God Will Take Care of Your Worries

God Will Take Care of Your Worries

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · ACQ Classics · March 10, 1996



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God Will Take Care of Your Worries

Worries are anxieties in life about tomorrow.

When you worry, you insult God. That means you don’t trust in His power anymore.

People are full of worries. When you are worryful, you forget God. You forget His power, miracles, and what He can do. You forget His promises and His presence.

Even if it hasn’t happened yet, you’re worried already.

“What will I do?” Don’t say that because there is always a way out, no matter how difficult the situation is.. Believe me, I’ve been there. Whatever your problem is, do not worry about it. Sleep soundly later.

Give it to the Lord. Say, “Come what may. I have given you this problem. I’ll not worry about it.” That does not mean that you have to quit your responsibilities altogether. You will still do them but minus the worry.

So, your joy and happiness will return to you today, even if you have a problem. Now, it’s the Lord who will worry about your problem. Then, you will be given a miracle today. Suddenly, your life will become lighter.

You don’t know the ways of God. The ways of God are so mysterious. They are hidden in the secret chamber of the spirit and no man knows them.

When God decides to release to you His blessings, no demon in hell can hinder this. When God decides to help you, He is going to be your strong refuge; He is going to be your light; He is going to be your salvation.

No demon in hell will dare to hinder this because that power is going to come and make a way for you.

What is in your hands? Nothing. Since you have nothing, with your hands clasped, pray.

The Lord will make a way for you today and He will make an unbelievable miracle in your life.

Don’t worry. You have a powerful God.

Don’t worry. You have a sourced God.

Don’t worry. You have a God that will supply your every need and want.

Don’t worry. You have a God that created the heavens and the Earth.

Don’t worry. You have a God that created gold and silver.

Don’t worry. You have a God who owns all the cattle on a thousand hills.

Don’t worry because He created everything for you.


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