Thailand Karen Students New Library2

Surprise Library for the Karen Scholars

Thailand Karen Students New Library

Surprise Library for the Karen Scholars

Thailand · April 25, 2023

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Surprise Library for the Karen Scholars

Since 2009, the Jesus Christ Society Foundation, founded by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, has been resolutely and tirelessly devoted to transforming the lives of the impoverished.

The organization and its members have relentlessly pursued their noble mission, addressing one of humanity’s most enduring and pressing challenges: famine, an affliction that has plagued generations.

The organization has orchestrated an array of impactful initiatives, extending a helping hand to those in need and in diverse ways – including feeding programs and gift-giving endeavors through numerous organizations and orphanages across the nation.

In 2018, the organization through its founder Pastor Apollo, built a home for one of the most impoverished families in the central part of Thailand. This act of benevolence took place in the Ratchaburi province, which borders Myanmar and is predominantly inhabited by the Karen natives. The construction of this home provided the family with a newfound sense of security and shelter.

The Karen community called it a “miracle house” since they never expected that a stranger will give them a home.

To celebrate this year’s ACQ International Children’s Day, the organization implemented food programs at Phetkasem Elementary School and Wat Muang School. Bicycles were also donated to the institutions.

The Karen ethnic group, dispersed across Southeast Asia, traces its roots to various origins, potentially including Tibet, Mongolia, or the Gobi Desert. Over time, the Karen people have settled in different regions, including the borderlands of Thailand, the southern Irrawaddy Delta region of Burma/Myanmar, and the hills along the Salween River in eastern Myanmar.

Unfortunately, the Karen community faces significant challenges in accessing essential services such as education, healthcare, and housing. In Northern Thailand, a region that has seen limited development, only 51% of Karen children are enrolled in primary school. Furthermore, a mere 1 in 4 Karen students successfully complete their secondary education. These statistics shed light on the pressing need to address the educational gaps and improve the overall well-being of the Karen people.

To address this need, Pastor Apollo brought his Gift of Education Program to Karen students in Thailand.

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