The Day of the Lord will bring judgment unto evil. We see pockets of judgment happening in the world today and we cannot close our eyes in looking at world events as these are unfolding and are happening before our very eyes. Wisdom tells us that when this happens, the Father is not late in His timetable of salvation. He is always on time! He’s not ahead of time. He’s not late, He is on time.

We talk about global warming, we talk about climate change, it’s happening at a very fast pace. I was watching one of the programs on TV about the melting of the ice caps over in the North Pole, in the Arctic. And it’s happening sooner than what the experts think.

Scientists went there and covered what was happening. Big chunks of ice as big as mountains are floating down the sea and are melting. They did not anticipate that this is going to happen sooner than they predicted, but it is happening now. That means something to us. That means something is going to change in the landscape of the world. Islands and low-lying areas along the bodies of water are going to be submerged, they are going to vanish.

Later on, these will be eaten up by water because water is going rise up several meters high. And when the temperature is going to heat up the atmosphere between 2 to 3 percent, that will melt all of these ice caps and would eventually bring us disasters in the future. What do we call that? That is the judgment upon us. It’s not really that the Lord wanted that to happen to us but it is through the intransigence and stubbornness of this generation, which I call the generation of profit and greed. The devastations that are happening around us and in the planet earth is because of the greed for profit in the heart of men.

I thank the Father that He is not late in His salvation because when He does something, the Father, out of His wisdom will reveal it to us, although we have not known it.

When Moses was called to be the savior of Israel from the Egyptian bondage, neither Moses nor his parents knew the plan of God. It was only the Father Almighty who knew it. But when the plan began to roll and the Father began to execute that plan, all the circumstances that will be against that plan were set aside and the platform was readied and prepared for that plan to happen.

The Almighty Father is going to do everything in His bidding for that plan to happen. All circumstances that might be against the Father’s plan will be set aside as it was in the time of Moses. The only thing that was hindering the plan of God at that moment was the power of Pharaoh. When the Father planned to save Israel out of Egyptian bondage, He had to make a preparation. He prepared a family for Moses and he was born at the time when the Pharaoh was at the peak of his power.

Moses was born in the time when Pharaoh decreed the death of all two year old boys and below. Why was he born at such a time? Was there not a time to be born when the decree was over? That was the most dangerous time to be born in Pharaoh’s Egypt. Pharaoh decreed that law because he heard a prophecy that out of the Israelites will rise a savior. He did not know who, he did not know when, but he just made sure that this boy was going to die. So he ordered the execution of all of those two year olds downwards. That was when Moses was born. Do you know why?

This only shows to us that there is no power greater than the power of the Father Almighty. This is a defiance of the power of man that when the power of God executes something, there is no power on earth that can stop it. Moses was born in the midst of that. Because of the fear of Moses’ parents that he might be discovered and put to death, his mother, Jochebed and his sister, Miriam, put little Moses in a basket and let it float in the Nile River.

The Nile River is where the communities in Egypt are, because outside of the banks of the Nile River is just pure desert, there’s no life there. Moses was made to float in the River Nile under the cover of some reeds and bushes that grew in the river. That was when the Pharaoh’s daughter happened to go down the river to take a bath with all of her maids around. While she was bathing, one of the maids found the basket, and when she opened it, she found that there was a baby in it. She rushed down and told the princess of Pharaoh, “I found a baby boy floating in a basket. What shall we do with it?”

There is no power greater than the power of the Almighty. This incident was just rubbing the nose of Pharaoh because it was right at his own backyard that the baby was found by his own daughter. The Father was seemingly telling them, “Now, what will you do against my Will? This boy is going to be my savior in Israel.”

The princess could have reported it to her father and her father would, in no doubt, behead the boy right away because it was a decree. But the decree was even defied, because when the princess saw Moses, she saw something in him that made the heart of the princess grow fonder for Moses. She said, spare the boy I’ll adopt him as my own son. Jochebed, Moses’ mother and his sister, Miriam, were just around because they were watching him from not so far off to make sure that the little baby boy was safe.

When the maids of the princess of Pharaoh found out about the basket and reported it to the princess, if you were Jochebed and Miriam, your heart might be racing inside of you, not knowing what the decision will be. Will this be the death of our own beloved baby? Afar off, Jochebed and Miriam were watching the unfolding of events. But to their surprise, the princess took the little baby Moses and kissed him on the cheek. And the princess told the maids, “Find somebody that can become a nurse for Moses.”

They did not have to go far to find a nurse, because Moses’ nurses-tobe were just there watching. The maids found Jochebed and Miriam right away. That is not just a mere coincidence; it is an unfolding of events to tell us that the power of the Almighty is greater than the power of any human being. He can turn things around for you. Your defeats are going to be made into victories. Your curses are going to be made into blessings.

He did not just find anyone to be made the surrogate mother of Moses. He found the princess, and the princess brought Moses to the house of the one who decreed to kill all the Israelite boys from two years old downward. The Almighty Father brought Moses in the house of the one who decreed his death. And now, he’s going to nourish him and give him life. Isn’t God wonderful? Isn’t God powerful? He is! That’s why we have to have faith in Him, no matter what your circumstance is, no matter where you’re found, no matter where you are.

When you have faith in Him, He can turn your curses into blessings, He can turn your defeats into victories.

Moses found himself in the palace of Pharaoh who decreed for his death. The Pharoah was now giving him food, was now kissing him, was now made as his grandfather. That is rubbing the nose of the power of man in the name of Pharaoh, because there is no power that is greater than the power of the Almighty.

Moses grew up under the tutelage of the princess and of his grandpa, the Pharaoh. He grew up under the tutelage of Egypt, but his nurses, his mother and his sister, did not forget to teach him about the right doctrine that is the doctrine of the Father Almighty which taught him that there is only One God.

Moses’ mother saw to it that Moses received the right teaching. They were in the midst of a pagan nation, but Moses grew up knowing the One True God. He grew up in the courts of Egypt for 40 years but the plan of God continued in his life. Moses did not know about it. Moses was oblivious of the Almighty Father’s plan. Even his parents did not know it. Even Pharaoh did not know it. There is no power that is mightier than the power of the Almighty. He knows what He is doing. In the right time, when Moses was already of age, the due time came for his calling to kick in.

This is the very purpose why Moses was called. This is the very purpose why he was born. This is the very purpose why those circumstances happened in his life. The due time came that he had to flee Egypt. Through those circumstances, the Father Almighty was telling Moses, it’s now time for you to come out from this place, because you will have your heavenly calling revealed to you. It’s enough that you have been here for 40 years. It’s enough that you were educated here for 40 years. That was one of the plans.

But now, the heavenly plan of teaching Moses had already come in its due time. So a problem arose. Moses, who was really an Israelite by heart, accidentally killed an Egyptian whom he saw was flagellating an Israelite. Moses became fearful that Pharaoh would know about this and he fled Egypt for no reason at all. Why would he fear the Pharaoh? The Pharaoh was his grandpa, but the circumstances were turned around because the Father’s plan should continue.

Perhaps, if you were Moses, you would consider staying in the comfort of the Egyptian palace. But because Moses was under the plan of the Father without him knowing it, he had to follow that certain plan in the circumstances of his life even without him knowing it. This problem arose where he had to flee Egypt and he found himself in the backside of the wilderness walking alone from a princely life to a pauper’s life. From a life of abundance to a life of nothingness.

He was walking in the backside of the wilderness until his attention was attracted by a burning bush. He drew closer and he heard a voice “Moses take off your slippers for the ground where thou standest is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5

He heard a voice, looked around, and saw no one. What he heard was just an audible voice, so he drew closer and that was the beginning of his heavenly schooling in the University of the Spirit. How many years did Moses stay in the wilderness? He stayed there for 40 years. Another 40 years of tutelage not under a human being, but under the power of the Almighty. Revelations, visions, dreams and audible voices were supplied to Moses until one day, after 40 years, he knew that the calling of the Father was for him.

Now he knew why he was born. He knew why he was tutored under the roof of the Pharaoh; why all of these circumstances in his life came about because of the plan of the Almighty that had been revealed to him.

Whenever the Father has a plan of salvation of any kind, He makes a preparation and He prepares somebody to become His savior. That somebody had not been recorded to have come directly from heaven already an adult.

Beginning with the Jewish setting, there is no record yet of somebody coming down directly from heaven with the angelic body, and all of a sudden saves his own people. The Almighty Father does not work like that because of the kinsman type of redemption. In the kinsman type of redemption, somebody must be born just like us in order to be used of the Father to save his own fellow human beings. He has to be born of a woman.

Moses was born an ordinary man like us. But there was a calling in his life. Although his freedom of choice was still intact, the circumstances in his life guided him towards that heavenly calling until he found himself in the backside of the wilderness and there, he was tutored by the Almighty Father. there was only one student and one teacher. Moses learned everything in the University of the Spirit, and in due time, he came back to Egypt with one message saying, “Let my people go!”

Moses went back to Egypt and faced the Pharaoh. The first Pharaoh who was his grandpa already died and this was another pharaoh whose heart was very hard. “Who are you to tell me to let the Israelites go?” Pharaoh’s heart became very hard, he was a powerful man. He must have thought, “This Moses was just a wilderness dweller, he was a nomad and now, he’s telling me to let the Israelites go. No way!” Moses came back again and again, but the Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Israelites go. The Ten Plagues began to pour.

The ten plagues of Egypt

What was the first plague? Water turned into blood (Exodus 7:17-20). All of a sudden, all the water in Egypt became blood. Again, the Pharaoh’s heart was hardened more. What was the second plague? Frogs. All of Egypt was full of frogs. You go to your house and all the frogs are on your bed, in your kitchen, in your living room, in your bedroom, in your cabinets. Everywhere there were frogs. The Pharaoh would promise, “Oh Moses, Moses, Moses I’ll let your people go, just let the frogs go away!” And all of a sudden the frogs all died. And Egypt was now free of frogs.

But then again after that, the Pharaoh’s heart was hardened. What was the third plague? The rice became lice. All of Egypt was plagued with lice. If you have two lice in your head, in your hair, you will not be able to sleep at night.

Just imagine if one man had a thousand lice, what happens? It will suck all of the blood out of your body and you won’t be able to sleep. All of the Egyptians couldn’t sleep and they became pale because of the billions of lice plaguing them. They cried to Moses again. Pharaoh told him, “Moses, now I know you are of God, I’ll let your people go.” The lice all died. His heart became hard again. What was the fifth plague? After the lice, the flies came. After the flies, the sixth plague came. All cattle died. Then after that, the people had boils.

In Egypt, all of the parts of the people’s bodies had boils. One boil will send you to hell in pain. How much more if your body was full of boils? All the boils were there. They cried to Moses. The boils dried up. The next plague came. Hail rained down from the sky. These were snow balls as hard as golf balls fell down from the sky. Then after that, the locusts came. Everywhere you go there were locusts. They did not harm the people but they harmed all green living things. After that, all of Egypt was engulfed by darkness. There was light only in Goshen.

Pharaoh’s heart was still hard, but the last plague had really softened him. It was the death of all of the firstborn of Egypt. That culminated the Ten Plagues of Egypt when all Egyptians allowed the Israelites to go. And the Lord said, “Borrow all their gold and silver before you go.” Exodus 11:1-3; Exodus 12:35

They borrowed anything they wanted from the Egyptians as long as they just go. It bankrupted Egypt until now. Egypt was not able to rise up from being a world power after that because all of their gold was stolen by the Israelites through borrowing. The Egyptians wanted the Israelites to go out, for they were the reason why they were cursed. They were sent out no matter what.

The Israelites bankrupted Egypt, that’s why when they went out, the Egyptian army pursued them because after a while Pharaoh awakened from his stupor of being lullabyed into letting them go because of the curse. He sent his army to run after the Israelites to retrieve all the gold that the Israelites borrowed. Moses saw the smoke rise from the back of where they were. A spy told him that Pharaoh’s army was running after them. All three million of them cried to Moses. And Moses was desperate, he began to say to the Lord, “Why is this happening?”

And the Lord said to Moses, “Do not cry. Do not pray right now because I have answered you. Stretch forth into the Red Sea the rod that is in your hand.” Moses did as the Lord said and the Red Sea parted. The Israelites passed through the middle, and as the last Israelite crossed on the other shore, the army of Pharaoh pursued them through the opening of the Red Sea. Then the Lord God said to Moses, now stretch forth thy rod again. He stretched forth his rod, the waters came back and drowned all the Egyptians. Exodus 14:15-28

Moses’ role to save his people from bondage came into effect. There’s no power that is greater than the power of the Father Almighty. When He has a plan, He is going to execute that plan no matter what. The circumstances that are against it are set aside and the plan is to be executed on time. He is always on time.

Israel was waiting for a Messiah again because after Moses saved them from Egyptian bondage, they were not still saved from their foreign invaders. Though the Israelites have settled down in Canaan, the battles against the tribes around them continued and they were always outmatched by their opponents, by their enemies. Later on, they would backslide and become disobedient again against the Almighty Father’s Will. The Almighty Father’s power will withdraw from them and then, their enemies will take over. They always backslid from the ways of the Father because they were just physical, they had not learned about the spiritual component of the Almighty Father’s ways. They did not receive the component of the spirituality that the Father wanted them to have, because salvation really is not only on the outside, salvation is within. If Pharaoh was a powerful human being to enslave them, there is one more much powerful than him: Satan, Lucifer the devil who has enslaved us from the beginning of Adam and Eve’s life, and we are their descendants. Until now, we are enslaved by the serpent seed which is our own human will that is always against the Will of the Almighty Father. That is where we have to be saved from.

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