Dibabawon and Monobo Children Reached by the Love of the Appointed Son

Dibabawon and Monobo Children Reached by the Love of the Appointed Son

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Dibabawon and Monobo Children Reached by the Love of the Appointed Son

The Dibabawon and Monobo tribesmen of Sitio Marang, Davao de Oro, face numerous challenges in their daily lives due to the devastation caused by war and insurgency. Their coconut trees were destroyed, leaving the land barren and dry. Despite these hardships, they continued to pray for help, and their prayers were answered when Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy came to their aid with unconditional support.

The history of insurgency and poverty has plagued the region for decades, making it difficult to create a stable livelihood. Lack of roads and access to basic education further compounded the issue. Though the government eventually provided roads, the challenges persisted, particularly for the remote communities.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, with his unwavering dedication to humanitarian efforts, stepped in to help. The Dibabawon tribe welcomed him warmly, offering a gift as a symbol of their gratitude for his support. His sustainable IP projects have brought significant changes to the community, including a basketball court for recreation, a potable water system, and construction materials for tribal halls. The joy and happiness that these projects brought were indescribable, particularly with access to clean water and a place to play.

Moreover, a peace treaty between the indigenous local officials from both barangays of Kapda and Marang has occurred, showing progress towards unity. To add to the joyous news, Pastor Apollo had a special surprise in store for the children: a grand birthday celebration for those who had never experienced one before. The children were ecstatic, and their parents were grateful for the food, sweets, gifts, and necessities that were given out.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s love for the children has no bounds, and his humanitarian efforts—sustainable projects that make a lasting impact to the lives he touched—have brought hope, joy, and love to the less fortunate and continues to bring positive change around the world.

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