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Spiritual Re-Engineering (Part 2)

sunrise lake batur

Spiritual Re-Engineering (Part 2)

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Sounds of Worship · August 7, 2022

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Spiritual Re-Engineering (Part 2)

Spiritual Re-Engineering (Part 1) →

Words that Create Life and Death

Our Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew 12:36, “I say unto you, Every idle word that you utter in this life, you will give an account thereof in the day of judgment.”

They may be just words but they create life or create death.

When all will face judgment, there is only one thing that the Father will ask, according to the angel in the revelation I received, “Do you really love the Son?” He will ask.

I’m telling you the truth. It is very important for us to know that we are reconnected to Him. That we are on our way to eternal life. 

How can you know that you are on the way? Because as soon as you have repented and then say, “I will do His will,” He will put you into the processes of spiritual growth and maturity. Then you will go through the baptism of water then baptism of fire by persecutions, by positive fire of discipline or correction or chastisement and then you receive all of that with humility.

And when you receive that with humility, you will go through and overcome it. When you overcome, and receive the adoption at the 3rd level of spiritual growth, which is Huiothesia, the Father will now look at you and say, “This is My son, this is My daughter in whom I am well pleased.”

Only sons and daughters will inherit eternal life. And then, scripture after scripture will be read before you. 

Matthew 7:21 says, “Not all one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but they that do the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

Because you will be taught obedience and the discipline that you will go through is the love of God in you. And that life will be nurtured within you until you grow and mature in that life until you can stand by yourself. 

Son Accountable means you now know the Will of the Almighty Father deposited in you as it was deposited in the life, first, of the Appointed Son. 

That life now being replicated and being taught in you and the Father has made me His voice to you. 

You don’t have to dream. You don’t have to have a vision. You don’t have to sleep for five years and receive all of these revelations piece by piece. All you have to do is just listen to the living revelation, which is the Manna of Revelation coming from the Appointed Son. Because the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself but the Father that lives in me.

That’s why Jesus Christ said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life no one comes through the Father except they go through me.”

When He says life, it means life eternal, life spiritual. You have a connection to Him. 

The Son is a Spiritual Person

You see me, I am as normal as any normal individual living in this world today but make no mistake, if you look at me inside, I am a spiritual person. 

Those who’ve been with me for a long time don’t see my physicality anymore. They see the formation of the life of the Words of God. That is the life that is being replicated not only in those who are present in the New Jerusalem but all over the world. 

Sons and daughters are coming out from their graves of sin and they are now following that voice, that life – the life is now within them.

The DNA of our Spiritual Mother within us, “not my will but Your Will be done,” is the spirit of the New Jerusalem. That is the spirit of our most beautiful spiritual mother whose only devotion is to follow the Will of the husband – to follow the Will of our Father.

We are His creation. We were nurtured by our mother who said, “Don’t say anything against your Father. Just believe Him. Just follow Him. Do not question His ways. He has to be followed and obeyed with love.” And we did that.

Our Father’s DNA, which is, “My Will be done on earth as it is done in heaven,” means you will receive all these blessings so that you will come back from that fallen fellowship and communication with God.

That spiritual DNA of our Mother and Father is now within us and we become the seed of the Father. 

When you have repented you’ve surrendered your being a god when you say, “not my will”, because that will that you follow is what makes a god out of you. 

When you surrender being god, you surrender the disobedience of Satan Lucifer the devil, which he implanted in you. This is the seed of the serpent.

The seed of the serpent is the spirit of disobedience against the Will of God. When you surrender that, you are no longer the god to yourself. He is once more becomes the God because whatever He says, you follow.

When you follow what He says, then you are on your way to blessings, to the restoration of the broken fellowship between you and God.

You are now only focused on His Will and I am your model for that. I am only focused on the Father’s Will, and not focused on anyone.

If I was a woman, I would not be focused on any other man. I’ll be focused only on my Father’s Will. “What is Your Will for me, Father?” I will ask him. Because that is what I will follow. No matter what.

Without that power and spirit that is implanted within us through repentance, it is very hard for you to become children of God. 

But John 1:12 says,  “For them that receive him to them, gave He power to become Sons of God, even to them that believe in His Name.” 

Do you know what that power is? Power means you can go against anything that goes against you. Without that power, you cannot overcome Satan Lucifer, the devil. Without the power that comes from God, Satan Lucifer the devil can kill you, by terroristic means or by terrorizing you with fear. He can send His demons to your house and shake it. He will open your closets, open your books while you are asleep and you will be so afraid that you cannot eat and you will go crazy. 

Without that power, I cannot preach these words today, because it is against the current of what the devil wanted. He is the Power of the Air. He holds the whole world in His hands. And then when I said, “I am now the New Owner of the world”. That is when the Devil rose up from where He was hiding, and He said, “No, I am. Now, I am against you”.

I met Him in Tamayong for five years, I defeated Him there. Once again, He wanted to show His power against me. This is Spiritual Warfare and I cannot win if I am only the one that is fighting it physically. But I have some backup with me, I have God with me. He that is in me is greater than He that is in the world.

“No weapon”, He said, “Formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD.

That’s why those who are going against me, it’s not me who you’re destroying, it’s yourself. 

I cannot brag about the power that is behind me. I can’t brag about the power that can pull nations down. I want all humanity to rise up, be clean and follow the Will of the Father so that there will be peace in the world. 

Genuine Peace can only be had through Repentance

Peace can only be had when everyone will repent and surrender their serpent seed and love one another. Let us surrender all of those weapons of mass destruction and come to terms with one another.

But we cannot come to terms with one another together unless we are reconnected to the One who created us. 

Where is Hitler now? Where is Carl Marx now? Where is Linen now? Where is Mao Tse Tong now? Where is Alexander the Great? Where are all of those great empires of the past?

They are now relegated to the dustbin of history. 

We are so fortunate that in our generation He sent an Appointed Son from the Fallen Adamic Race who will preach the Word of God without fear or favor.

This world is so evil but we prospered and propagated. There is the night that wants to stifle us. There is this blackness, darkness, the evil of this world that wants to push us back. 

But light is more powerful than darkness. Love is more powerful than hate. Good is more powerful than evil. That is what we preach in this world today. 

We started our humanitarian work 20-25 years ago, as soon as the ministry had prospered a little bit. Though we were hungry, we did not see hunger around us. Even though we needed the food, we sacrificed to give it to the poor. 

Many people thought that I fed the poor because I planned to run for a political position. But for almost four decades, we never thought of that. Our only thought is to help humanity. We kept on spreading the word of God.

As the first child with the chromosomes of your spiritual Father and Mother, you will go into that darkened place and you will obey the will of the Father. From one person to another, soon you will be converting the whole of humanity and infecting them with light.              

Instead of infecting them with Covid-19, you will be infecting them with spiritual light, the Word of God, the Manna of Revelations from the Appointed Son.

The Dead Bones Come to Life

I’m like the prophet Ezekiel, facing a mountain of dead bones. He preached to them, saying, “Bones live!”

Do you know what happened? It was like a tornado, only it was not a tornado. It was a gushing wind, bringing flesh and skin and eyeballs and it all went to those skeletons and covered them with flesh, with skin, with hair. 

There was a scrambling noise. The bones bumped into each other, and stood up, looking for the parts they were connected to. It must have taken 8 hours for them to find their parts. Until finally they were assembled in a skeletal manner, standing before Ezekiel. But they were still lifeless.

You have flesh, you have bones inside, you have a skeletal form, you have eyeballs, you have hair, you have everything but you are dead. Spiritually dead. 

So, Ezekiel preached to them. Have life, people of Israel, have life, he said. And all of a sudden, a wind came and blew upon them. The holy spirit of life came into them. Their eyeballs began to explore everything around them. Their eyeballs began to see colors. Now they have life because of the word that came into them. 

Before I preached to you, you were disassembled by life experiences. You were broken. And you thought the solution was to commit suicide but you stumbled upon the Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation. Somebody invited you. You came in like a disassembled dead body with dead bones.

As soon as you sat in the congregation, you were crying your heart out. Why? “My beloved wife, my beautiful wife just took off with another man. I don’t know how to live anymore.”

When I stood up and just said one word, those broken pieces began to mend. Halfway to my message, they are all now together. And when I finish my message, you will now be well and healthy.

So, if you feel like dead bones right now, scattered into pieces by the different circumstances and problems, and experiences in life, do not get discouraged. There is still hope for you. 

You can come and listen to the voice of Father Almighty and come to life again, not once, not twice, not thrice, but many times. Listen to the Manna of Revelations and you will come to life. 

You will be Spiritually Re-Engineered

Life is here.

The Father revealed to me that Davao City will be the water center of the world. Water Center of the world means it is the source of life. Because water is life. 

For those listening to me now, it does not matter even if I am not even present in their places. They don’t see the physical life that is in me, they see the spiritual life through the words of God that are now being propagated all over the world.

When you come back to the Will of the Father and do His Will, you will not be a tomb anymore, you will be a residence of God. 

John 14: 23 tells us, Jesus answered and said unto him, “If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.”

I am now the residence of the Father. I love Him, I kept His words and I keep His spiritual life. 

No matter what happens, keep that spiritual life within you. Do not exchange it for anything else. Don’t be lured by the lust of the flesh, of the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Don’t be lured by anything this world can offer. 

There is nothing that this world can offer that can satisfy the eager longing of your heart. It is only by the power of His words that can dwell in you, that you can really be satisfied.

Don’t exchange that crown of life that is in you. You already have received the fellowship of the Father through the Son, don’t exchange it with anything else. 

Do not exchange it for any amount of gold, any amount of money, any handsome man, any handsome woman who will be used by Satan Lucifer the Devil to lure you out of your inheritance of eternal life. Don’t do it, because when you grow old or you die, you will regret every part of your life that you have already received from Him. 

Life is so beautiful when you find solace in the sight of God. When you see the real picture of what the Word of God says.

Because if you lose that spiritual life, and find this physical life and you die from this life, it’s not worth it. When you lose the physical life of the world, and find this spiritual life, there’s too much to gain. 

You’ll gain eternal life, you’ll be reconciled, you will be reconstructed, and you will be spiritually re-engineered back to the Will of the Father. You will become a Son or a Daughter of the Father.

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  1. Flory A. Burgos avatar
    Flory A. Burgos

    Thank you Pastor for the unconditional love. Thank you for everything Pastor.

  2. Marieta Cacho avatar
    Marieta Cacho

    Thank you Pastor for the spiritual Manna of Revelations you shared with us. You are the light to all of humanity. We are grateful Pastor for your unconditional love.

  3. Colleen Rae avatar
    Colleen Rae

    Thank you so much Pastor for this enlightening message! We are grateful to the Father Almighty that He sent you to save the souls of humanity. Thank you for everything!

  4. Hazel Mendoza avatar
    Hazel Mendoza

    Thank you Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy for the enlightenment. Praise the Father Almighty!

  5. Amador Roberto avatar
    Amador Roberto

    A million thanks to you Pastor!

    Without you, I don’t know where I am today. My life is nothing without you. Your Manna of Revelations fixed my broken heart. Now I live again spiritually in the sight of the Almighty Father. I love you Pastor more than anything else. You are my model — my heart is fixed, my mind is made up. I will obey and follow the Father Almighty through you Pastor, no matter what happens!

  6. Mercy Amores avatar
    Mercy Amores

    Thank you Pastor for saving my soul and thank you for teaching me how to obey the Father’s will without condition and reservation. I love you!

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