The King Dome

The MAKING of the


Long before the colossal 75,000-seater indoor cathedral dazzled us with its ethereal magnificence today, it was but a blueprint in the Son’s mind. The actual site from where it sprawls was a piece of land bereft of glory until the Almighty Father’s divine intervention turned it into a splendid centerpiece of His sanctuary, a crown jewel of His chosen spiritual city.

But before plans of building this vast megastructure dovetailed perfectly piece by piece, it had gone through innumerable challenges, which in hindsight turned out to be blessings in disguise. Year after after, the Father’s provisions have never been found wanting. He continues to inundate His Kingdom Nation with bountiful blessings that there’s no room enough to receive them. Indeed, when it rains, it pours – a heavy downpour of incredible windfall from above which sees the project through. So here is a précis of this biggest dome’s remarkable milestones, showing its increment of progress year by year; from nothing to something; from something to the glorious structure of monumental feat that it is now.


This project of epic proportions began in 2012 in its ground-breaking ceremony. After a series of fastidious planning and conceptualization, Pastor Apollo approved the architectural perspective of the project, but it went through the rigmarole of long, arduous processes. One major snag was the structure’s height limitation set by CAAP, considering the proposed project’s proximity to Davao City International Airport. This setback was not easy but as it has often been said, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

The Son did not retract in his faith to get it started despite the odds. It was him, first of all, who laid the foundations of faith and that’s what propelled this project to keep going.


Massive extraction of soil for the entire 18 hectare lot kicked off. This was the most cumbrous initial phase where workers got into excavation as deep as 40 feet below the ground for foundation works of the infrastructure. It wasn’t smooth-sailing as you thought it was. It was through blood, sweat and tears that things became possible. Workers would tirelessly dig out soil night and day and relocated humongous piles of it to the site of where SM Lanang is situated now.

This also marked the pile driving analysis testing to evaluate the bearing capacity and structural integrity of the piling system. Another remarkable feat during this year was the casting of concrete for isolated footings which is used to support individual columns or pillars.


Extraction of soil continued at the King Dome vicinity. Rebar works for isolated footings commenced which is important to increase its tensile strength, making it less resistant to shifting due to temperature, humidity and other factors. Apart from that, pile caps and strap beams were also worked upon which are fundamental in a building’s foundation. A highlight of this year was the construction of road network and water storage tanks, otherwise known as cisterns for consumptive purposes.

It was also during this period when the very first King Dome steel column was erected. But this year didn’t go by without any hurdle at all. Though the project has been moving forward consistently, the construction’s work-in-progress state was further derailed by inclement weather conditions such as typhoons and year-end monsoons which brought torrential rains. Heavy raining had taken its toll on the labor force. That resulted in workers draining out buckets of rainwater that had flooded the isolated footings underneath.


A significant year for the construction of mechanical, electrical and control systems associated with major tunnels, particularly the construction of Pastoral tunnel. Laying the foundations of the tunnel system was not an untaxing thing either. It entailed scrupulous maneuvering. It was like moving mountains, but a laser-eye focus on the goal coupled with civic unity from the full-time workers made it possible. This also marked the construction of the King Dome perimeter fence.


A noteworthy event that transpired in 2016 was the arrival of steel columns. Apart from that, engineers worked on the construction of the King Dome stage along with the 2nd floor concourse, concrete pouring process, bleachers slab installation and construction of the underpass building.


A laborious year wherein workers and hiring personnel alike took pains in the construction of the King Dome bridge along with the 3rd floor concourse and its concrete pouring process.

Furthermore, the King Dome plaza bleachers have been worked on as its paving process kicked off. At the last quarter of the year, the shoring preparation for the arrival of mega trusses had been carefully planned out.


Despite the infamous controversies that shook the Kingdom Nation early on the first quarter of the year 2018, it never deterred the Appointed Son from flourishing the monumental works of the project.

By piecemeal development, the mega trusses have been fit-up and erected, slowly but surely, followed by secondary trusses erections both on the left and right wing. The year ended with the cleats successfully installed on the left wing.


Installation of C section purlins on the left and center wing were done. These were built to shape an edifice’s structure walls and floor joists, making them also suitable for propping up the beams necessary for flooring. Indeed, the biggest Dome continued to progress as secondary trusses were also erected at the center.

To ensure extra strength and support, cleats were installed both at the center and the right wing. The remaining half of the year was spent on roof system and aluminum cladding wall frame installation.


The unprecedented year not just for the Kingdom Nation but to the world at large. People were down on their knees as every nation, rich or poor, has been ravaged by Covid19 pandemic unsuspectingly. Lockdowns were imposed. Businesses shut. Economy nosedived.

The effects of this global crisis are more than we had bargained for. But this was a testament of the Father’s faithfulness as He did not just double the blessings but tripled them. Naysayers thought that with so much restrictions being imposed upon, the pandemic would halt the ongoing construction of the King Dome. Little did they know it was made an opportune time for all sons and daughters to rise to the occasion and deliver outstanding results. Faith truly works in ways far beyond human comprehension.

As a result, the curtain glass wall frame installation pushed through. King Dome roof gutters were also done along with the installation of the roof’s final layers. The last quarter of the year was focused on installation of marble tiles at the King Dome plaza and the continuous work of the bleachers slab. The entire year posed such a formidable challenge. Nevertheless, it was a great avenue for us to exercise faith and trust in the Father Almighty who is the lone source of power through the Son.


The year that marks some of the most significant mileposts as we have been consistently making great strides toward the completion of the biggest indoor stadium. Regardless of the string of in-between barricades trying to impede progress, the King Dome plows ahead, leaping over one hurdle after another until we’re putting on its finishing touches to this day.

The first quarter of the year made way for the installation of the King Dome roof downspout which is an essential element of the gutter system. Also giving the exteriors a stately facade are the successful installation of glass curtain walls and aluminum cladding which emit flashes of many-hued lights at night.

As the exteriors are 100% complete, the engineers are now focused on the intramural of the entire megastructure. Soon enough, deluxe bleachers will fill the roomy internal spaces of the 75,000-seater indoor stadium.

At the King Dome Plaza, water pipes, submersible pumps and nozzles were installed with careful attention to detail. Fountain LED lights have also been set in place for the grandiose fountain display that will mesmerize onlookers even from afar or atop.

Meanwhile, the electrical-mechanical building for which Pastor Apollo alludes to the human anatomy of the body as the heart and lungs of the King Dome, plays a vital role for the operation of all the electrical connections. This building will house the chillers, the air conditioners, the generators which are all indispensable for the electromechanic activity of the biggest indoor cathedral.

Before the year ends, the Father has given us a ripsnorter of a finale as we have been gobsmacked by the installation of the two giant LED screens, likened to two big eyes, for which Pastor Apollo tags as the windows of our soul and spirit where people can take a look at our spirituality contrary to what is being projected in the world that corrupts the mind and soul. These windows depict the beauty of the Father’s creation, His goodness, our praise and worship and all the marvelous things that He has done for us through all these years.

Giving the King Dome Plaza its awe-inspiring appeal is the spectacular extravaganza of the majestic dancing fountain, ready to fascinate spectators with its kaleidoscope of colors while stream of water shoots out of the nozzles. Eyes will be entranced as waters alternately soar and cascade from the fountain, then rapidly shifts from one shape to another in vibrant, psychedelic hues which is very riveting to watch.

Along with the fountain display is the setting of light and audio system.The accompanying sound effects while the fountain do its tricks is nothing short of superb, making the whole audio-visual experience the ne plus ultra of perfection.

In what was like an allegory, Pastor Apollo noted that the King Dome is the Ark of Noah.

We, Kingdom citizens are the people on board the Ark. We constitute the Ark of Salvation, being the soul and spirit of this megastructure. The flowing water surrounding the plaza is otherwise symbolic; an emblem of the New Jerusalem, being the water center of the globe.

It was in 2019 when the partnership between The ACQ Solomonic Builders and the Zheijiang Dafeng Industry Co. Ltd. began. That said, the wall cladding had gotten underway at the height of the pandemic, for which the normal processing of the much-needed materials and manpower from China have been derailed by the global health crisis.

In fact, despite the pandemic, a 30,000 sq. meters honeycomb cladding wall, 10,000 sq. meters diamond glass curtain wall, 750 steel structure canopy, 1,500 sq. meters point sunshade glass and clad lighting system have all been successfully installed.

With this remarkable feat, a Formal Turn-Over and Acceptance Ceremony of the King Dome Curtain Wall Project was conducted on December 3, 2022, at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Headquarters King Dome Plaza. The celebration was attended by the KJC Executive Pastor, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, along with the Board of Administrators and some key personnel of the Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co. Ltd, spearheaded by its General Manager, Ms. Jessica Wu. Also in attendance at the event are the Kingdom engineers and architects who have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Son for being part of this record-breaking masterpiece.

Milestone after milestone, God’s provision has carried this project through, setting every important development in motion until we witness the once-moonshot vision becomes a palpable reality. As Pastor Apollo simply put it in his speech, “ With God, our Almighty Father and Lord, Jesus Christ, everything is possible. Nothing is impossible when we have faith.”

For a megastructure’s yardstick of perfection, the King Dome touches all the bases–aesthetics, ingenuity and excellence. Not to mention the level of craftsmanship and dedication that was poured into this project reflective of the Appointed Son’s character of delivering beautiful results, not for the praise of men, but to exalt the One who steers this Herculean project to completion.

Now on the threshold of another milestone, this stunning work of art will soon rise not just to launch a new benchmark for engineering–holding the record of being the world’s biggest indoor arena that will shelter 75,000 people, but more so, to become an exhibit of the impregnable unity of sons and daughters under the guidance of the Master Craftsman, the Chief Architect, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Every piece was carved in the eyes of faith; sculpted by love beyond measure. Until the day of its inauguration, we marvel at God’s power and how piece by piece, phase after phase–from a germ of a vision, the Kingdom’s greatest engineering triumph, will soon stand as a tangible proof of the Father’s boundless love to His Appointed Son.

King Dome Chair Installation

Truth be told, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is known for his impeccable aesthetic sense. Everything he touches turns into pieces of work extraordinaire. True enough, the King Dome depicts what excellence is in a nutshell. It springs from the level of excellence that the Son has.

Pastor Apollo has been hands-on in looking into the detail of the King Dome construction making sure everything is in apple-pie order. To him, the almost-done picture of his biggest project to date is an extraordinary feat; an answered prayer from the Almighty Father who saw our plight being under the mercy of the elements for years at the KJC Open Field.

The third quarter of the year was spent installing the much-anticipated installation of 75,000 chairs in the expansive King Dome arena. From General Admission to the Upper and Lower Box, the installation has been smooth-sailing. Nothing could dampen its progress since the day it kicked off.

As the days go by, the sweeping view of the arena furnished with retractable chairs will stun the eyes with their colors which consist of red, yellow and purple- representing the rays of the sun that gives light to the universe. The symbolic colors speak volumes of the Son’s ministry being the light of the world. As the construction plows ahead, we are astounded by the progressive installation of other important features that will make up the entirety of the biggest indoor cathedral in the world.