We have seen that the year 2012, was really an explosive mushroom growth for the Kingdom Nation and we can only thank the Father for what He has done. But in the middle of that, we also saw that the world is becoming more vulnerable to large scale calamities and disasters. It was no longer in any country or city spared from these destructions and damages.

I can only say that because of the concentration of sin, human arrogance and calculated evil, these are leading this world to what we call, in the spiritual realm, the judgment, which is the Day of the Lord that I declared on April 13, 2005.

Day of the Lord this ministry is feeding upon these revelations coming from the Father Almighty. So, then, we can know the mind of the Creator. We are able to know the mind of God. We are able to know the mind of our Almighty Father by these revelations, in which He has chosen someone whom He can trust in order to reveal these secrets, which human beings in this world don’t know. Even in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah and in the times of Noah, they didn’t know that judgment was already upon them. It was already upon their doorsteps and they were still living casually as though nothing was going to happen as the Scriptures say, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of man. They were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.” Matthew 24:37-38.

You can only look at the meaning of what the Father is trying to say to us. That those people, just because they don’t know, they just live casually. They live as though nothing was going to happen until the judgment day came and swept them all away to their destruction.

The Father’s Wisdom
Now, is this similar to what is happening in our last days? In the year 2011 we had our own share of calamitous events in Mindanao. One was typhoon ‘Sendong’ in Cagayan de Oro. And in 2012, we had seen another very strong destructive typhoon that visited us which is well known as ‘Pablo’. That destroyed, not only the properties and agricultural in Davao del Norte, especially in Compostela Valley, but also had taken so many lives which was unexpected. Many people who tried to save themselves from that destructive typhoon were not spared.

I heard the story that was told about those people, who were brought up to that high elevated place where they were supposed to be safe. But, that was the exact area where this rampaging flood with logs and debris passed through and killed them and put that barangay or that town under destruction. You cannot even figure out where that barangay is now because it is so covered with big boulders. Where those boulders were coming from, we don’t know. But look at these things that are happening, which in our human mind, are impossible to happen, but they are happening.

April 13, 2005 is the beginning of the Day of the Lord. It is no longer the day of man. That means we cannot plan our lives without considering the Will of the Father Almighty. We cannot plan our lives ahead, in the future, like we did before without considering the plan of the Father Almighty in our lives. That is why He sent me.

This is the only reason why He sent me, to tell the world that this ministry is designed to save souls from sin that ultimately destroy them. As I have said, they invited these destructions and judgment, and these have come upon us and will only escalate in unimaginable proportions in the coming days.

As I said before, I do not want to be a prophet of doom, but, how can you not help being alarmed at the coming events. How can you not help being warned by someone the Father has sent that will truly do His Will without fear or favor?

I am a very positive person. I am a person who wants to have friends and I do not want to really hurt people’s sensitivities for no reason at all. That is how I was raised with a very compassionate heart for people and I do not want to make any enemies. But you cannot question the Lord’s choosing, why He would choose somebody like me who is very shy in person. Why would the Father, in His wisdom, choose someone like me to be bold and to tell everyone about His Will that He has revealed unto me?

When He called me, even when I was still in high school, He already showed me visions about His coming, which this ministry is in the midst of, because He has chosen a Temple in which He can come, dwell in and become the Audible Voice of His Will in the last days.

This is what’s happening right now. He just chose someone amongst us to deliver His message without compromise, and because of this I was persecuted. Life was not so easy for me after my calling.

Life has been quite difficult to really proceed, especially, in the beginning of my ministry when I told people about the calling the Father has entrusted to me.

Now, I do not need any further introduction about this ministry I am talking about, because you can see the evidence all around us that what I said is really true. This is the Day of Lord. It is no longer the day of man.

As it was in the days of Noah, before Noah’s calling came, it was the day of man. They just planned their lives without even knowing there is a God in Heaven who directs or interferes in human affairs. They do not even know if there is a God or not. They just plan their lives out according to what they know is right for them, because of the human will that had governed them.

The Word of God says in Genesis 6:5, “…the wickedness of man was so great upon the earth, that it invited the judgment that befell them.” Noah’s calling came. The Father called him and revealed to him His plan of pouring out judgment upon his generation at that time. He said, “I will give man about 120 years and while that lasts, you have to build the ark, for the salvation of your family and probably for all of those that will come to believe him and also for the animals that were spared for posterity,” (Genesis 6-8).

The plan was revealed. The wickedness of man, the sin that covered the face of the entire earth invited the Father’s judgment upon that generation and it came and destroyed them after 120 years.

You do not know when it will sweep you away. If something like this, which is unimaginable in our lives, could happen in places where it is unimaginable to happen, like, we have boasted of Mindanao as the Land of Promise and we have also boasted that we have never been visited by typhoons or storms here, that we always have fair weather. We pity those countrymen of ours in Luzon especially those in the typhoon belt.

But look, everything has changed in the last few months and years, because we have been visited by typhoons that we have never experienced before that have been experienced by our countrymen in the northern part of our country which to us is the typhoon belt while Mindanao isn’t. But look what happened. Two very destructive typhoons simultaneously visited us and destroyed so many lives and properties. The Day of the Lord is really here.

You can say it is climate change. What has brought climate change upon us is the greed of people, sin, concentration of sin, human arrogance. All of these have led to the Father’s Day of Judgment, because He still interferes with human judgment, whether we like it or not.

My message is uncompromising. I would like to tell you that religion and denomination do not count anymore in the sight of the Father Almighty. All will boil down unto us becoming sons and daughters again and recognizing Who created us. If we do not come to that spiritual realization of what we have today, the Father will send us that warning once again – that His Words are true and faithful. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but His Words will never pass away. (Matthew 24:35).

That is why He said, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul,” (Mark 8:36). What does it profit you if you gain the whole world and after you die, discover that you’re in hell?

It’s really telling us, even the United Nations is trying to mitigate the events of climate change by encouraging people everywhere to take care of the environment, to plant trees, so forth and so on, knowing that these industrialized countries that have really exploited the natural resources of our planet are really the ones causing all of this. Why? It is because of the greed of man.

It is because, in our modern times, we are not contented about anything in the modern way of living. Like having automobiles, like having the modern amenities of life which will bring us to the exploitation of all that we have been blessed of, from the Creator of our planet and this is going to cause devastation. Because of people’s materialism in the last days, this will really invite sin. This will really invite the judgment of the Father and will cause people to become materialistic to sin and commit crimes.

The greed for power, the greed for money everywhere is the only concentration of people trying to get advantage in life by obtaining all of these without considering the spiritual well-being of their soul because their souls have already been sold to the management and governance of the serpent seed of the devil. Then, here I come, sent by the Father revealed as the Appointed Son. My mission is to destroy the works of the devil. I will go into the core of that mission. It is surrendering the serpent seed or the human will. Then submit yourselves to the Will of the Almighty Father.

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