If there is anything that the devil hates, it is the message of repentance. Because repentance means surrendering your serpent seed, that is the overthrowing of Lucifer from your heart and from your life. He does not want that because he wants to rule in the heart of the fallen Adamic race, just as he did to Adam and Eve, our first parents.

But when you say, “Repent,” the Church Age style, he will even laugh at you. He will even clap his hands at you because there is no meaning when they say ‘repent’ in the Church Age. For them, repentance means you come to the altar and receive Him as your personal Savior. That’s it. But he (Satan) knows and I know the meaning of repentance. Surrender your will and commit to do the Will of the Father.

There were angels that were with him, who were innocent. They just went with him because they did not know any better. They were included in the punishment and everybody born of the flesh was also included. They are always waiting for anyone born in the flesh, so they could go in them.

Some of you are innocent. You do not know any better. So, you are given a chance to repent. Lucifer does not like that. He does not want you to know the meaning of repentance.

Repentance means surrender your will, “Not my will, but Father, Your Will be done from now on.” He does not want that because you will be born in the spirit.

He Will Visit the Susceptible Ones
Remember that you are newly-born in the spirit. He will visit the susceptible ones. That is how the devil works. That is why the Bible says he is like a lion, a roaring lion that is always lurking on the side waiting to devour.

1 Peter 5: 8 says,

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

He is not walking as a spirit. He will also get into a body, just as the Almighty Father got into me. I am possessed by the Father’s Spirit. The devil can be powerful or anyone of his minions when they get into someone. He may get into a Filipino body. He may get into a Russian body. He may get into anybody when he begins to see discontent in your heart like what he did in Heaven. That is why he was able to deceive them.

That’s how the devil works. He is going to look for those who are vulnerable, the born again, obedient to His Will but do not have the knowledge yet. They do not have matured knowledge of the Will of the Father. In the family, the most vulnerable are the young ones.

He’s like a lion when he attacks. They lurk on the side while a herd of deer would come or a herd of zebras would come unsuspectingly. They have the tactic of beleaguering their victims. Some of them would drive away the big ones, because they cannot attack the big ones just like that. When they drive away the big ones, the little ones get left out. A hoard of them would go after the little ones. That is how they get their prey. The devil is like that. He would go to the most vulnerable, the ones that are lacking in knowledge and he will destroy their minds.

He will go to the most vulnerable because he lost the war in Heaven. He is waging war because he knew the Kingdom of God will come down on earth, this is where His Will will be done. I met him for six years to be exact in those two mountains. Every day, he visited me because he knew that the Father has a plan to make an Appointed Son out of me. At that time when I was in infancy, I did not even know that.

When you are born again in the spirit of your obedience to His Will in your infancy, don’t think everything is a “bed of roses.” Don’t think everything is solved already. No! The battle has just started. He will let you get into all the knowledge and understanding about the Will of the Father to make you more mature so you will no longer be vulnerable to Satan. But the devil will keep that knowledge by aborting the plan of God in your life like he aborted it in the life of Adam and Eve. In their vulnerability, he went in to cut off and abort the plan of God while they were very young. For you to gain all the knowledge of the Father and become mature and go into the second and third level of growth, you have to be very patient. Sometimes, it will take years.

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