The Power of His Resurrection


The Power of His Resurrection

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Sounds of Worship · April 20, 2014

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The Power of His Resurrection


To heed the Father’s calling is the greatest decision you can make in your life.

Looking back on those years, I do not regret any moment of my decision. It was the greatest decision that I ever made in my life. 

And those who are called by the Father to do a great work for Him together with the Appointed Son will also find out in the end — as you have totally dedicated and committed your life — that you have made an eternal decision that you will not regret because it’s a decision that will last for eternity. 

And the consequences are that you will rejoice in the end because this decision that you made was not a decision only for this physical temporal life, but it is for your life in eternity. 

You will be facing life in eternity whether you like it or not. We will all face life in eternity. We will all face the consequences of our decisions, whether we were right or not, and whether we will enjoy or suffer those consequences of our decisions.

What is your decision today? It will spell your fate in eternity, whether you enjoy or suffer. It’s your decision to make now.

The Spiritual Election

Why do we have an election? To see the results. After the date of the election, we begin to see the results of that election when the Commission on Election finally announces the winners.

The winners will forget the tedious process of the election. And you will see the ecstasy in their faces — the rejoicing, the shouting, the victory. This is what we call the ecstasy of winning or the joy and rejoicing of winning. 

But on the other hand, for those who have been defeated, you see the agony of defeat. It is like experiencing death.

When the Begotten Son came, He began a very tedious campaign to win and redeem something we have lost. 

People arrested Him, falsely accused Him, made Him suffer in the torture chamber, and then put a crown of thorns around His brow. They hit Him, spat upon Him, kicked Him, mobbed Him, persecuted Him, rejected Him, and finally, cruelly crucified Him on that cross. His death is crucifixion — His death and the agony of that death.

On the other hand, the forces of Satan Lucifer, the devil, were rejoicing, believing that physically they had killed the Begotten Son of God. They believed that they had obliterated Him, that His campaign was to naught, that everything He did was in vain, that He was defeated and was not able to do His mission because of His death. 

The apostles fled and hid. They were pursued by the authorities in those moments, as they were identified with the Begotten Son. Everything was in chaos and everything that they had stood for in following the Begotten Son was now in disarray, as if that was the end, as if that was the defeat. 

That was what Satan Lucifer, the devil wanted them to feel at that time. In the physical, it seemed as if our Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, was defeated and as if His death was the end of it all. But that was only the beginning of the tally board of heaven. 

For three days, the forces of evil were rejoicing, and they thought they were winning, and that He would not come out from the dead. 

After 72 hours, the rejoicing and the chants of victory in the territories of hell went silent, because Jesus Christ as the Begotten Son rose from the dead. He was not dead after all. He had come out of the grave.

He resurrected and announced to all of those forces of evil of Satan Lucifer, the devil, that He had the power, the dominion, the victory over death, hell, and the grave. And that He was alive, not to die anymore, but alive forevermore. 

The Father’s victory was once and for all. After that, there were no more elections because the result was final. He had won over the devil.

Defeated, Satan Lucifer, the devil, went back to hell and sulked and licked his wounds up to the day when the true results of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, would give him the last nail in his coffin, that he will never be able to deceive man again. 

And that was the production of an Appointed Son who will inherit everything that the devil has denied us from the very beginning.

The Great Spiritual Battles

There are three great battles that happened in human history. 

The first was the great battle in the Garden of Eden when our first parents Adam and Eve lost that battle, and with that loss, they lost everything they had inherited from the Father — the Sonship and the Kingship — which are the most important things that God, our Almighty Father, our Creator, has given to them. Now, it’s in the hands of Satan Lucifer, the devil. 

The Begotten Son came as the Redeemer so He can redeem and take back what we have lost. 

The temptation there in the wilderness was the second greatest battle that happened in humanity. It was the taking back of what we have lost. 

Satan Lucifer the devil was there to again try his hand in this spiritual gamble that made our first parent, the Created Son, Adam, lose everything he had. 

He then tried his hand on the second Adam, the Begotten Son of God, who was there as our Redeemer and our substitute to take back what we had lost. And that greatest battle was in effect. 

In principle, it was already a victory for all of us, although we were not present at that time yet. 

Satan Lucifer, the devil tried to tempt and deceive, and to let Him succumb by saying worship me, “See the glitter of this kingdom of this world? They are mine. They were delivered to me, and I will give them to whomsoever I will, if you will go bow down and worship me and succumb to my wishes, I will give you all the kingdom of this earth.”

Do you know what that means?  Satan Lucifer the devil tried to install once again and enthrone once again the human will. He enthroned that will in the first Created Son, which is the serpent seed of being a god to yourself, and then he wanted to perpetuate that in the life of the Begotten Son, who was there to take it back from him, and then make an inversion of that. 

That means, “Let us forget about your mission, and just follow what I say. Enthrone the human will once more and I’ll let you go and give you even the glory, the glitter of the kingdoms of this world.” 

But the mission of the Begotten Son of God was not to be thwarted. He did not succumb to that temptation of earthly glory.  He is the ambassador plenipotentiary of the Father, and whatever He does, He represents the Father, the Will of the Father.

If He let Himself down, then, He let down all of the heavens, together with the Father. But He was not about to do that because He was the one who will install the Will of God here on this earth today. 

In effect, He was saying to the devil, “You got it wrong man. It’s not Me that should bow down before you. It’s not the Will of God to bow down before the wishes of the devil, enthroning man and the will of man. You have to be the one, the will of man should be the one to surrender before the Will of God.”

That was the last straw for the devil. He had no more cards to throw before the Begotten Son, and so he left. 

But he had another plan, and that was, “If you will not do that for me then you will bite the bullet.  I will kill you, then I will go and put my spirit into my sons and daughters—the agents that will kill you physically. I will obliterate you from the face of the earth and I will see what you will do.”

The Betrayal

The Word of God says that while one of the disciples, Judas, was eating supper with the Lord Jesus Christ, “The devil came to his heart,” and the Son of God, at that moment, look at him and said, “That which you are about to do. Do it quickly.” 

And then that disciple left the table and went to the Pharisees, the head of their religion. These heads of religion are other agents of Satan Lucifer, the devil.  And they are not only agents but sons of Satan Lucifer, the devil, by virtue of the serpent seed so active within them, as it was in Judas who had the selfish motive of the love of money. That is what the devil used against the Son of God. 

As soon as he left the dinner table, he went to the head of this religion, and said, “Are you looking for Jesus Christ who claims He is the Son of God? I know where He is. I am one of His disciples.”

Some of the heads of the Pharisees were in doubt about what he was saying. This might be a trick. He might be a double agent, they thought. But he was sincere, and they saw in his eyes that he was really a traitor. That he was really about to betray Jesus Christ, and that he was telling them the truth. 

They threw the 30 pieces of silver at him and he picked them up, and he went away.

Jesus Christ at that moment was in the garden of Gethsemane. Judas led these religious leaders to where He was, and he told them, “I will give you a sign amongst those disciples that are praying there in the garden of Gethsemane.  He who I will approach and kiss, arrest Him because that’s Him.” That was the kiss of betrayal. 

The Begotten Son, the Word who was made with flesh, was there in Gethsemane, and as He was praying, beads of sweat rolled down His forehead as if they were drops of blood. 

The cup that He was about to take was the bitter cup of the Calvary, the crucifixion, the ignominy of being crucified, the pain, the suffering, the shame.

It was inhumanly impossible for any human being without a mission to go there and die like that, because if you die like that, you are the absolute criminal that everyone would hate.

And He was about to face that. He was about to go into the very depths of hell in order to prove spiritually to all forces of evil that nothing can stop Him from doing the Father’s Will. 

Jesus Christ the Begotten Son, the Word that was made flesh, was crucified not because of what good He had done, which is healing the sick, making the crippled walk, and raising the dead. 

Do you know why He was crucified, tortured, and crowned with thorns? Because He taught the people to do the Will of the Father. 

Jesus Christ would have been very, very popular in His days if He only raised the dead, healed the sick, made the cripple walk, and went around those cities doing that which is good. He would have probably converted the whole community and they would have followed Him. 

But no, His real mission, the real purpose of why He came is to teach us to repent and go back to the Will of the Father. That was His real spiritual mission, with Him as the model and example to follow the Father’s Will while you are physically alive.

That’s why He was crucified because He taught the people to do the Father’s Will, making himself an example. That’s why He was arrested, crowned with thorns, crucified, tortured, and died. And that is also the reason why He resurrected. 

Don’t be afraid of being persecuted when you do the Father’s will. The best way to do the Father’s will is for you to be an example in doing the Father’s Will. Teach others also that you become like me. I am your example. 

And when you do that, that is when the forces of evil would come out of their graves, and then they will march their army, and the power of evil will go after you, and persecute, crucify, kill, and put you to shame.

What are you going to do?

As the Father in Gethsemane saw what was going to happen to Him., You will see already what’s going to happen to you. 

That’s why we have Tamayong. You will see all of these things are counted in the cost that you have to pay. Don’t make yourself blind about this. Don’t be like an ostrich by burying your head and your whole body is exposed by saying, “All will be a bed of roses.” It won’t be.  It will be a life of sacrifice and service, but it is the most glorious life that you can ever live on the face of the earth because you are not satisfying your physical senses, but you are obeying the Father’s Will for eternity. The reward will be enormous.

Are you willing to become like the Son of God?

The greatest battle that was won there was not won without sacrifice. Sacrifice is part of the Kingdom Culture. When we become soldiers in the Army of Goodness, our lives will be less comfortable. 

We will be like the Son of God who said in Luke 9:58, “The birds have nests, the foxes have holes, but the Son of God has nowhere to lay His head.” There is no rest and comfort. There will be times when it will be very uncomfortable to follow the Father’s Will. 

There are times that you would go into your Tamayong and question your decision if you made the right one or not. But in those moments, look at Him and say, “This is now the time that Paul said in Philippians 3:10, ‘I will know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings.’”  That’s why you are seeing me. I came from the grave. I was once dead in the spirit, and now I am alive, alive forevermore.

Knowing the Real Christ

Do you know really know Him? Some people only know Him because of the miracles and healing. But Jesus Christ did not stop there, as the devil would have Him do. He continued and taught His disciples the Word of God, bringing them back to that broken fellowship and communion by doing the Father’s will. 

What did the people do? They began to leave Him one by one. The thousands that were following Him because of the miracles. One by one they left.

From the thousands, only twelve were left. And He asked the twelve, “Will you also leave?” 

And the twelve said, “Lord where will we go?” Peter, the spokesman of the twelve, said “Lord where will we go? You are the only one that owns the words of eternal life?”  The words of eternal life—the words that will change you from within. The greatest miracle is when I can change you from within, from being disobedient to an obedient spirit. There is no miracle greater than that.

The Message of the Begotten Son

When He said in John 6:55, “I am the bread that comes from heaven. My flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed,” don’t physicalize that, spiritualize it. Your flesh and your blood come together and give you what?  Life. 

That means His life is His Word. He meant that when you eat of His words and follow what He says, then you will have life eternal. 

They did not understand that because they were so physical in their

understanding. So, from that time on, many of His disciples went back and walked no more with Him.  Then said Jesus unto the twelve, “Will you also go away?” 

Is not that a failure in the sight of people and man? 

In the sight of God, it’s not, because you went into the core of the problem and you told them that the real Will of the Father must be done here on this earth today. That is the message that the Son of God came to convey, and that was the reason, why He was crucified.

Do you know the reason why I am being maligned by people? Why I am being crucified in the media? Do you know why they put it there? It’s not because I am feeding three million children.

It’s not because I am planting millions of trees to help with climate change and therefore save many lives from floods.

Do you know why they are crucifying me? Because every time I stand behind this pulpit, I am shouting, “Repent! Eradicate the serpent seed! Surrender your human will! Follow the Father’s Will!” 

That’s why I am persecuted. That’s why they followed me to that cross on top of the hill. That’s why I have my Tamayong.

When I say repent and surrender your will and follow the Father’s will, I am declaring a spiritual war, a spiritual revolution that will dethrone the human will and enthrone the Father’s will. That is the real meaning of salvation. 

I am persecuted to discourage me, to make life very, very hard for me so that I’ll stop preaching what I am preaching, and stop directing the people to do the Father’s will.  That strikes into the heart of the enemy. He doesn’t like that.

The Message of Repentance

You’re here because you are attracted to my message of repentance of surrendering our will to do the Father’s will, no matter what.

Why did the twelve not leave? Why did they stay?  Simon Peter answered Him in John 6:68, “Lord to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.” 

It was the words of eternal life that drew the twelve to Him. It’s not the healing or the miracles. It is the words of eternal life, of teaching men to come back, repent, surrender their serpent seed, and now imbibed within them the spirit of obedience to the Father’s will which is the new spirit. That is where the real battles start, and that is where the devil can be hurt the most.

The Third Spiritual Battle

The third greatest spiritual battle happened in the foothills of Mount Apo. Tamayong is the name of that place. 

This was an election. The devil was already defeated there 2000 years ago, but he protested, and still wanted a recount, because the one that will benefit—the winner of that election would be me, would be the fallen Adamic race represented by me.

Why me? Because I was the one chosen to represent the fallen Adamic race. Because there were people who were ahead of me from the fallen Adamic race that were appointed, but they failed Him.

The devil also visited them, like he visited the Begotten Son, telling them “If you will worship me, I’ll give you the kingdoms of this world. I will give you the ways of making miracles that will astound the people.”

The devil also offered me everything. But the Father’s will was beckoning me, saying, “Son I will use you. Use your freedom of choice.” 

When I was in my Kitbog, I saw in my Gethsemane what will happen if I will follow His will. I saw the cross, the crown of thorns that will be put around my head, the sufferings, the pain of persecution, the rejection, and the loneliness. 

I was at that crossroads of my valley of decision. On the right was eternity. On the left were the beautiful glittering kingdoms of this world. Doing the Father’s will here is a thorny, uphill, and narrow way. Now, the ball was in my hands. I must decide. 

What was my decision? I went the Father’s way. I weighed all of this in the balance of eternity. This life is only temporal, while the other is eternal. I can enjoy this for a moment, but I will endure my decision for eternity. Eternity was beckoning to me and it weighed more on the balances than anything else in my life. That’s why I chose eternity, and I’m happy I did. You should also be happy that I did. I won the battle.

The Victor of the Spiritual Election

Finally, the heavens announced, “The winner of this eternal election is…. the finished product, the Appointed Son!” 

My agony, trials, and hardships in Tamayong, the rejection, loneliness, the lonely trail of campaigning to do the Father’s will, and the cost that I paid, all vanished. What I have now is the ecstasy of victory, of triumph, of dominion, of power and authority. 

And what’s happening in the territories of hell? All of a sudden, hell’s laughter stopped. Because the announcement was that they were defeated and vanquished forever. 

The Begotten Son in the Jewish setting, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Father here in the Gentile setting, was happy that everything He had done and paid for there in Calvary was not in vain. 

Finally, Satan Lucifer the devil was forever vanquished. He cannot protest anymore because the protest was over. The serpent seed was forever defeated, and the Father’s will was forever enthroned in the hearts and minds of the people that will come and become sons and daughters of the Father Almighty after they have repented and received the spirit of obedience to the Father’s Will.

Going through their Tamayong is nothing to them now, because as I have campaigned the trail of that spiritual election, and I won, and you will also win. 

And the promise was, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things…” (Revelations 21:7)

What’re all things?  The Sonship and Kingship. Power, authority, dominion, and victory are ours. The eternal announcement on April 13, 2005, the King of the New Creation has installed the Appointed Son of God, who has inherited everything.

Let us rejoice and be glad, that’s why the meaning of His death, burial, and resurrection is so meaningful to us now. All of this scripture comes to life. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Begotten Son in the Jewish Setting, went through extreme pain and hardship when He was sent to suffer on the cross.

The center of the teachings of the Son is obedience to the Father’s will, no matter what, and I am a model for that.

Did I succumb to the temptation that the kingdoms of this world will be mine, if I will just stop and bow down before him, meaning, should I perpetuate, the human will? Did I succumb to that? No, I did not. 

I may become unpopular but I will continue with the mission of my Father: To do His will. To teach and preach to others to do His will. To propagate the Gospel of Repentance for all humanity.  To come, repent and do the Father’s will, and become sons and daughters of the Father Almighty. That is my mission. It’s the mission of redemption.

He saw His Seed

For us, the Begotten Son produced an heir and handed over the Kingship and the Sonship that He retrieved from the devil.

While He was crucified on that cross, He was happy, because He saw His seed. One seed will start from the fallen Adamic race, and from that one seed that will be buried and die, many seeds and fruits will come out. 

He rose from the dead. His resurrection is one of the major evidence that Jesus Christ, the Begotten Son, is the Son of God, the Word that was made flesh.

The Real Temple

The Temple now is not made with hands, it is the body of the Son. If the Son is already produced, the Temple is finished. 

Resurrection means Triumph of Life over Death

The Begotten Son’s resurrection symbolizes the triumph of life over death.

As the Appointed Son of God, I have inherited the spiritual component of salvation.

One must be identified with the Son in order to live the resurrection life. How can you be identified with the Father through the Appointed Son? (Philippians 3:10; 2 Corinthians 5:17)

To follow the Son in a life of absolute obedience to the Father’s will is to fellowship with Him, His sufferings, and sacrifice. 

It’s impossible for the Kingdom Culture to survive without sacrifice, and sometimes sufferings. 

In your Tamayong you will suffer, you will have to sacrifice in order to prove to yourself and to the enemy that taunts you, that you are real and genuine in your dedication. Don’t worry because you have a model. The Appointed Son is your model, as I have overcome, you will overcome also. You are dead from obedience to your will; you are alive to a new life. This is the meaning of it. If you lose your life there in the serpent seed’s life, you will find it here in the life of obedience to the Father’s will. If you will lose this life of obedience to the Father’s will, you will go back to that old life of obedience to your will.

Identifying with the Life of Jesus Christ

Galatians 2:20 tells us, I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Are you? 

To do the Father’s will, you’ll have to be crucified. When you decide to follow Him, you will be crucified. Do you know when it is most painful? when you are on that cross and you are still alive. 

How do you translate that to your decision now? When you decide to do the Father’s will, and it is still painful, you are still alive on the cross. But don’t worry the pain is only temporary.

Do you know when the pain will go away? When you die. When finally, you have decided to really do the Father’s will, no matter what. 

When do you know you died on the cross? When you become happy with your decision. It doesn’t hurt anymore, because the dead person does not feel anything anymore. 

See, when I decided to follow the Father’s will and cut all my ties, and burnt all my bridges behind, and left my beautiful girlfriend, I was on that cross in Kitbog.  It was so painful that every time I breathed, I said, “Father I will follow you.”

You have the power to come down from that cross. If you cannot bear the pain, come down. The soldiers said, “Come down, You save others, You cannot save yourself? Come down.”  Did I have the power to come down from Kitbog? I did, but I stayed there until the pain was gone. I’m dead to the old world. I am now alive in a new world of obedience to the Father’s will.

Resurrection to the Newness of Life

Just as I was resurrected from the dead, we will also rise from the dead to immortality and experience the newness of life. You will die from that, and you will live here in this new life of yours.

Now, as I said, the announcement has come. It is the final election victory of all sons and daughters who are rejoicing with me when I was announced to be the Appointed Son of God, the King of the New Creation. 

April 13, 2005, is the final vanquishment of Satan Lucifer, the devil, and the enthronement of the Father’s will on this earth today being administered by His Appointed Son. That is now the new government in place here on this earth today forever.

The will of God has won.

Look at the statues, they represent the dead. And those that worship them also are equivalent to them. They are dead. They represent suffering, agony, sentiments, and pain, while in the Kingdom, we represent life, rejoicing, joy, and happiness.  We do not suffer because we want to suffer. We do not suffer in our hearts, because in our hearts, we are rejoicing. 

Although sometimes our bodies may suffer, our hearts are rejoicing, and our spirits are triumphant. We rejoice in victory! 

Appointed Son is here to take over the reins of power of governance in the spiritual world.  I am here to rejoice with all of you children of the Father. 

What do you do when you are identified with the winner?  We worship, and our tears are coming out; but they are not the tears of defeat, they are the tears of life, rejoicing, joy, and happiness.

We are all changed now from disobedient to obedient children, sons and daughters of the Father Almighty. 

Why do we rejoice? Because there is no more spiritual death for all of us children, sons, and daughters. We are victorious forevermore. That’s why we can say in 1 Corinthians 15:55, “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

We don’t identify ourselves with those who are in death, who has the serpent seed, who are in the grave of their sins. They don’t have victory over us anymore. Death and grave have no more power over us because we are celebrating life in the spirit. Obedience to the Father’s will is life in the spirit. 

The sting of death is sin. What is sin? Obedience to your own will, the serpent seed, doing your own will. The sting of death is there, and the strength of sin is in the law, so when you disobey, the law is against you. 

Now that we are all obedient, no law is against us because we are now in life, triumph, and victory. It shows in your spirit and face, and it also shows in our worship, and in our way of life.  Welcome to the resurrection life of the Son! The power of resurrection made us win; from my grave, I came out from my Tamayong victorious forevermore.

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