The Richness of God’s Forgiveness

The Richness of God’s Forgiveness

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Give Us This Day · July 24, 2003



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The Richness of God’s Forgiveness

Are you looking for joy? Are you looking for peace? Are you looking for forgiveness?

Look no further, because I am going to tell you and share with you that you can have God’s goodness right now at this very moment.

If you need forgiveness, there is a guilt that is nagging in your heart and in your mind. You’ve gone to church, you want to seek forgiveness, but you do not seem to have that forgiveness in you. You still feel the guilt in your heart.

Sincerely, come to God right now, and I will assure you that through the presence of the power of the spirit of God, you will feel that spirit of forgiveness flowing into your body, into your spirit, into your mind and into your soul, and God will give you the assurance that, “From now on don’t worry because I have forgiven you of your sin and iniquities.”

Sin no more, this is the joy of forgiveness, and it is only our God in heaven who can provide that for us.

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