Everything that happens in your life will affect you in eternity and it is the Father’s plan and Will in your life. This ministry was born almost 28 years ago, a calling which came in my life from the Almighty Father. Before I came in contact with this ministry, I came from the Church Age, a member of a big denomination. I was trained in a Bible College. According to the Will of the One who called me, our Father Almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ, 28 years ago, I officially started this ministry from the Philippines and now 28 years later, it is all over the world. We thought that this ministry was not possible 28 years ago.

But we believe that when the Father does something, although at the moment we don’t understand it, you have to use your faith to believe the unbelievable. That is what we call faith. For those who come to Him, they must have faith. The Word of the Father says, “For without faith it is impossible to please Him.” Hebrews 11:6.

This is not a ministry that is founded by me. I am an instrument of the Father for this work He called me to be in today. This is His work. He is the One calling and I just make myself available 24/7. Every hour, every minute and every second of my life is dedicated solely for the glory of the Father. When His children would come, I will be there any time of the day, any hour of the night. The preaching of the Word, which we call manna of revelations, is always available for those hungry and thirsty souls called by the Father Almighty in many ways. He is the One orchestrating everything that happens in this world.

It’s not a ministry that is founded according to the tenets or the will of man, but the Almighty Father’s Will. It is through His Will that I am here today.

Before I came into the Kingdom ministry, I was a member of a big denomination. But then, a calling came to me which at that time seemed to be impossible even to me who had not experienced it yet. I am here not because a mainline denomination and religion is backing me up. I am no longer connected with that. I am only connected to the One who sent me and that is our Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ. In this world, it is Him only whom I please. It is Him who has called me and it is from Him that I take my authority and the power of the Word that I speak to all the people for their salvation.

You know, the quest of people in this world is always for happiness. This is even written in the Constitution of the United States, “The Pursuit of Life and Happiness.” Somebody told me, “You know Pastor, in our race, if one of us is not happy for three months, we commit suicide. If we can’t find happiness in one or two months and we’re still sad, then, there is no point of living further. Then, we take our own lives.” That is why there is so much suicide in this society today.

People are looking for happiness and they can’t find it. It seems they have forgotten one thing or maybe they have not come to terms with this fact: One cannot find happiness in anything this material world can offer, except you come back to the source of where you came from.

We do not just exist by ourselves. Someone has created us and because in our modern society today, there is too much materialism, we have forgotten about the spirituality of our physical being. When I talk about spirituality, many times people shunned me. Many times, people do not care to listen to me because their minds have gone so scientific that they cannot believe something they cannot explain. For them, the spirituality of things, the Words that the Father has given to us is too much, because it cannot be backed up by facts nor science. So, they tend to just disregard it, they tend to just put it in the bin of quackery or in the bin of superstition. They just put it aside and they don’t mind it.

Many times I also have that in mind, because I also live in a world where everything should be explained before we believe them. But, I became a preacher anyhow because it was the Will of the Father and I was put into a denomination and I found out that was part of my spiritual training until I went to one place in Korea where I was sent as an evangelist. For two weeks, we were engaged in evangelism. I was just an ordinary preacher.

I am as ordinary as that, even until now, I am an ordinary person just like you, but a calling was placed upon my life. That is why I am here today and this is an experience that many have not come to believe because they say this is beyond explainable, it’s beyond reason.

What is this experience? I was in Korea and after two weeks of sojourning that land in the 70’s, we were in a ballroom service, we were praising and worshipping God and I heard a voice. A voice, an experience I had not experienced before. A voice telling me in my own dialect, “I will use you.” I have testified about this countless of times. And I thank the Father that in these modern times, many of those that have been called by the Father and have come in contact with His Spirit have also had this experience, probably, not all of them have heard an Audible Voice but one way or another, the Father was able to communicate with them in the way that He does so uniquely to every person. I have been to a place I have not been before, and the communication there was not by sounds, nor by voice, but just by understanding.

One day I was browsing in my computer, I stumbled upon the story of a man. He was a neurosurgeon and he was able to experience something like I had experienced. Only my experience was not only to see something but to be used in these last days to deliver the Words coming from Him through a man like me.

This neurosurgeon is Dr. Eben Alexander. He said, “Heaven is real.” He claimed to have visited the afterlife. Dr. Eben Alexander has taught at Harvard Medical School and has earned a strong reputation as a neurosurgeon. Alexander says that for a long time he has called himself a Christian, but he has never held a deeply religious belief or a pronounced faith in the afterlife. But, after a week in coma, during the fall of 2008, during which his neo-cortex ceased to function, Alexander claims he experienced a life-changing visit to the afterlife, specifically Heaven. “According to current medical understanding of the brain and of the mind, there is absolutely no way that I could have experienced even a dim and limited consciousness during my time in the coma, much less the hypervivid and completely coherent odyssey I underwent.” Alexander writes in the cover story of Newsweek.

What exactly does heaven look like? Alexander says that he first found himself floating above the clouds witnessing a transparent shimmering beam arc across the sky leaving long streamer-like lines behind him. He claims to have been escorted by an unknown female companion who has communicated with other beings through a method of correspondence that transcended language. Alexander says the messages he received from those beings loosely translated as, “You are loved and cherished dearly, forever. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing you can do wrong.” This was the message he received. From there, the story continued. Alexander claims to have traveled to an immense void, completely dark, infinite in size yet so infinitely comforting. He believed that void was the home of God.

After recovering from his meningitis induced coma, Alexander says he was reluctant to share his experience with his colleagues, but found comfort inside the walls of his church. His chronicle of his experience is in a new book, “A Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into The Afterlife.” He said, “I am still a doctor, still a man of science every bit as much as I was before I had my experience,” Alexander writes. “But on a deeper level, I am very different from the person I was before because I have caught a glimpse of this emerging picture of reality. You can believe me when I tell you that it will be worth every bit of the work it will take us and those who come after us to go get it right.”

This is the story of a neurosurgeon who is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and is highly trained as a medical doctor. After this experience he said heaven is real.

He called me for something that is going to be very, very important to every person or every individual. Can you claim that you are in control of your life? Does that mean you will not grow old, you will not get sick or you will not die? Does that mean you are in complete control of your life? Then you don’t need my message.

But, if in the course of your life, you will be going into a place or into that moment of your life when you will face the inevitable, it is death – which is the grave, then take time to understand my message because this is very, very important. There is an afterlife.

When we leave this physical world with our physical bodies laid six feet below the ground, our real life begins. The life span of a man is only 70 years. Psalm 90:10 says, “You will only live for threescore years and ten.” One score is twenty years and threescore is 60 years plus 10 that’s 70 years. That is the lifespan of a man. And after that, the Bible says, “It is appointed unto men once to die but after death, the judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27) After that, people look at this physical world as if it is the real world or the real life. What is going to be a life that does not include eternity is not life at all.

When something is temporary, it’s like a dream. You know when you sleep at night and then you have a dream. It’s as if the dream is real. When you wake up, you may say, “Oh, thank God it’s just a dream,” especially if it’s a nightmare and while you were dreaming you thought that dream was the reality you were going through. Then you wake up. Then you thank God and say, “Thank God, it was only a dream.”

Life is like that. Seventy years is just like a dream. If seventy years were your temporal life, it will only pass just like that. It was just like yesterday that I was born and now I am nearing the end of my physical life. Then, you are in fact in the physical, dreaming.

What is permanent is life after death. Your destiny is final. It is real. There is no more changing of that spiritual reality after death. No one is going to go back from the grave and live his life once again.

I am very relevant because I would like to guide you in that direction where you can live your real life in the spirit, in eternity forever and ever. Unless you find that, you will still be unhappy. Happiness for you is fleeting. People go into drugs because they are looking for happiness. They want to become birds to fly high. They want to forget the reality in this physical world. They take drugs and the longest effect of which is one day. For one day you are so high, you forget your problems. But after the effect of that drug is gone, you go back to your own reality with a hangover. The problem still stares at you in the eye and not only that, the problem is even compounded. The problem is still there. You only compounded the problem by adding more to it. Drug is not the answer.

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