I see all the people of the world not according to race, not according to nationality, not according to their cultural or social background. I see them as men and women created after the image of the Father Almighty and there is only one need for us to be totally restored and completed in our salvation. This is the quest and this is the purpose why we have the Word of God with us today: the completion of man’s salvation from Satan Lucifer the devil and from the serpent seed.

Wherever I go, I do not see white or brown people. I do not see red or yellow people. I do not see different races. I see the creation of the Father Almighty, men and women who are created after His image. In judgment time, when we stand before the Almighty Father, we will only be standing as men and women. We will not be known by our race, by our creed, by our religion. We will only be known as the Father’s creation.

The beginning tells us the origin of all the Father’s creations and that we came from God. He took dust from the earth and formed us according to His image. And once we were formed, He came unto us and breathed into our nostrils the breath of life, and the Bible says, “…man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7)

You know, when man became a living soul, he now has a body, he now has a soul but he lacks the spirit. Maybe you are wondering about the difference between a soul, a spirit and a body. The body tells you where you came from and you came from the dust. The soul tells you that you came from God. But if you do not have a true relationship with the Almighty Father, you are only a body and a soul. You do not have a spirit at all.

Satan Lucifer the devil who was once an angel of light knew 1/3 of the secrets of heaven and he knew the purpose why we were created. It was for God to dwell in us. Because God is a spirit, you do not see Him. He is Omnipresent but He is invisible unless He can dwell in a human being. He cannot manifest Himself through His lower creation. He cannot manifest Himself through a monkey. He cannot manifest Himself through a horse.

Have you seen a horse talking or preaching like me? If a four-legged horse would come into this pulpit and begin to preach to you, you would be scared, you would start running away and say, “I have seen a ghost and it possessed the horse.”

So, He did not elect to manifest Himself in His lower creation. He elected to manifest Himself in us. That is why man was created in the image of God. Satan, Lucifer the Devil, knew of that plan, that later on, God would dwell within us and that will be our relationship with Him. That is the spirit that He wanted created in us because that spirit will be our relationship with Him. That is when you begin to know who your Creator is.

No living relationship

There are many human beings walking on the face of the earth today. But they only have souls and bodies. They do not have spirits. They do not know their relationship with the Father. Some might say, “But Pastor, I have religion!” Religion only taught you some things, but it is not completed.

You have to complete that relationship in order for you to really have a common fellowship and communion with the Father Almighty, as He has envisioned it from the beginning when He created Adam. He can talk to God and God can talk to him. You can talk to Him and He can talk to you and you can listen to His voice. Now, we cannot listen to the voice of God because we have lost that communion and fellowship through disobedience when the serpent seed was implanted within us.

What is that serpent seed? It is the spirit of Satan Lucifer the devil implanted within you without you knowing it. That is why he is the great deceiver because we became Satan’s children without us knowing it. This is the spiritual diagnosis of how we come to be so sick in the spirit that we are all spiritually dead in the sight of the Father, without us knowing it.

God is a spirit. When He looks at us, He does not look at us in our bodies. He does not look at us as physically alive. He looks at us and He sees us in the spirit. Are you alive in the spirit or not? Do you have a communion and a fellowship with the Almighty Father in the spirit or not? If you do not have, you may be vertically standing and walking but in the sight of God, you are dead.

One of the apostles who came to Him one day, said, “Lord Jesus, Master, I cannot go with you today because I have to bury my father.” Jesus Christ said, “Let the dead, bury their dead.” (Matthew 8:21-22) That is a spiritual language that we can only understand if we have a spiritual life, a spirit within us to let us see beyond what the Lord was saying in the flesh. You have to see it in the spirit.

In other words, those that are vertically standing but are carrying the horizontally and physically dead are dead in sight of the Father. For us, death is physical, but to the Father, death is spiritual. Once that communion and fellowship with Him is not yet completed, you have not become a son or a daughter of the Father. You are dead in the sight of God.

This is why I am relevant. This is why I am here today because He once called me and showed me these things that I am delivering to the world today.

I would like you to look in the message of a very beautiful song entitled He Saw Me:

On the balcony of space,
stepped a pure and Holy God.
In awesome solitude, He stood alone.
Not one faint star to give Him light,
just endless, rolling blackest night.
But, somehow, through all the darkness,
He could see.

He saw mountains, high and lofty.
He saw valleys, lush and green.
He saw babbling brooks, wild flowers grow,
even heard a robin sing.
Then He felt a strange compassion,
as close to love as pain can be.
Standing out there, in His tomorrow, He saw me.”

He saw me in His likeness.
He saw me just like Him.
Clean, pure and holy, spotless white within.
But He saw me bound in heavy chains,
And longed to set me free me.
But He knew if I became like Him,
He must become like me.

And another song has this message to say,

The first time He came on a stable long ago,
they pushed Him aside
for they really did not know…

They did not want to accept Him. For they really did not know who He was. He was the God who created us. He came down because we were bound in heavy chains because of deception and He wanted us to become like Him at last. That is the very purpose of salvation.

They pushed Him aside for they really didn’t know.
He has come into our world just to save and to heal
but they followed Him to the cross,
to the top of the hill.

The Father’s Divine Love

Jesus Christ, the manifestation of the Father’s divine love was there. You know how He was tortured? If you have seen the film Passion of the Christ, Jesus Christ was tortured in a fashion that you can never imagine.

The Roman torturers were perfect in their craft. When a man is accused in the olden days, the death penalty would be the crucifixion of the criminal in shame and ignominy. This is the equivalent of the electric chair today. And before you can go to the cross, they would put you into Pilate’s scourging post. That is a post where you are chained, and that is where your back will be whipped by the torturers. They had the whip-of-nine-tails. This is made of leather, in between are broken pieces of iron and at the end, it has a ball with a hook, that once it strikes on your back, literally, the skin and the flesh would be drawn out once the torturer withdraws it from your body. There is only a little bit of life left in you while you are tortured in this manner.

The Lord Jesus Christ received 39 stripes on His back. Literally, the broken pieces of iron and the hook just plowed on His back tearing the flesh and the skin of [the Lord] Jesus Christ. This is how He was tortured because He saw you, He saw me and He would pay the price for our sins.

After being tortured and having 39 stripes on His back, He was crucified. Medical science says there are 39 major diseases in the world today. And you know what the Bible says, “We are healed by His stripes.” If you claim healing today, there is one stripe for your healing per one major disease in your body.

After that, a crown of thorns was put on His brow. I had been to Jerusalem, three times, I had seen the Jerusalem vine, the thorns of which are like the thorns of the pomelo tree. But it is 4 to 5 inches long, so thick and hard, you cannot break it. This is what they call the Jerusalem vine. They used to make it into a crown so small that it could not fit into your head. They would put ropes on the sides, on the left and right side of your head, when they put the crown on your head, because it’s too small, they had to pull it down to fit it on your brows.

Literally, those thorns just pierced into the skin of the head of [the Lord] Jesus Christ that Isaiah described Him as a man without beauty (Matthew 27:27-56) because His head and His face were swollen like a ball. He was striped.He was spat upon. He was mocked and He was crowned with thorns in this fashion.

Then, they would let you go through the Via Dolorosa and carry your cross on your back and that cross would be the ultimate punishment, because as soon as you reached the Place of the Skulls they called Golgotha, you will be laid down on that cross and four-cornered spikes, nine inches long will be driven literary into your hands and into your feet.

When you are erected on that cross, the Roman torturers would see to it that you are slightly slanted forward in order for you not to be able to lean, and so that only those nails in your hands and feet will hold the strength of your body. Medical science tells us that a man will die in this fashion, not because of the loss of blood but he will die of a broken heart. Because in this fashion, your body will be suspended between heaven and earth, only those nails on your hands are holding the strength or the weight of your body that will cause the irregular beating of your heart, which will eventually cause your death.

Jesus Christ died of a broken heart. “He saw me in His likeness. He saw me just like Him, pure, clean and holy, spotless white within. But He saw me bound in heavy chains and longed to set me free. But He knew if I became like him, He must become like me.” Jesus Christ became like us so that we can become like Him.

That is the message I am sending out into the world today. I thank the Father because that message is being received by all nationalities. This is the only message that will touch the bottom of your heart. This is the only message that will reconcile you and restore you back to the Almighty Father. This is what we need today. He paid the price, not because He wanted us to come to Him first, but because He wanted Himself to come to us first.

I love Him because He first loved me. For God so loved us, He came unto us. He became like us so that we can become like Him.

Faith, our sixth sense

The Almighty Father has given us a special gift. When we were deceived, Satan the devil took our sixth sense. We did not only have five senses, He gifted us with six senses. The sixth sense is the sense of faith. This is the only thing that connects us to our Heavenly Father. It is our connection between the invisible and the visible. Without this, you would never know God. I thank the Father that when we are fully restored, this connection is back. And so, you can call on Him and He will answer you. He said in Jeremiah 3:33, “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”

When you have a mobile phone, you can call your loved ones. There is no wire in between. The message passes through the air called the ether and then it comes to the endpoint of your communication, which is probably your loved one holding a mobile phone. And then, you receive the message and vice versa. It is the same thing with the Father, when this communication is back, then you can call on Him and He will answer you.

Sense of Faith

I would like to let you have the sense of faith. Look at what happened when the Lord Jesus Christ had a conversation with His disciples. The Bible said, when He had finished speaking, He said unto Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught.” And Simon, answering, said unto Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and have taken nothing: nevertheless at Thy word I will let down the net.”

Pastor Apollo QuiboloyAnd when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes and their net brake. And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink. When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, “Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”

This is an example of how the Philippines can become – a great, prosperous nation; a nation of abundance according to the Will of the Almighty Father.

President after president has been elected in the Philippines, but we have not gone from square one, not even to square number two or square number three. We are always very good in comparing ourselves with our Asian neighbors. Singapore has taken its flight and they are now in the firmament of being a first world country. Malaysia is the same, South Korea is the same. Now, we are going down, sinking down like Bangladesh. We have toiled all night, all day, we have caught nothing. This is why I have been praying to the Lord Almighty that those who will be elected in the Philippines will not be only be elected by the people in a democratic system, but they will have the Word and the blessing of the Father Almighty upon them.

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