The words from the Manna of Revelations I am speaking today have been given to me by fire, going through the fire.

The words I am speaking are what caused Jesus Christ to be nailed to that cross. The words that He spoke that I am speaking today. I am the manifestation of those words. The word made flesh is what is causing these accusations against the Appointed Son. It is what caused Him to go to that cross.

These are the words that has given us the power because one day we will face Him!

What did you do to Him? What did you do to Jesus Christ? What did you do to the Son He sent to be the embodiment of His words?

Accordingly, that is what will judge you. If you rejected me, persecuted me, falsely accused me, followed me on my way, prayed for my demise, prayed for the Kingdom to fall, all of these words will come back to you one day and will judge you.

I am the only one who can speak the truth like this. You can do anything you want to do to me, but you cannot stop my mouth, my soul, my spirit from speaking the truth about my Father in heaven who loves you, who died for you because He saw the enormity of the lake of fire in which you will go when your name is not found written in the Book of Life, you are nothing.

Babylon the Great, watch out! You are under judgment.

God had numbered thy kingdom and finished it. No empire on earth is so powerful that it cannot be finished by God.

Especially when that kingdom is under judgment, and Babylon the Great is now under judgment.

The last enemy to be conquered in this ministry is death. Jesus Christ did not dread and fear death. He went to the cross because He knew He was immortal. You can hurt His body but you cannot hurt His Spirit.

Look at the Passion of the Christ. He went through that. That is what Satan Lucifer the devil did not know. He thought that if he could kill the body of the Messenger, he had killed the message. He hasn’t. The message of the Messenger—although they killed him physically, propagated all over the world. It reached my heart. It reached through all of your heart. It cannot be killed.

You cannot kill this message. You can put me out but you cannot put out the message I am bringing to the world today.

I’ll be standing before my Father who is the Father of all human beings whether wicked or not, they will stand before the judgment. What will you say then? I, whom you have persecuted. I, whom you’ve accused falsely. I, whom you have treated unfairly will stand before you without fear or favor.

Be careful about what you have done. And right now is the time for you to repent. You can kill the body but you can’t kill the soul. The soul will face judgment. They killed Jesus Christ. They thought they were done with Him. After three days, He rose again.

If Glorification time will come, I’ll go through those walls. I’ll walk on the water. I can visit any country without a passport, without a visa. I can appear and disappear at will.

You better repent while there is time and then I will disappear. Your bullets, cannons, jails and accusations have no power over me. Death has no power over the Son. The last enemy to be conquered is death.

You, people in the Kingdom, who have followed the Son until now, and the world looks at you as puny people, looks at you as though you were nothing, you are everything in the sight of God.

Why? Because He has chosen the weak things in this world to confound the wise.

1 Corinthians 1:25

That is why He chose us to fulfill these Scriptures. He chose me, He chose all of us.

One day death will be swallowed up in victory.

Isaiah 25:8

He will destroy the fear of death. He will take away death, because He is the God who has risen from death, and because of this hope, we are never to be paralyzed by the terror of death. They terrorize me by putting me behind bars.

Matthew  10:28

Death can no longer keep man captive and is freed from his bondage when he’s reconnected to the Father.

That’s why we have defeated carnality, rendering the flesh powerless. The Appointed Son has conquered carnality by condemning sin in the flesh. While on earth, the flesh no longer has dominion over him.

1 John 3:8

Romans 8:3-4

Romans 6:6-7

This is the process of spiritual perfection. Once the spirit of the Father can dwell in this mortal body, it will be subject to a process of His spiritual cleansing and purging until the spirit will be fully dominate over the flesh.

What did the Lord tell me?  He told me,  just what I told you in the beginning, that He has given the Son power over all flesh. (John 17:2) To all of you that followed eternal life.

1 Corinthians 15:42-44

Colossians 3:4

Philippians 3:21

1 Corinthians 15:52-55

This is the ultimate triumph of the Sons and Daughters of the Father Almighty. When death is finally conquered, the world shall see and experience true and lasting peace and prosperity under the rulership of the Father through the Son.

Therefore all of this is going to happen in due time.

Revelation 21:4

It is the ministry of the Appointed Son of the final resurrection of the body that is Glorification time.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

Appointed Son of God

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