The Word of God says in Luke 10:27,“Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind and love your neighbour as yourself.”

We maintain our independence in thinking. If there is anything that I don’t want to have is somebody who is controlling my thinking. No one is controlling your thoughts and decisions as a human being. We have our own freedom of choice.

All we have to be shown is what is evil and what is good. What is God’s Will and what is not God’s Will. Then, it’s up for us to decide and use that independence in choosing freely what the Will of the Father is and what is not the Will of the Father. If you have chosen not to do the Will of the Father, I would even respect your choice. Although I would be parting ways with you but I will still respect your choice because that is the choice given to us.

Love, Not Fear
There is no coercion here in the Kingdom. No one is being subjugated to fear. No one is serving the Father out of fear. Of course, we have the ‘fear of the Lord’ because we love Him. We don’t have the fear of the Lord because we fear Him. We have the fear of the Lord because we love Him. You don’t fear me because you fear me. You fear me because you love me, so the way you treat me is the way you treat the Almighty Father. I love the Father. He did not force me into the ministry. He did not subjugate me into fear to love Him. I serve Him, I love Him, I defend Him, and I give myself up for Him because I love Him. Why do I fear Him? I fear to do the things that displease Him. Do I fear because of fear? No, I don’t fear because of fear. I fear because of love.

When fear is not based on love, that fear is demonic. It’s devilish. You have to rebuke it. When fear is based upon fear of losing your life that’s why you have to obey, that is a demonic fear.

The love of the Father is a kind love. The fear of the Father is based on our love of Him. We love Him because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19) It is always love that is the basis of our service to the Father. It is always love that is the basis of our relationship with Him because God is Love. He didn’t say, “God is fear.”

When you are dealing with Satan Lucifer the devil, he will terrorize you into submission by putting demonic fear
in your heart. When I feel that, I will fight against it, I will resist it. What does the bible say? “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) Don’t be afraid of the devil terrorizing you. Anyway, he’s already vanquished. I am just saying this for all of those who are still ignorant of his tactics and devices. All of you out there who wanted to become appointed sons and daughters of the Father Almighty, I would like to announce to all of you, Satan Lucifer the devil is vanquished forever. He has no more authority.

He has no more power. He has no more dominion. He has no more victory over us. It is the reign of the Father through the Appointed Son. And that reign is always based on the Supreme Law that always dictates upon us or that always pervades upon us and it is the ‘Law of Love.’ Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your spirit. And Love your neighbor as yourself. (Luke 10:27) He didn’t say, “Fear God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your spirit.” He didn’t say that first of all. He said, “Love God… and love your neighbor as yourself.” He didn’t say, “Fear your neighbor.” If my neighbor is instilling fear upon me so that I would respect him and I would love him, I will tell him, “You go to hell yourself with that fear you are instilling in me.” You try to poke a gun on my head and you say, “You love me or else. You follow me or else. You respect me or else…” If you do that to me, I would tell you, “You go to hell with your gun. I won’t respect you. I won’t love you when that is the basis of your relationship with me.”

People of God, our Almighty Father said that to us, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32) We have to be free of fear. That is why I do not respect terrorists because they use fear and terror so you will submit yourself to them. That is the tactic of the devil against your souls, against your spirits.

The Ministry of the Son
I have been in this ministry for more than 30 years and even before I was appointed as a Son, the devil was already dealing with me and I was already dealing with him. Do you know what I used to hear whenever the devil talks to me? I was in one of my concert crusades way back in the 1980s, I think in 1981. Before I was going to be proclaimed to the world as the Appointed Son, I had already finished my five year training in the US, or the University of the Spirit. I had already finished my one-year study in the UK, or the University of Kitbog. I was sent into the world and the world to me before was only a few towns here in Mindanao. That was all that I can afford, that was my world.

I was in one of these crusades. I had a little group. I was already sent by the Almighty Father in this little ministry that we had in Malalag Cogon (South Cotabato). After I preached so hard with so few mountain folks, I slept that night. I did not hear the voice of God. I heard the voice of the devil. What’s the voice of the devil telling me? He said, “I will kill you.” I heard the voice of the Father in Korea in the 1970s and He told me, “I will use you.” Then after that, the Father kept on telling me, “I love you.”

When the devil talks to me, he always terrorizes me and he always instills demonic fear in my heart. He said, “I will kill you.” And those were not empty threats either, because he was really out there to kill me. And you are no match to Satan Lucifer the devil if you have not been authorized by the Almighty Father to do a work for Him. I thank God He authorized me because if He didn’t authorize me, I would not be here today, speaking before you. The devil would have killed me a long time ago.

But when the Father sent me, He said, “I’ll send angels before you. I’ll send angels after you,” and I’ve seen those angels. In the vision the Father has shown me, I’ve seen them several times. The Father said, “The angels I’ll send before you will prepare your way. Your friends will be his friends and your enemies will be his enemies. My name is upon one of them and he will prepare the way for you. He will execute judgments when it is necessary.” So ‘he’ is the one helping me promote and propagate this work. If not for that, I would not be here today because the devil, once upon a time, was Lucifer. He’s an angel also and has the power to terrorize and to kill. Satan Lucifer the devil told me that night in Malalag Cogon, “I will kill you,” and after that, I left that place.

The enemy came to terrorize
We had another crusade in Aklan (in the Visayas islands) where we had a three-night conference, because I used to have three-night crusades before. It’s not a crusade that you know of right now, where there are hundreds of thousands of people. Only 30 to 50 people would attend my crusades before. We just put a small table in front of the house and gather the neighbors, then I would preach to them.

One night, when I was in this place in Aklan, I was really into the Word. Then after that, the gracious host gave me some food, snacks and let me eat dinner. And then somebody out there sent a message to me and told me that I better leave by the next day because if I won’t leave, some people would kill me. I said, “That sounds like the devil to me who talked to me in Malalag Cogon just a week ago.”

I thought it was an empty threat so I proceeded on the second night. After preaching the second night, we had our usual fellowship. Then all of a sudden, all of the members just picked me up, threw me into the house because there were three or four men that were bringing jungle bolos with them and were looking for me. The people who were with me had to throw me and one of the officials in our denomination inside the house. They shut the door and all that I heard were people running around the house chasing one another.

The men who were with me were fighting with the four men who were bringing the machetes to kill me. They were running like horses around the house. I found out later that the four men were trying to find the door to come in because they knew I was inside. And the men that were protecting me, that were also from that local place were chasing the four men.

Filipinos have this sampayan (clothesline) made of tie wire. I heard those snap because the men chasing would
hit the clothesline and you would hear the clothesline snap literally. They were chasing each other like horses running around the house. I found out later that the four men trying to kill me would like to find the door to come in and kill me. We were inside with this official in the denomination I was in before. We were praying. He was praying. I was hearing him pray. He prayed all the prayers he knew. He spoke in tongues, he cried and then he prayed again. I was wondering. I said, “If this is the end of me, so be it. I have my boots on, I am working for the Almighty Father.” But I asked the Father to take the terrorizing fear out of my heart. I told Him, “Father, don’t let me be terrorized by these people.”

The boldness of the Son
The Father gave the boldness within me. After the chasing around the house, the men who were protecting me came inside and told me, “We had chased them away and they just disappeared into the night.” But they advised me and said, We have to ship you out of here very early tomorrow because they might come in force and would do the threat they would be doing.” I told them, “I would like to stay. I would like to finish!” It was because I already had the boldness to even die before those men if they really wanted that and that was really the Will of the Father.

I will fear no evil
I was not afraid to face such threat because I knew that the Father in heaven is more powerful than all of my enemies. So if you’d run away, then you might be thinking that the Father is not powerful after all because I’m running away. I did not run away. I continued preaching. Of course, there were lookouts to protect me, but I continued and there was no fear in my heart. That is what I thank the Father for. From that time on until now, I knew that the Father Almighty is in control of everything. “He that is within us is more powerful than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4) I left that place after three days. Nothing happened. Their threat was not carried out so I knew that the Father is in control of everything even though I was in the midst of danger. Didn’t He say that in Psalm 23, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me…” After that, I left and went back to Mindanao for another crusade in Colongolo, Surralah, South Cotabato. This village was noted for witchcraft that when the witches would like your stomach to bloat and put nails or crabs inside your stomach, they can do that. They can let worms come out of your eyes or your ears and kill you in that fashion, That place was famous for that. Then I learned later as I went to my next schedule that those four men who attempted on my life died violently. I didn’t know how they died or who killed them but I heard they died violently. That was their reward for threatening me. The angels of the Father are at work even before you’ve known this ministry and even before the time that I was proclaimed as the Appointed Son of God.

Colongolo, which was a village in Surralah, South Cotabato (in Mindanao) is now a municipality. People there were gripped with fear because of witchcraft. Those who were involved in witchcraft were held with fear in the village because whatever they say would happen. When they say they’d kill you, they will really kill you, not with bullets, not with machetes, not with knives, but with witchcraft. I preached to them for three nights again. I was reminded, “Pastor, be careful of what you say here because the witches are around watching over you. And if you say something that would offend them, they would start the procedure of putting you in the hex of their witchcraft.” I said, “Oh yeah?” I know that that’s the power of evil, that’s the power of Satan Lucifer the devil deposited into these people. And this is the very time right now that I would test the power of God against the power of His enemy.

You know what I preached the first night? I preached about witchcraft. I said, “If you people here are engaged in
witchcraft or in barang, I am here to preach unto you and let you surrender to the power of the Father Almighty.” If there was anything more that would offend them, it was that message. And for one hour and thirty minutes or two hours, I preached about barang or witchcraft by telling them, “If you don’t repent, you will die and you will roast in hell.” They got offended big-time, and that was what I would like to do, to provoke them and to see if the power that is in them is greater than the power that is in me. This is a spiritual battle against the power of the enemy to terrorize us into submission and put fear in our hearts to let us submit to that diabolic and devilish fear which I abhorred in my life.

The next night, we were in the same venue. It was a small basketball court. There was a little stage. I was there for the first night, preaching. On the second night, I was reminded again, “Pastor, all the witchcraft people have been gravely offended by what you said. They will not let you escape. They will proceed with their power to put a hex on you so that the witchcraft would continue.

And this was what they were going to do: they said they will put a black line in the middle of the basketball court. As soon as you step on the black line, the witchcraft will take effect. And I asked them, “Then what will happen?” Somebody answered, “Well, most of the time here, when they put the hex on you, your stomach gets bloated in the morning and sometimes you just last up to 5-8 hours and then, you die with crabs going out of your stomach, worms and bees getting out of your ears and mouth.” I said, “Oh yeah?” They said, “Yes!” They have witnessed that, that’s why all of these people were very afraid. I said, “Okay. This is now the time to test the power of the Almighty who sent me here.”

Stepping on the black line
We didn’t have remote-controlled microphones before so we had these cord-microphones. My mic was only up to the stage, so I told them, “Find a cord that will lengthen my cord, so that I could step on the black line. I will not be preaching on the stage. I’ll be preaching in the middle of the court stepping on the black line.” Lengthen my cord. I will step on the black line!

There is a saying that says ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself,’ isn’t it? The devil would like to put fear in your heart to terrorize you. That is always the tactic of the enemy. That is always the tactic of Satan Lucifer the devil. I abhorred in my life the feeling of being put into fear because you’ve been terrorized to submit to someone, even to the devil, because of that kind of a fear, that means God is not present, that means he’s more powerful than God. I abhorred that in my life. If there is still a God in me, I would like to challenge that kind of a spirit.

I said, “Lengthen my cord. I would like to preach in the middle of the basketball court stepping only on that black line!” I really defied them. I was walking on the black line. My preaching was the same, only it was worse the second night. I told them, “You witchcraft people who put this line.

What happened to the young people was intended for me. It did not affect me because the power of the Almighty was upon me. I said, “That is the last straw the devil is going to use upon you because that is the sign that he is now defeated.” And he was defeated.

In the morning, we had breakfast. The barang people were waiting if someone had already gone sick or having stomachache or something like that.

The barang people asked my companions, “How is the Pastor? Is he having a fever or stomachache?” But the people told them, “No. The Pastor is eating breakfast right there, very happy fellowshipping with us.” Nothing happened that day because that was the day they expected the barang to take effect. They had done it before so they were expecting to do it to me in the same vein that they had done it to the other people, but nothing happened on the second day. On the third day, I preached again. I challenged them once again by telling them, “See, your deadline for your barang has expired. Nothing has happened to me. You have to repent now! You have to surrender now because the power that is within me is greater than the power that is within you!”

After I preached that night, we came back to the same house, to the same church. We’d retired and we had fellowshipped. While we were eating our late dinner on the third night, we all saw a throng of people bringing sulo (torch light) and petromax (gas lamp) with them. I thought, Where are those people going? I thought they would come and do something against us. So I had my men ready. I said, “Just get ready because there is a lot of people who are bringing torches and petromax with them and they are coming toward our direction.” So I sent some emissary to know what’s happening and why they were going to our place.

The emissary came with a big grin on his face. He said, “Pastor, most of these folks that are coming are the barang people. They will surrender to you.” The witchcraft practitioners came one by one. We welcomed them. They let us know about them and then they surrendered their witchcraft paraphernalia. They had this belt of witchcraft. They had this bottle of witchcraft with a mannequin inside. They had this doll of witchcraft in which they would take some part of the body like your hair, put it inside the doll and when the barang would take effect, they would just torture you, poke the eyes of the doll and you will have swollen eyes. They will poke it on your side and your side will be swollen. They explained all of their practices to me. That night, we burned all of their paraphernalia. We all went to the river and I baptized them one by one.

Then after a few months, I was going to Cebu for another concert crusade. Before I went there, I once again heard the devil threatening me. He was not giving up. He was losing one spiritual battle after another, but he did not give up. I heard his voice again. He told me, “I will still kill you.” That is always the devil’s line, “I will kill you.” I said, “You can’t kill me because it is the Father Almighty who made you. Lucifer, I know who you are. You are an angel before. You rebelled against the Father and now you became Satan, the adversary and you hate every one of the Father’s children who are trying to serve Him and obey His will, no matter what. But my Father is in control.” The devil terrorizes you with killing. I heard him so many times threatening to kill me. I have defied him many times and I’ve proven that the Father Almighty is the owner of my life. No one owns this life except the Father Almighty. No one can take credit of the life of the Appointed Son but the Father Almighty. If the Father will want me dead right now, I will drop dead here. But if the Father has a plan in my life, you can kill me and I’ll rise again! You can put barang in me and I’ll rise again. I can be in my lowest point of almost being dead but I’ll rise again because I am living in the Father’s Will.

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