Real Success According to the Eyes of God

Real Success According to the Eyes of God

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Hour of Truth · August 8, 1991



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Real Success According to the Eyes of God

To different people, success has varied meanings. To one person, it may mean a good education. To others, it may mean having a nice house or having plenty of money, having a good family, a house or a car, and perhaps a good business.

But what is success when we talk about God? When we see and view it in God’s eyes, what is success? Before we could give the definition for that, let us look at the definition of the word success in our own dictionary first.

The dictionary defines success as the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. 

We always equate success with something that is temporal, financial, and material. 

For in this life, success always haunts our minds.

But real success is not only temporary, nor is it financial or material.

Real success according to the eyes of God is not success in the true sense of the word if it does not involve your soul.

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