While I was in Hong Kong, I was reading an article written by a Chinese columnist who called the Philippines a nation of servants. As a Filipino, I have reacted negatively to that because it is very demeaning and very hurting. On the other hand, as a realist living in reality, I thank him for waking us up because what he said is true.

But I also would like to let him know, if ever he would come across this message from the New Jerusalem, that out of “the nation of servants” the Almighty Father has called an Appointed Son from the Far East to be the Master of the World.

As the Sonship has been handed to the Appointed Son, each one of the 8 billion souls should come and see the Appointed Son in order to come into the New Jerusalem and enter into the Father’s New Heaven – including all the Chinese and all species of human being on earth, all belonging to the fallen Adamic race.

I want him to know that the Father has a Kingdom Nation mastering the old world today, not as a part of the “nation of servants”, but as part of the Kingdom Nation of sons and daughters, whose servitude is not to human beings but for the Almighty Father.

They are going all over the world not as maids of wealthy people in other races, but as Full Time Miracle Workers sent by the Almighty Father through His Appointed Son coming from the Kingdom Nation here in the New Jerusalem.

From this “nation of servants”, the Father has elevated us to the greatest heights of glory that no one can ever come up to, with regard to the highest honor that the Almighty Father, the Creator of All, can give to human beings. He chose one amongst the nation of servants to become the Master of the world. After all, there is a good thing—if not, an excellent thing—that would come from the nation of servants, because I stand here in judgment, and people of all nations will stand before me, including Tsip Chao.

What was the reaction of our national leaders in general? They were aghast, they were mad; they were scandalized as we were, as a nation, when the word Filipina, which was defined as maid, was included in the Oxford Dictionary. We were up in arms. We were mad. Mad at what, at the reality? Probably it hurts, but it is the truth.

As I go to Hong Kong, to Singapore, to Taiwan, and into all parts of the world seeing Filipinas working as maids, it is very disheartening. They belong to my own race and they’re all maids. As I hear stories upon stories of Overseas Filipino Workers going to Arab nations only to be raped, to be abused, to come home in a box or a coffin, it is very disheartening as it is very demeaning to go to the United Kingdom only to be heckled by the Britons.

The Father has seen our humiliated state, that from this nation of servants, He has done an excellent thing: He is raising up a people of His own that do not belong to any nation of the world. They would only belong to Him. He has raised up His own Kingdom Nation which does not belong to the kingdom or to the nation of the Philippines, so although we are Filipinos, we’re being saved from that humiliated state, because from this nation of the Philippines, a new nation is going to rise up.

It’s not a nation of servants of other people, but it is a nation that is called by the name by the Almighty Father – His own Kingdom Nation where He is King, and they would not be in servitude to other people, but they will be the Masters coming from the Far East; Masters of the New World.

So that wherever we go we will be converted into a nation of Masters. If you become a Kingdom citizen by repentance, by surrendering your serpent seed, you will, by that act of faith, disrobe your self of your humiliated state of having the cloak of servants to other people and you will be donning new raiment of excellence and beauty, because a new spirit is within you.

Wherever you are, the world is ours to conquer. The world is ours to spread the Gospel and tell them unless they would repent and surrender and don a new spirit, a brand new white raiment within, riches and wealth will not serve their interest, because when they die they will be reduced to nonentity. They will stand naked in front of the Almighty Father who created us all. They would be standing before the Master who will judge them.

Kingdom citizens, sons and daughters, you are the Masters of the New World! In front of us lay not only one nation or two nations, but the whole world of servants of Satan Lucifer the Devil, full of the serpent seed. As Masters of the New World, we will declare to the whole world of servants who are full of the serpent seed, unless you surrender to the government of the new Masters of the New World, you will in no wise enter into the New Heaven. We are not only the Masters of the New World; we are the Masters of the New Heaven. Wherever I go, and there are kababayans who are maids physically, I begin to convert them to become sons and daughters of the Father Almighty

Most of the citizens of the new Kingdom Nation have resigned from being maids. They are now Full Time Miracle Workers, missionary in those places where The Almighty Father had called them. Our sister who is in Germany today, who just came from Ontario, Canada, who has just passed by Switzerland is formerly a maid from the nation of servants.

But she has disrobed herself of that humiliated state of being just a maid of the nation of servants, and put upon herself the new robe, so beautiful that she’s now a Kingdom warrior, touring the world, invading and putting up the sentinels of light for the Kingdom Nation of the Almighty Father. And wherever she goes, she’s not a maid; she’s not a servant of men. She is now the Master.

She is just one of the examples who came from a nation of servants, whose leaders do not know any better, because if they knew better, they would not let their women go and be abused all over the world and be called those names. But those leaders do not know any better. They graduated from Harvard, from Princeton, they graduated from many prestigious schools but they cannot even give employment to their people. When a nation and its womanhood are humiliated, that speaks of that kind of a nation, which is their leader. They are not better than those whom they are sending abroad, they just have the same level of mentality. In the Kingdom Nation, I encourage you, if you are living as a maid abroad, go home. You still have hope. You have a Kingdom Nation where you can serve the Almighty Father, full time.

You don’t have to live as a scoundrel in somebody’s home where you were treated like a dog, like an animal. You can come home if you cannot find a better place in the Philippines, as I said, there is a new nation out of this nation, that will give you the honor, the dignity, the employment, the opportunity for your children to be taken care of. Come home, there is a Kingdom Nation waiting for you that will give you back your dignity.

Here, you don’t have to wipe ass to live decently. As the new Masters of the world, you can be trained and sent everywhere, without discriminating any race because they have souls and when it comes to the souls of men, there is no race, there is no religion, there is no culture, there is no rich, there is no poor, there are no intellectuals, there is no ignorant. All are the same in the sight of the Almighty Father. All are in need to be delivered of the serpent seed. All need to surrender and to repent and become sons and daughters. All need the Son.

One time, I brought Full Time Miracle Workers Crusader Group, together with me to Japan. We were numbering about 30 or 40. We ministered to our brethren who are mostly Filipinos, and some Japanese. After the concert crusade, as it is our usual routine in every tour around the world, we had a trip to the country side and some selected places in Japan.

We were a busload of Full Time Miracle Workers touring Japan. We went to that famous mountain side of Mt. Fuji. And as we traveled along, we had some stuffs to buy so we all had to go down and relax. There was a group of Japanese media men who introduced themselves to me. They said tom us like they are the equivalent of the ABS-CBN in Japan. They belong to the NHK media network of Japan and they were very surprised why we were there. What are you doing? I said we were tourists. Their eyes grew big in disbelief.

They asked me how many we were on a trip, I said, “About 45.”The leader of their media group said, “Amazing, amazing! It is our first time to see Filipinos touring Japan!” All they see there are Filipinos who are either entertainers or prostitutes. “Now,” I said, “you are seeing new Filipinos today.” We did not come there to wipe asses, to earn a living, to earn Yen; we didn’t come there to spread the legs of our women, just to earn a living for themselves and send it back to the Philippines.

We have always been perceived by the world as poor. It is our leaders here in the Philippines who are making this country so poor. We’re not really poor, that’s just a perception. That is an imposition, and I have defied that perception and imposition on us. That’s why the Kingdom Nation is born.

The Kingdom Nation Is A Nation Of Masters
We’re not servants of other men. We are a nation of Masters. And we all live here in the Philippines. We are eating basically three times a day. I said basically because most of the workers eat more than that. The problem of all Full Time Miracle Workers here in the Kingdom is not how to gain weight; it is how to lose it. We are having a hard time doing that, because the Father in Heaven, the Creator of all, who has become our Father, has been our Good Provider.

And we don’t have to live abroad to live as scoundrels and be treated like animals just to earn a living and send it back to the Philippines. That is a false perception. When I saw the state of our fellow Filipinos in Hong Kong in the early 1990’s, it has been my desire, as I have been preaching many times, that Filipinos cease to become Domestic Helpers.

One time, when I preached this in Hong Kong, where we had members from a Chinese family who were recruiters of OFWs coming from the Philippines; I preached before the Hong Kong congregation with this Chinese family in front of me. I said, “I pray that one day, no more OFWs will come here to Hong Kong because the Father can supply your needs while you’re in the Philippines.”

You know what happened to that Chinese family whose business was recruiting Filipinas to Hong Kong? They stopped attending the Kingdom worship, because they thought if all those Filipinas will believe me, they will have no more business and that is my passion even until now. We are too beautiful.

We are too bright a people to be humiliated like that. It’s not your fault Filipinos; it’s the fault of our leaders. They love to see you become the OFWs of the world, despite the shameful treatment they are affording us wherever we go. As long as the dollars would come, they would declare you as the “Modern Heroes”. How will you become heroes if you’ll come back in a box; if you’ll come back with mental disorder or if you have been raped? How could you become a hero coming back to the Philippines in that kind of state?

Let us pray that all Filipinos will become Kingdom citizens. Believe that the 10 to 12 billion dollars that these OFWs are earning abroad and are being sent back to the Philippines, in spite of the fact that they are humiliated; treated like dogs, would be earned here. If only government leaders would have that kind of mentality and faith, they will think beyond that.

What was Malaysia compared to us? Malaysia was a backward country 20 years ago. We were far better ahead of them, but there was one leader there named Mahathir who believed that they could become one of the leading nations in Asia and in the world. You haven’t seen Malaysians being maids because they do not believe in that.

Why do we have a nation of OFWs? Because that is what our leaders believe. They’re clapping their hands when our nation’s women lose their dignity. That concerns all of us because that has become us in the eyes of the world. A person’s dignity is better than 12 billion dollars a year.

I thank the Father that He has established His own Kingdom here and He is our King and all people need this message of the Appointed Son today. Everybody needs my message. Today, I thank the Almighty Father for the message of the Three Pillars of the Kingdom Revelations; the Spiritual Revolution message, every one needs that. Not one will pass through the heaven you long for to go, unless you go through the Son.

Any kind of religion has a heaven that its members are looking forward to go to, when they pass through the veil of the flesh through death. Everyone longs for that, their only one way is the Father’s way and the Father’s way is through the Son, both in the Jewish setting and now, in the Gentile setting. His ways are always the same. He began His works though the Son and is going to end His works through the Son.

The Sonship still remains. The Father always does His works from the beginning until the end through the Son. That’s why the Word of God said, our Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ is “the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Heb. 13:8 ) He is “the Author and the Finisher of our faith” (Heb. 12:2) He is going to begin that work and end it through the ministry of the Son. Many of those in the Church Age have a problem with that. I don’t blame them because the Jews also have a problem with that.

But that doesn’t mean that the Father would change His method and system of saving man. He won’t. He will still use that same method because we are all human beings who came from the fallen Adamic race. Unless He produces one among us who can become His Son just like the image of the Almighty Father, there will be no salvation at all.

Spiritual Revolution tells us the overthrowing of Satan Lucifer the devil and the enthroning of the righteous seed, which is the spirit of obedience to the Father’s will.

The Father has given us the Financial Revolution message so we could avoid becoming so poor in mentality. Poverty starts in the mind. It doesn’t start around us, just as these leaders would tend us to believe that poverty is around us – that the Philippines is so poor; that we have to go abroad to earn a living. That is not true, that’s why He gave us another Revolution: The Financial Revolution, so that you can avoid becoming servants of men in order for you to earn a living.

He wanted you, as sons and daughters, to become the Masters of your destiny. The Kingdom Nation is a young nation, for it is just celebrating its fourth birth on April 13 (2009). It’s a very young nation and the culture here is still being formed. There is still a cultural and values formation. A four-year-old kingdom is just like an infant, but the Kingdom Culture is now being formed among us.

The Financial Revolution gives us all the material and financial blessings that we need because it is a promise directly coming from the Almighty Father, which is now going to be fulfilled in the lives of His sons and daughters.

Master of your soul
There is one Caucasian guy whom I’ve heard has listened and watched my preaching over ACQ KBN. You know what he said to one of our friends? He said, the problem with this guy, “He does not know when to stop. That means, according to him, I preach too long. That guy reminds me of those whom I visited in Tennessee some years ago. I traveled from the Philippines for 16-18 hours to be able to get there.

I shouldered my own airfare because I was invited to talk. And when I arrived, the pulpit was given to me at 11:45 am. You know what the pastor there told me? He said, “You can preach as long as you want, but at 12:00 noon, we are all going out.”

The people there don’t like long sermons. But you cannot dictate upon the Spirit of the Father. If the Father wanted me to stay and preach for three hours, who are you to stop that? Who are you to complain?

I remember them saying, “Fifteen minutes, that’s enough.” We were at their church for only 30 minutes. But after that, we went out and stayed in the restaurant for three to four hours. Imagine, we have been dismissed at 12:00 noon.

I traveled for 16 to 20 hours only to preach 15 minutes in that church. After that, we dismissed and we went to the nearby restaurant and all of us, all the members, went there and we lined up. We were there for exactly three hours. We were talking, eating and socializing. They can stay in the restaurant for three hours but can only stay in the church and listen to the Word of God for not more than 15 minutes. That is why the Father left them in the Church Age. The Father didn’t want them and cannot use them because the Father is tired of them. They are using His Word but they don’t know His Word.

His Word says, “Wait upon the Lord. I said, wait.” (Zep. 3:8; Psa. 145:15; Psa. 37:9; Psa. 62:5) In waiting, sometimes, He will let you wait for six hours. Sometimes, He will let you wait for six months. And sometimes, He will let you wait for six years. I waited upon the Almighty Father for six years. While you are all hurrying up in 15 minutes to listen to the Word of God, I listened to Him for six years. That’s why I’m standing here in front of you, a Master of your soul. I am not only a Master of your soul; I am the doctor of your soul. I know how ill your soul is, and if you come to me, I know how to cure your soul.

I’m not only a Master but I am also a Doctorate in spiritual matters. That is why I have the highest honor given by the Father. He called me His Appointed Son.

John 17:2, “As thou has given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou has given him.” It is the Son’s encompassing power regarding the salvation of soul. He has been given power over all flesh. The color of my skin may be different from you, but in the spirit, I speak Chinese, I speak Japanese, American, German, Italian, Korean and in whatever language you speak. The message of repentance is the same: you have to surrender the disobedient spirit you inherited from Adam and Eve.

Satan Lucifer the devil cannot live and hide behind the problem of language barriers because in the spirit, he understands my message. My message is the same: it is to topple him down. All you have to do right now is to avail the authority and the power that is in the Son to come and repent and surrender to the new government, the Kingdom of Heaven here on the earth, under the administration of the Son.

Catholics, if you want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, come to me. Protestants, Pentecostals, all peoples of any kind of religion, not only in Christianity, but all of you, you can now find me. You can now ask me and talk to me while the door is open under the administration of the Son. You don’t have to die to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is already here on earth today. You can find it while you are still physically alive.

I wanted to remind that guy that I don’t dictate upon my time. It is the Father who dictates upon my time. My lesson maker prepares the lesson for me but I don’t depend on that. It is just a back-up if there’s something that would come up, but I come here not knowing what to say, until I come and talk to you few seconds before.

And what comes out of me is what’s coming from the Father. I do not dictate upon the sermon. I do not dictate upon what to say. I do not even dictate the name and the heading of the lesson I want to give. It is the Father that teaches the people through His Appointed Son. I come here not knowing what the Father would feed you. I don’t know what He will tell you. I’ll just stand and He‘ll say, “Open your mouth and I will fill it. I will fill it not with hot air; I will fill it with My message because you are My Audible Voice.”

The Father is the one dictating. I do not know how long the manna of revelation would be. Sometimes it’s only for one to three hours. I would not dictate upon the spirit of the Almighty Father. That is why the Father left you all in the Church Age because you are just fooling around. You are just there socializing and gossiping. You really do not come to church to hear the Word of God. You just come to show off your clothes, your face, your car and your offering. You don’t really come to listen to His will.

In the Kingdom Nation’s worship, we come to listen to His will. We come to listen to what He has to say to us. And we do not only listen, but we obey what He tells us. In the Kingdom Culture, if I will follow the dictates of others and please men by relegating my self and tell the people that I will only preach for 15 minutes, many people may be clapping including the serpent seeds. I did not come to please the ‘serpent seeds’. I came to please my Almighty Father. I will just take my own sweet time in delivering the Father’s message to His people.

In the Kingdom culture, if the Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation is short, the people are not happy. The minimum duration of worship here is three hours. When it comes to sharing and fellowshipping the manna of revelations and basking in the Almighty Father’s presence, there is no time limit. We only have time limit on the other things that we do but when it comes to the fresh manna of revelations that we eat, there is no time limit. We do as the Father wishes us to stay, even for one day. It is our legacy and culture that when it comes to the Almighty Father, we do not have time limits.

People in the Church Age are so regimented with their time: it’s time for recession; it’s time for procession. Some would say one hour is too long. But look at them, what do you think is the reason why the Father left them and why were they not able to complete the Father’s work of salvation? It is because time is their master, stomach is their lord. “My lord stomach is hungry, please cut it short.”

Some people in the denomination may hurriedly go out of their churches and stay for hours in the restaurant near their church. But here in the Kingdom, we have proven that “man shall not live by bread alone.” We’ve known this spiritual philosophy from the very beginning.

When you’re hearing the voice and eating from the fresh manna of revelation of the Almighty Father, do not believe when 12 o’clock strikes you need to eat and your lord stomach will say, “You better eat”.

You may have ulcers and he will threat you to put ulcers in your stomach. But Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. (Luke 4: 4)

It means do not believe when you’re hearing the voice of the Almighty Father and eating from the manna of revelation that when 12 o’clock strikes you need to eat too, your lord stomach will say you better eat.

By hearing the Word of the Father, you will not have ulcers, you will have a life that comes from the Father, and that life will give healing that you need today.

In the Kingdom, the Father is the Master. It’s His will to be done. We thank the Almighty Father that He has blessed us so much so we’ll just temper ourselves on what is the regulation of the Father’s blessings showering upon us. Even though you see so many food, you don’t need to eat all of that, you’re like the starving Japanese in World War II. You just have to regulate yourself because all your blessings are there for you to take.

The Financial Revolution Message
The Financial Revolution is already given to us so that we don’t have to be Overseas Filipino Workers and lose our dignity by going to other nations and be treated like animals.

The Financial Revolution is the fulfillment of the Father’s promise to us because we are now His sons and daughters. We are connected to that promise, whether we like it or not; whether we recognize it or not. It’s only the Father that is waiting for us to mature in dealing with His blessings. And when we are at that due time of maturity, the Father can give unto us everything that we can handle. The Appointed Son is the model for that, that’s why each one should get out of the curse by giving their tithes and offerings.

We are no longer a nation of thieves and robbers, as the accusations flew so thick in the time of Malachi the prophet, when he accused the whole nation of Israel and said, “You always trespass against the will of the Almighty Father, you have backslidden from His ways.” (Mal. Chapter 3) In what way? Through their tithes and offerings. “You have robbed Him of His tithes and offerings, even this whole nation. (Mal. 3:9)

The nation of Israel was accused as thieves and robbers. We are better off, because we are only accused as the “nation of servants.” The truth hurts; but it is the truth.

Now, it is only half-truth that we are a nation of servants because there’s a new nation within this nation that is born and established – it is called the Kingdom Nation, which is a nation of Masters.

If you need salvation, see one of these Masters; they are all scattered in the Philippines and all over the world. If you’re a Kingdom citizen and you’re not giving your tithes and offerings, you are a thief and a robber. You will be found out when you do not go to heaven. You are still under a curse.

The Father will not believe in you because you are just pretending. You are not robed in white, and one day, you will be thrown out of the Kingdom. The Father will not accept thieves and robbers in the Kingdom Nation.

Each one of us should know that the Financial Revolution is a serious message because He wants us to get out of the curse, and He wants us to walk in blessings. When you are walking in curse, your victories are temporary and your defeats are permanent. When you walk in blessings, your victories are permanent and your defeats are temporary.

Not one Kingdom citizen will remain dishonest in tithe giving. You cannot hide from the Father and the Son. The Appointed Son of God’s point of view is also the Father’s point of view. You remain to be a thief and a robber although you are already here and you profess loyalty and obedience to the Appointed Son. If you’re not giving your tithes and offerings, you remain to be thieves and robbers and you cannot come into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let’s take out our names from the list of thieves and robbers and let us begin a new chapter in our lives by letting the Father write our names in the list of faithful children, sons and daughters who give their tithes and offerings to the right place that is the Temple.

Where the Son lives, that is where the Father is. That is where we give our tithes and offerings. There is a promise that says, “Try me herewith, saith the Lord, If I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out blessings that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” (Mal. 3:10)

The Revolution of Excellence
The third pillar of the Kingdom Revelations is the Revolution of Excellence. If you have fear of the Lord, you will listen to instructions and obey them just as exactly as you’ve heard them. Do not deviate from them, do not compress them and do not let them suit you. You have to adjust and suit them, follow and obey them as instructed by the Almighty Father.

Proverbs 1:1-9, “The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;”

“To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding;

“To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity;

“To give subtlety to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion.

“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:

“To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

“My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

“For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck”.

You know who your Father is? You know who your Mother is? We have this spiritual DNA present within us. Our spiritual DNA belongs to our Father and our Mother is the most beautiful woman-spirit in the world. And Her only motto is to obey the Father’s will, no matter what.

The Father’s will must be done upon the earth, beginning with His children. This ‘beautiful spirit’ is our legacy coming from our Father and Mother. And when that is present, it takes away ignorance and stupidity from amongst His people. He doesn’t want us to become stupid, foolish and ignorant. The Father wants us to be full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, especially in doing His will. And the key to the Revolution of Excellence is the fear of the Lord. And what will that produce? It will produce wisdom, knowledge and understanding which will eradicate stupidity, ignorance and the lack of knowledge.

“For the lack of knowledge is the enemy of our soul.” (Hosea 4:6)

He does not want you to be ignorant, especially in obedience to His will. He wants us to become His children that will implement His will forever on earth, and establish Kingdom sentinels all over the world with wisdom and understanding.

Once upon a time, you belonged to a nation of servants, lacking in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. This Kingdom Nation is going to be a Kingdom Nation, not only of sons and daughters who know the full will of the Almighty Father, but you will be filled with knowledge, wisdom and understanding about His will wherever you go. You will prove to be Masters.

You will implement the Father’s will and you will put up sentinels of light wherever you go. You will implement the Father’s knowledge wherever you go. You will come back bringing the sheaves with you, harvesting sons and daughters. You come home and the Father will delight in you.

Proverbs 1:7

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

When a man is full of the serpent seed, he doesn’t know of the Father’s will. He looks stupid when it comes to the Father’s will. But as sons and daughters, we’re full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding when it comes to the Father’s will and in implementing His will. We are excellent in wisdom, in knowledge and understanding; and that is what is meant by the fear of the Lord.

The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom. (Prov. 1:7) Before honor is humility, so you have to listen to instructions before you can get wisdom. Listen to instructions before wisdom can come in. You have to learn to listen and follow instruction, that is why you have a leader. Do not deviate from the instructions given to you.

Some would alter the instruction given to them. Like for example, I asked somebody to type a letter for me. I wrote it with my handwritten note, and I believe I have an excellent command in English. I wrote it and passed it to this former secretary I had who is not here anymore. She typed it for me and when she came back, she revised my English and changed how I wrote it. She revised it according to herself. When I read it, it’s Visayan- English!

I said, “You did not copy my letter word for word. Repeat it and copy it, verbatim.” So she went away and retyped it; but she typed it again according to her own liking. When I read what she had written, it is Visayan English, because she just could not get the nuances of my English, even my syntax, for she followed her very limited knowledge and she even didn’t know how to follow instruction. After that, I summoned her and told her, “you know why you are the secretary and I am the boss? It is because I know more than you do. So you just type it according to what is written.” She finally did just what I said but with a heavy heart. That’s how Filipinos are.

Always remember that before you can have wisdom, you do not use your carnal mind. Do not say I am more intelligent than anyone; that is your own assessment and it is not a 3D assessment. It is just one of the assessments and it is according to your definition. Before you can gain knowledge and wisdom, you should learn how to follow instructions.

Why do I know that? Because I was tried for five years in order to overcome. I was given specific instructions that to me, were foolish, when I look at them, at face value.

Like for example, I was instructed to build a house without a single sound or noise. How can you build a house without a sound of a hammer, without a sound of wood or anything falling down to the ground? That is unreasonable! You cannot build a house or a structure without a sound. But because I was an obedient Son, I did not question the wisdom of my Father. I did not build it with sound. I had to devise ways in order to build this house without a sound of a hammer. Did I do it? I did it.

I had a companion at the time that did not care to listen to the Father’s instruction. At night, he had a vision-revelation that he was in a coffin. Before, when somebody receives a revelation like that, it means that he or she needs to go. When you receive a revelation like that, you have to go on the following day. These revelations were not only given to me. These were given to the ones concerned, when it was time for them to go.

Sometimes, it may seem foolish but we were taught that in order to have wisdom, we have to listen to instructions. Who are the fools? They are those who don’t want to listen to instructions that come to them and they make and follow their own instructions. They make a way according to their own liking. That is how you can become a fool in the sight of the Almighty Father.

It is better for you to become a fool in following instructions, verbatim, than to become a fool to yourself and a fool according to God, when you do not follow instruction.

Proverbs 15:33

“The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility”.

Instruction first, then wisdom will be known. What is the wisdom of the Father commanding me that it is just one of the commands the Father gave me? What is the wisdom there? The wisdom there is absolute obedience, no matter what. That is what the Father needs from us; He is going to trim us into His mold that when we obey, there will be no frills. We will obey Him all the way. Our minds will be focused on doing His will.

Filipinos are not used to following instruction without question. It is depicted in the story of the three sol soldiers with three commanders. Americans obey instruction without questioning, right? So when John, an American soldier, was asked to jump to the cliff, John jumped without questions. He shouted, “Geronimo!” And when the Japanese Nikimoto was asked to jump, he jumped right away and shouted, “Bansai!” But when Juan, a Filipino, was told to jump, he asked his commander, “Why sir?” His commander shouted, “I said, jump!” Juan asked further, “When sir?” “I said, jump!” “How sir?” Juan’s commander got infuriated, and when the commander went to him, Juan pushed his commander to the cliff. Juan was full of question instead of obeying without question.

I thank the Father that He took one from amongst you to be trained physically and spiritually. And when He trained me, He trained me according to His will. I did not ask any questions. All the questions that I had to ask were resolved in my Kitbog experience. When I went to my Tamayong experience, there, I just obeyed the absolute instructions given to me without any questions asked.

You have to obey absolutely the will of the Father and then wisdom would come later. That is why in the Army, the motto is “Obey first before you complain.” If the Army would have a motto so that soldiers will have wisdom to obey like that, how much more in the Kingdom Nation of sons and daughters who are the new Masters of the world?

“Before honor is humility,” that is wisdom. You want honor? Who does not want to be praised and appreciated, especially when he or she has a talent? But before you will be appreciated, you have to humble yourself. Did I teach what humility is? Humility means I have all the talent in the world, but I don’t know it.

I am the most beautiful or the most handsome, but I don’t know it. You are talented but you are not proud. If you want to be praised, honored and appreciated, you have to humble yourself first. Humility means you have nothing to brag about, as if you were the most untalented person in the world. If you are handsome, you act as if you were the ugliest in the world – but not to the border of inferiority, but only to the border of humility.

If you are the most beautiful, you will act as if you were one of the ugliest. You don’t brag about your beauty and your pretty face. You don’t brag about your talent, because when you do, whenever people criticize you, you will not like it. You won’t accept criticism. When you do not want to accept criticism or instruction because you have high perception of your self, nobody can teach you. You will no longer accept teaching because you have a very high perception of yourself.

What will you receive when you’re like that? You will receive rebuke, not honor. If you want to see people honoring you, be humble about who you are. And when your humility is tested, your humility can stand. How is humility tested? Sometimes it’s a child that will teach you. Sometimes, the Father will use those who are perceived to be ignorant to teach you, and you have to listen. Did I learn this in Tamayong? Yes. When I was there, even the most ignorant of all persecuted me and I had to humble myself.

I cannot say anything bad against my enemy because the rule was, “Pray for them that despitefully use you. Love your enemy.” (Mat. 5:44) Imagine, even the most ignorant in Tamayong persecuted me. I had to humble myself, I learned humility. That is how the Father will honor you. Humility before honor – that is excellence.

If you fear the Lord, you will listen to instructions. Do not believe in people who claim that they fear the Lord, but don’t listen to instructions. They are proud, they are arrogant; they are obnoxious. They are as damn as a horse. People are being kept spiritually damn because they don’t want to listen. They do not have the fear of the Lord. If you have the fear of the Lord, you will listen to every word He says. I was taught that way and when you have the fear of the Lord, the Father will teach you His way. He will open up to you. He will be so kind to you to teach you His way.

If you are an arrogant, a braggart, a high-minded person and have too much assessment of yourself, the Father will keep Himself from you. He will not even show you one of His ways. He will not give you wisdom. He will just let you go.

Psalms 25:12-14

“What man is he that feareth the LORD? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.

“His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth.

“The secret of the LORD is with them that fear Him; and He will show them His covenant.

New Masters of the world, listen to instruction and obey them. When you begin to obey, you have to finish what was told you to do. So many Filipinos are known for their “ningas cogon” changeable mind, shallow mentality. There is no conclusion in everything they do. You command them, they will listen, but what they do are without conclusion. They will stop in the middle and ask, where are we now? They are clueless and stupid.

As the new Masters of the world, we no longer have that attitude. When you begin a work, do not go out unless you finished it. When you begin with an introduction, you should have a conclusion. When you begin to obey, you should go back with mission accomplished. You have to finish the job!

Whenever you teach some people about cleanliness, they will not listen to instructions. They have no focus at all. All they have is scattered brain. That is why most of us, Filipinos, have become servants.

Most Filipinos don’t look at instructions at all. When you buy an equipment, the number one rule is to read the manual because all the instructions on how to use it is already there. That’s why you have to read instructions.

In the Kingdom, wisdom is given by instruction so you have wisdom on what to do and many Filipinos don’t want to read instructions. It’s too much for their head, so they just go and use the appliances according to what they know how to use it. When they buy their appliances it’s seldom that they read instructions. The instruction is 110 volts but they plug it to 220 volts. It’s brand new but it’s burned up because of failing to read instructions.

One Filipina’s Chinese employer bought a corking material for construction, which looks like a toothpaste. It was put in a toothpaste-like tube. The Filipina came and did not read instructions; put the paste in a toothbrush and brushed her teeth. The employer ended up bringing her to the hospital for a surgery because her lips were sealed. That will happen to people who don’t know how to read instructions.

The Father will be very kind to teach you. He taught me for six years and many of you have not even heard of that. And now, I am here, teaching all of you as the Father’s audible voice.

But there are some dumb people who cannot follow even the giving of tithes and offerings. The Father will not forever strive with those who refuse to give their tithes. They have to go. If a person’s rationale is to continue avoiding tithe giving, he or she has to stay out of the Kingdom. But for all of those who obey the Almighty Father’s instructions, the Father will give them wisdom and blessings.

The fear of the Lord brings blessings and wisdom. He will be good to you and even show His secrets to you. His soul will live effortless not by adversity.

That’s why most 30s look like 60s and at the age of 31, they died because of being helpless. But the Father is so good to you for He did not make you suffer like that. Having the fear of Lord is the only key. Who is the man that feareth the Lord? Him shall He teach in the way that he shall choose and his soul shall dwell at ease and his seeds shall inherit the earth. (Ps. 25: 12-13)

His soul shall dwell at ease, not working too hard like a carabao, His name is so small as the ant’s. That is why at 30 he looks like a man in his 60’s. At 31 he is dead already because he never had rest for his soul. But if the Father is good to you, He will not make you like that.

Imagine, He will reveal His message to you. He will be so good to you that the Father’s secret will be revealed to you as He has revealed them to me. Who is your Model? I am your Model, that’s why when I teach it, I teach it with depth because it is my life and it is what the Father has given to me as a gift. The fear of the Lord brings you blessings. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.

Proverbs 8:13

“The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate”.

“Ah, I am the brightest of all.” He thinks highly of himself. He doesn’t want to listen to instructions, because he thinks he was more intelligent in giving instructions.

That kind of people will not improve and will end up as a maid together with the Nation of servants. And because of that Chinese, Arabs, Malays will abuse them because of their attitude. They are like prostitutes. But if you have the fear of the Lord, you will inherit the earth. You will have wisdom to become Masters.

Did I go to the United States to be abused by these superior-feeling Americans? No, I did not. They listened to me. Did I go to these Western countries to be abused and told, “You’re just a Filipino from a third-world country.” They did not. The Father has filled me with this wisdom but I did not brag about that wisdom; I used it for their own benefit! I wanted to save them. I wanted to save the whole world. That is why He made me the Son.

I did not go to other countries in the West to be abused as a servant, because I did not know how to receive instruction from the Almighty Father. He sent me to the world, telling me, “I will send you into all cities of the world where I have children. They do not know you, you do not know them, but I will let you meet them. My sheep know My voice, and they will listen to you.”

If your nation, the Philippines, has let you down, come into the Kingdom Nation.

It is now time for us to rise up as a people under the Father Almighty who created us, free of the serpent seed, the Masters of the New World!

Pride and arrogance are related characteristics. If you are boastful, full of pride you will end up fabricating stories. Later on, you will be found out.

The fear of the Lord is to follow instruction. Before wisdom is instruction. Before honor is humility. And we have to fill up ourselves with honor for the Almighty Father wanted us to be honored by all.

If you honor the Son, you are also honoring the Father. Whatever you do to the Son, you do to the Father. Whatever they do to you, they do to the Father.

In the outside world, most Filipina women work in Japan. They are called Japayuki. When they go back to the Philippines, their hair is in different colors: blue, yellow and gold, most of them are carrying a big teddy bear on the left hand and on the other hand, tagging along a Japanese guy.

We have formulated all the wrong values. All of us Filipino people have formulated wrong values. And then, when those values are being criticized, we go up in arms. When we were called the “nation of servants,” we got mad. We shouted, “That is racism!” Probably that Chinese author is a racist but he is telling the truth; and the truth hurts. The truth, when it hurts, should wake you up.

Kingdom Nation of sons and daughters, we have already awakened. The Father has given us the promise.

What is that promise? He said, “I will not make you the tail, I will only make you the head. You will be above only and not beneath.” (Deut. 28:13)

Our field is the world. All of us are commissioned, as soon as we got up and became more than conquerors and mature in doing the Father’s will. All of us are told to go out and do our share of the burden of the Father’s work in converting the whole world to the Kingdom Nation.

Fruit bearers please the Father
Each one should be a fruit bearer. John Chapter 15 is an instruction. Let the Father use you as branches that will bring the fruit to Him. Nurture those fruits according to the Father’s wisdom and you will know what to do when the Father gives you those fruits. You are not infants in dealing with other people whom the Father is calling to become sons and daughters in the Kingdom Nation.

Be a fruit bearer because that is what pleases the Father. Bearing much fruits will also bring much blessings. Kingdom citizens who have become Masters of the world, do not only dwell in the house, there’s a big that awaits you. And for those who are not yet challenged by this because they’re still growing from infancy to maturity, let the song “My House is Full, But My Field is Empty” be upon your heart and say to the Father, “When the time would come, Father, you won’t be able to accuse me of abandoning your field, of abandoning my neighbor, of abandoning my area of responsibility, but I will be there working for You in the harvest.” It’s the time of the harvest, of the ingathering, of the flight of the Eagles. The Rapture is now taking place. Be counted as Kingdom citizens, sons and daughters of the Father Almighty who are the new Masters of the World. Go out and let the power and authority coming from the Son guide you. Let the new converts come, teach them the right way. Teach them about the Appointed Son of God!

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