We do not have the gospel of hate, but the gospel of love. Because when you sow love, you will reap love.

When you sow the orange seed, you will reap the orange fruit. When you plant a grape seed, you will also reap grapes. When you plant an orange seed, you will harvest orange fruits. If you plant the seed of the fig, you will harvest fig fruits. Any kind of seed you will plant, that is the same fruit that you will harvest.

Love is also a seed. When you plant love and compassion, what will you harvest in return? LOVE and COMPASSION. So everywhere you go, my brothers and sisters, bring the seed of the fruit with you. Sow peace, although somebody wants to fight with you, you pray for him or her and say, “May the Father bless you. Calm down and may the peace of the Father be with you.” Sow peace and you will reap peace. Sow love, peace, joy and goodness. Sow joy, not hate. If you plant hate, you will also reap the fruit of hate. So, you have to plant the seed of love. Love you neighbor. That is the law of the Kingdom: LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOU HEART… NOT HALF OF YOUR HEART BUT WITH ALL YOU HEART, WITH ALL YOU MIND. LOVE YOUR FELLOWMEN AS YOUR SELF.

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For example, you’re driving your car and you’re parking, and you came first, then suddenly somebody just burst in at the side to steal your parking spot, what will you do? Sow love, you tell the guy, “So you want to go ahead of me? Ok, I’ll just give it to you. I love you.” Sow love because you will reap the fruits of love.

Many people think that I hate those that have persecuted/and persecute me, but I don’t. I love them and I pray for them every day and because of that, many of those who used to persecute me are now children, sons and daughters of the Father.

Have you heard their testimonies? There are many testimonies that say, “Pastor, I persecuted you very, very bitterly before. Please forgive me because I was blinded at the time.” If I hated those who persecuted me, that person will not be testifying and say, “I persecuted you before but right now, I’m enlightened.” I have sown the seed of love that’s why I have harvested the fruits of love. These people began to love me instead of hating me.

Sons and daughters, love wherever you go! Fill your bags with the seeds of love. Plants the seeds of love, peace, joy and longsuffering.

What is the opposite of peace? Trouble. What is the opposite of joy? Sorrow. What is the opposite of happiness? Sadness. Do not show that even in your face. Don’t be sad. Practice your face to be happy and your feelings will go with you.

What is the opposite of longsuffering? Impatience. Short fuse. I have seen people who are short fuses. When I was very small (in Pampanga)… maybe it was not only me but also some of my cousins were very irritable. One of my young cousins was very irritable that with just a drop of a hat, he would become grumpy. One day, my uncle brought my cousin to the doctor. You know why he was so grumpy and irritable? You know what the finding was? Maraming bulate! He had many parasitic worms inside his stomach that’s why he was irritable.

In the spirit, if you are short fuse, and you have no patience, you are irritable, it’s a sure sign that you have many, many serpent seed worms inside. One of the fruits of the Spirit comes from the seed of the Spirit, which is longsuffering. You know what is the meaning of long suffering? You suffer long. You are not easily irritated. You have long patience. Praise the Father! What else. Goodness, meekness. What is meekness? Meekness is actually is the cousin of humility. Meekness is when you think everything you have is not yours, it’s God’s. You use everything you have according to the Will of the Father. My life is not mine, so I will use it according to the Will of the One who owns me. I use it according to His Will. My car is not mine, so I use it according to the One who gave it to me. That’s meekness. Everything that is yours is not yours. It’s only borrowed so I use it according to the Will of the Father. Your money is not yours; use it according to the Will of the Father. Praise the Father. Your life is His. Everything we use in this world is His. It’s for the Father, so we use them it according to the Will of the Father. These are the some fruits of the Spirit that you have to sow wherever you go. Sow them in the hearts of men.

Let us all plant the seeds of the Spirit. And you do that by faith. Faith means, I feel I don’t like it. I don’t feel like I am being happy today, but I will live by faith. By faith, I am happy and I will force myself to be happy. And then you will reap the fruit of that happiness. And then happiness becomes your attitude. Even though you’re in the midst of sorrow but you are happy, you will attract the blessings of the Father. He will bless you, He will give you favor.

“By faith” is the language of the Father. What did He say? (Heb. 11:6) “Without faith, it is impossible to please Him…” If you don’t have money and the reality is that you will pay a large amount because you have debts to pay and you don’t have the money, believe by faith. I will tell you how to believe by faith:

You owe somebody 20,000 US dollars and that is the amount of debt you have to pay financially. By faith, ask the Father for 20,000 US dollars. By faith, means although I have not seen it, I will believe when I pray that I have already received it because Jeremiah 3:33 says, “Call unto Me … So you have a spiritual cell phone right now. “Call unto Me…” and the other end will answer you. You text the Father, “Father, please help me to pay my debt, make it double. You are very rich, You’re my Father. I owe somebody 20,000 US dollars so I need 40,000 US dollars, please send it to me right away!” Text Him. That is the meaning of“Call unto Me…” Text Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you know not.

Be diligent in your prayers and the Father will answer you. He will find ways and means to answer you, my brother and sisters. Let us all walk by faith. This is impossible in front of you. This is impossible because you are just trusting in your salary. But when you trust the Father for big things, He said, “I’ll show you great and mighty things which you know not.” You don’t know them but He will show them to you. And you will be surprised by faith. When there is demand, there is a supply. That is what we call in Economics, The Law of Supply and Demand. The FATHER will meet the demand and He will supply the need for you. He’ll make a way when there seems to be no way, by faith. That is the language of the Father. By faith, all our needs will be supplied according to His riches in glory. By faith, all of these that you don’t see will become a reality. It is just a matter of time. The Father will squeeze time and space and they will come to reality in no time at all.

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