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Spiritual Re-Engineering (Part 1)

landscape sea sunlight with clouds reflecting water portugal

Spiritual Re-Engineering (Part 1)

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Sounds of Worship · August 7, 2022

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Spiritual Re-Engineering (Part 1)

When I signed the covenant, I repented and I said, “From now on Father, not my will but Your Will be done.”

I had to do exactly what was written in the agreement in the covenant that the Lord Jesus Christ left to us. It is the legacy of the beloved, Begotten Son of God, the Word made flesh, who was crucified on the cross of Calvary for nothing else but the sin of humanity.

It was not His own sin, for He did not commit any sin. He was guileless, but He was persecuted, arrested, tortured, and put on Pilate’s haul and He was there tortured by the Roman torturers because of the sin of humanity.

Jesus Christ became the scapegoat, the sheep that was slaughtered without blemish, spotless. He was there, bearing the sin of humanity, while He was crucified between two thieves.

In the Middle East, two thousand years ago, Rome before was the most powerful nation on earth. If Rome persecuted you and impaled you across with nine-foot spikes on your feet and your hands, you were considered to be the most notorious criminal in the world.

Do you know how they will torture you? The cross is slanted slightly forward so that the weight of your body is only borne by the nails in your hands and in your feet. In that manner, medical science says, man will not die because of the loss of blood. He will die because of the irregular beating of his heart.

That is why Jesus Christ died of a broken heart. He did not commit any sin, but all the sins, the sin of humanity, was put upon him. And what was the result of being there? Isaiah says, “He saw his seed.”

He Saw His Seed

Physically, when you are married and your son or daughter is your seed, your physical seed.  In that seed are your parents’ identities.

Half of a chromosome is from your mother and half is from your father. That’s why your eyes and hair are the same color as theirs and you have the same manner as your parents.  It’s all registered there, in the memory of that small DNA that came from your father as a sperm and it was deposited in your mother and then it formed a physical life.

When Jesus Christ died, He planted a seed. This is the covenant because the seed of God is not physical, but spiritual.  He said, “The Words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.” (John 6:63)

He left us His covenant—the seed of God that was now planted in humanity. That seed would be one from amongst us, the fallen Adamic race. Who was that seed? Two thousand years ago while He was there hanging on the cross, He already saw me. He already saw you. He already saw all of us that will be brought into the Kingdom, because by the obedience of one, many will become righteous. And in the same vein, by the disobedience of one, many became sinners.

The Calling of the Son — The Seed of the Father

I did not know the Will of the Father, or what was written in the covenant, though I was an evangelist for four years in one denomination. I traveled and covered the Philippines seven times in those four years.

I was preaching His word without knowing that one day that calling in my life will be activated. The Father took me out of that denomination and He made that life, His words, activate in me.

From that time on, for five years, heaven was open.

I said, “Father, You don’t have to explain the things that come from you which I don’t understand.  All I have to know is that You are the one who called me. You are the one who started this life and this fire in me. All I have to know is that I am in Your Will.

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, Father, because my mind is finite, my mind is limited, my mind is just like a flashbulb of learning and nothing more.

“So if you do not implant this in me and let me understand through the power of Your Holy Spirit, I would never be able to understand and fathom the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven that were sealed before but were unsealed when I followed You.

“You don’t have to explain Yourself to me because I will just obey,” I told the Father.

We don’t have to understand the dealing of God in our life. All we have to do is know that He is the one calling us and we will know that He is the one calling and choosing us. That is all that matters in this life. Follow Him and understanding will follow us, wisdom will follow us, and knowledge will follow us. If I had questioned the Will of God in my life with my finite mind,  it might have taken me 100 years on that mountain, and I will not be able to understand even one speck of the mysteries of God.

The Mistake of Denomination and Religion

I did not commit the same mistake that religion and denomination had committed. They tried to understand God with their own finite learning. They tried to interpret His Words according to their finite limited minds. They did not have faith.

The Word of God says in Hebrews 11:6, “But without faith, it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

The Word of God is power, the Word of God is life, and the Word of God is the seed of God.

We read of this in Hebrews 4:12, which says, “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

He knows what you’re thinking. He knows what you are about to do. He knows what you will do tomorrow. He knows your disposition in life.

Because without Him guiding us, man is doomed to failure. Man is doomed to destruction. We will all go down the rabbit hole of destruction without Him.

World leaders today are in a quandary. They are asking the question, “How can we solve all of these problems?”

The United Nations are supposed to be united. But when they get together, there is no unity. There’s bickering, and division. There is that unsolvable characteristic of a human being.

The Serpent Seed is the Cause

The only thing that we have to know is that deposited in us is the serpent seed that causes these all.

Adam and Eve received the first Word of God in the garden. This was the first spiritual life that would come to them in infancy.

God said, Of all the trees that are found in the Garden, you may freely eat. But of the fruit that is found in the midst of the Garden, do not eat of it, because on the day they will eat thereof, you will surely die.”

To surely die means that you will be separated from the Will of the Father because you are doing your own Will. You will only destroy yourself without God in your life, without the Will of God in your life, without the Word of God in your life. This is spirit and life coming from the Creator to the creature.

Eve listened to the voice of the serpent. He told them, “Did God say you will die? You will not surely die.”

There was a half-truth in what the devil said. He did not tell Adam and Eve that God is a spirit. If God is a spirit, then for God, death is spiritual. Not physical, but spiritual!

But the devil converted that into a half-truth because Adam was physical. He was not yet conscious of his spiritual identity. It’s because the command given to him was just the first command. It was the first Word of God that came to him.

And so he was in his infancy and did not know anything. He was in that state of innocence, where if you’re deceived, destruction will come to you like an infant knowing nothing. That is what happened to them.

So when Eve looked at the fruit, it was good to eat. And it would satisfy her and make her wise. The devil her that if they eat, they will become gods like him.

That meant that she do not have to follow Him because she was now a god to herself. She can now interpret good and evil according to her, not according to God.

She didn’t have to listen to Him anymore. She didn’t have to receive any word from Him anymore. She can now interpret her life and what is good and what is evil according to her, not according to Him.

That is when the voice of God stops and man is thrown from the Garden of Eden.

So man died spiritually, meaning he was separated from God and did not hear the voice of God anymore.

If your loved ones die physically, you won’t hear from them anymore. So, when man did not hear from God anymore, man was separated from God. He died. He never heard from God anymore. All he heard was the voice from within him which is the voice of the serpent seed.

The Disobedience that Made Man Suffer

What happened was just not a simple disobedience, but a colossal disobedience that made us suffer. All of us in humanity inherited that serpent seed within us.

That is the reason why when you’re born and you come to the knowledge of who you are, you are already a god to yourself, knowing good and evil.

There are times that you don’t even believe your parents anymore. You tell them, “I know what I’m doing. This is my body. I know what to do with my body.”

Where’s the Word of God? It is now absent in the consciousness of man. You cannot find the Word of God there anymore.

So life went on and man became a god to himself. When he wanted to make war, he will do it. Is it the Father’s will? No, it was not. It was the will of the enemy, the devil.

Lucifer’s Defeat and How He was thrown to Earth

War did not start on earth. It started in Heaven. In Revelation Chapter 12, there was war in heaven. The devil and his angels went after the throne of God and wanted to make a coup d’etat and overthrow God and be gods to themselves.

But Lucifer did not succeed. He was defeated because Michael the Archangel, one of the most loyal archangels around the throne of God, faced him.  Lucifer was defeated and thrown into the earth.

So they are here but you don’t see them. They’re demonic spirits that own you and watch you the moment you’re born physically. And this is what they are saying, “This is mine. When he grows up, we will go into him and we will teach him how all evil and wickedness will be inputted into him because there is already the spiritual DNA of the serpent seed of disobedience in him.  All we have to do is guide him.”

That’s why we have laws of the land. These pull you back from doing evil. But that is all that the laws of the land can do to stop you. But if you are left alone, you will do evil only.

And when will men go back to God is the problem of humanity.

The Remedy to Live Again

But God did not leave us alone, He still loves us. He had compassion for us. We are His own masterpiece.

He had created everything: the earth and everything that is in it. On the sixth day, he created Adam and Eve so they could own everything that was needed for us to survive on this planet earth.

He had given us everything. Look at the miracle of life in the plant kingdom, in the animal kingdom, in the insect kingdom. Who can create living flowers like this? With different colors, with different shapes.  Who can create different scents that are so beautiful, that are so miraculous? Who can create life?

The cell is not visible to the human eye but if you look at it in the microscope, you will see that in that little cell is your DNA.

But what about the spiritual life? This comes from the word of God.  The Word of God tells us in John 6:63, “The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.”

There is a story about Lazarus, the friend of Jesus Christ, and his family, Mary, and Martha.

This story was printed in the Word of God to give us an example that we may be vertically walking, but if we are not connected to Him, we are like Adam and Eve, dead in the sight of God.

One of the disciples came to Jesus Christ and said, “Master, we can’t be with you today because we will have to bury our father.”

Jesus Christ answered, “Let the dead bury their dead.” 

Luke 9:59 tells us, “And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.”

It’s like a paradox. It’s like a parable that cannot be understood, but I will let you understand it.

To us physical human beings, the dead are those who are horizontally dead and not physically breathing and we bury them in the ground.

But with God, even if you are physically walking, you are dead in His sight, because you are without a spiritual life living in you.

And in order for us to restore that broken fellowship with the Creator, He gave us His mind. He gave us what He thinks. He gave us the remedy to live again.

The life of Lazarus is printed in the Word of God as an example of what God would like to convey to us – that you may be the wealthiest, the most popular, the most famous person in the world, but in the sight of God, you are already appointed to die because you are not spiritually alive, hearing the Word of God.

What is 70 years with God? A thousand years with us is one day to God. So If you have been alive for 70 years, you were already spiritually dead as soon as you came out of the womb of your mom.  That’s because 70 years in God’s time is just two minutes to us since 1,000 years to us is one day to Him.

If you borrow His eyes, all of humanity are the walking dead. Therefore, if you are dead, that body of yours is your tomb, your pantheon. You are a walking tomb right now, with dead bones inside of you. You are dead in the sight of God.

When Lazarus died, Mary and Martha cried, “Lord, if you had been present, our brother wouldn’t have died. You’re too late. Four days late, Lord. He is now in the tomb. Rigor mortis has already taken over his body. He is rotting in the flesh.”

The Lord said, “Let’s go. Roll out the stone that covers the tomb.” That is how the tombs were like before, caves where they put the dead body, and they cover it with a stone.

So when they rolled away the stone, Jesus Christ shouted, “Lazarus! Come out!”  And soon, that dead body that heard the voice of God came to life.

The voice of God is the Word of God. It has a spiritual DNA that will make you live.

You know why He shouted “Lazarus, come out! ” instead of just “Come out”? Because there were so many dead bodies there. If said, “Come out,” all of them would have risen up. So specifically, it was just Lazarus whom He called.

Those who just listen to me are all dead without the connection to the spiritual things of the Father Almighty, without the word of God present in you. You are in your grave of sin.

You may say, “I am religious” or “I listen to the words of God.” But listening to the Words of God and going to church every Sunday obedience is a farce. The word of God cannot come into you.

You’re like a bottle that is covered. When you are like a bottle which is covered, even if you go to Niagara Falls and put yourself under millions of gallons of gushing water, you will not get one drop.

You are covered when you have not repented. When you have not opened up yourself and said “From now on Father, not my will but Your Will be done in my life,” you have covered yourself.

You can listen to a ton of preaching, and you can attend a ton of bible studies, but nothing will happen. Not a drop of that word, not a drop of that spiritual life would come into you.

How to open yourself? Follow me. Repent. Go to Him. Satan Lucifer the devil closed you down so that you cannot even receive one drop of the Word of God. You may be so religious, but nothing can come into you because you are closed. You have not repented. Open yourself up by saying “Father, I’ve listened to the voice of Your Appointed Son. I am in the grave of my sin.”

The Word of God in John 5:28 tells us, “Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,

That’s why I have been preaching the Word of God non-stop for all of these years.

He said, “And shall come forth; they that have done good.”  Who are those that have done good and have listened to my voice?

Those who have believed me, followed me, and repented. They came and received the Word. They have done good unto the resurrection of life.

What’s that life? Eternal life. Spiritual life.

And they that have done evil unto the resurrection of damnation, but they did not obey me? They bashed me and persecuted me, they made my name as evil as can be. They will be resurrected to damnation.

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