I have exhaustively laid out everything that is there, concerning the Father-and-Son relationship, especially the Sonship, because this is the Kingdom Age. In the Church Age, this was never the case, this was never learned the way that we have learned it. I myself never knew about this because as I have said, my stock knowledge was only denominational. What we’ve learned in the Church Age was all that we had before. But now, the Father-and-Son relationship is very clear to us. We thank the Father for the spiritual enlightenment.

That was all that we had as a knowledge, until the Father called me and began to reveal to me the things that were very strange to me. But I did not avoid them because when I was in my Kitbog, I already resolved the problem of who was calling me, whether it was a trick of Satan Lucifer the devil or not. Am I being deceived or am I hallucinating? Those were the accusations they accused me of because of these new spiritual experiences and the Father was revealing to me many things that were very strange to me. So I really had to know who was calling me; who’s this Spirit that was revealing all these things to me.

In my one year of Kitbog experience, I learned that it was Him who was calling me. So I walked by faith in following Him. To walk by faith means you don’t have to understand. All you have to know is that it is Him dealing with you and that was what I cared about. It was really Him. It was the Almighty Father dealing with me and it was Him that was giving spiritual experiences that I never had in my life and that’s enough for me – to walk by faith, following Him, without understanding any of those revelations that were given to me at that time.

The Father’s Revelation
How would I ever understand? One of the revelations given to me was that people were in a big gathering, in one big hill or a mountain and I was just passing by in that revelation. All of a sudden, they grabbed me and put me on top and there was a chair waiting for me. They sat me down, put a crown upon me, and said “This is He that we have been waiting for!” It was like a coronation and they were waiting for the right person to become a King. I had never known that in the Church Age. That was a very strange thing to me.

Then He called me and although I did not understand right away the revelations He gave, I believed in them.

In those five years again, after Kitbog, the revelations and spiritual education continued. There was just a glimpse of some knowledge, some learning about this. But not the whole thing that have come to light, in which you will be able to understand everything, specially the Sonship.

Walking by Faith
Even before the Kingship, the Sonship was a very heavy revelation to me. It was never in my wildest dream that it would happen, and why it would happen. So all of this was in the mill of my subconscious mind, waiting to be understood. But I did not reject them. I did not avoid them. I believed them, although I didn’t understand them. And as I said, I walked by faith in following Him as long as I knew it was Him who was calling me.

I didn’t know that He was already ushering me into something that the Church Age did not understand, avoided, and rejected. I wondered why He would call me and tell me these things that I do not understand.

First of all, before He called me, I thought about it, that they were the ones ahead of us. The Father already had tried to use them and reveal these things. And probably the Father was not really successful. Probably just one revelation of it did not come in, the light has not shone upon them. Their hearts were already closed and would not receive any of the revelations that they do not understand. So the revelations were given to me.

The Father Is All that Matters
But in my case, it was a little bit different because I was obedient. The only thing I asked Him was, “Is this You calling me? Am I not being deceived? Am I not being tricked into this deception? Is this really You calling me?” So when I learned that it was really Him calling me, I followed without any hesitation. I followed Him by faith. I walked in total obedience to His perfect Will, whatever it is – whether I understood it or not, it doesn’t matter at all. As long as I know daily in my walk with Him, in my following Him, that it was really Him guiding me, that is all that matters. That is all that I care about.

The Father Ushered Me Into His Kingdom
After that, I learned that I was really being ushered into this ministry. All these revelations that I did not understand before were now so clear. I was being ushered into the Kingdom Age wherein He would produce a Son, and before we have come to know about the adoption of sons and daughters of God, we have read them in the Scriptures. They were all scattered in the books of Romans, Corinthians, Revelation, and so on and so forth. But we cannot put them together. There is no meaning because our understanding is all about the physical family that we have. Anything that we read in the Scriptures about family, we always relate to our own experience of what a family is. But it never jibed. It never dovetailed to what the Word of God is trying to convey to us, because of the mentality that we have.

Now, after that the Father has changed my mentality in following Him by faith, slowly but surely, the light started to come in. And after those five years when I heard His Voice, “Now, you are my Son,” and of course, who would not be happy to hear the Almighty Father telling you that? That was all that I knew. I did not know that in the Jewish tradition and mentality of a family that we have now known, this is all at play, while I did not have any understanding of this. I was being ushered into it.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Remember, Jesus Christ in His humanity was a Jew and His concept of a family was Jewish. That’s why now, we know that those experiences that I’ve had were the same experiences as if I was born into a Jewish family, although in the spirit. Now, we can learn about the Scriptures from what Paul had said in Romans and in Corinthians. We can now put them together and they jibe exactly. They have real meaning in the life that we are living now in the Kingdom—why He called me His Son, why He said, “Now, You are my Son. I am Your Father. I am in you, and you are my Residence, you are my Temple.”

Everything now is so clear because we have learned through the times that the Father has revealed to us all of these things in one big clear manner; as if you are looking at a picture that has a meaning. Whereas before, there was no meaning at all. It is like a jigsaw puzzle that you have to put altogether before you can see the clear picture. Now, we are seeing the whole clear picture of it.

The Spiritual Union
We have exhaustively lain out the subject of the “Spiritual Adoption of Sons and Daughters” of God that in the spiritual adoption as patterned in the Jewish tradition of the family, there is the beginning that you are born. That is your Kitbog. You don’t know anything, but you are born into a family. That is where I was born. As I said, my Mother and my Father in the spirit met together in a love affair. My Mother, the New Jerusalem, is the spirit that says, “Not my will, but Your Will be done,” my Father’s spirit says, “My Will be done.” My Mother is the most beautiful spirit that He chose to be His Bride, His Wife. Before it was a Bride, which became His Wife, and then produced children, and I was the first one to be produced in that spiritual union.

The Son was Born
I was born in the Spirit of the Father Almighty in the bosom of my Mother, the spirit that is submissive and obedient to the Will of my Father Almighty. That was what nurtured me and I was the firstborn of that union. So I am here today. I grew up in that and I became the Son of the Covenant after that. I knew in the Spirit that I was following Him. A child never knows anything. An infant never knows anything although he is born into a family. But he is already a son of the covenant when he is born into the family, though he has no knowledge at all.

The Jewish Tradition
And that’s what happened to me. I had no knowledge about this at all and slowly but surely, the learning would come because you were born into a kind of system already. You will later on know that in the family you were born into, you will be initiated into the system. Like for example, at 8 days old, a Jewish boy is brought to a Rabbi for circumcision. It is a big family celebration being joined by all the community. What is that in our spiritual life? That is when you repent and are circumcised in the heart. And now we know the Word of the Father that says, “Thousands or millions of angels are rejoicing when one soul repenteth,” (Luke 15:10) because it is enjoined by all the community of the spiritual family of the Father; angels and all the righteous spirits are witnesses to that.

The same thing happened to me. The Church Age does not know that. But I was initiated to it; that’s why I am now talking about it exactly as if I have known it from the beginning. But I didn’t know it. I have grown into that system. I was initiated into this family spiritually with this tradition that was kept. So, a Jewish boy is born into this family as an infant knows nothing about it.

Then the boy grows. He is going to grow up into that family system. Slowly, the learning would come to him that this is the way we are; this is the way we do things.

The Circumcision
First is circumcision. In the life of the average Hebrew boy, the first major event which draws broad public attention to him is his circumcision, which occurs when he is an infant, at eight days old. This is the moment that he is marked as a “covenant man” in Israel and is celebrated throughout the community.

When are you going to be a covenant man into the spiritual Israel of the Father? When you truly repent and say, “Not my will, but Your Will be done.” Then you are circumcised by heart, as again said by Paul in Romans 2:28-29.

Romans 2:28-29;
v-28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:
v-29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. Repentance is the Spiritual Circumcision
Now we are not born in the flesh. That is not in the physical. Even though it is a Jewish system, it is still in the physical. Now to complete it, it is now converted to the spiritual. Paul said, He is not a Jew which is born outwardly, but He is a Jew that is born inwardly, in the spirit. Circumcision is now not of the flesh but of the heart. How does that happen? When you repent, that is your circumcision. When you are circumcised, everybody rejoices. Those families in heaven and those families on earth are all rejoicing with your repentance, with your circumcision.

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