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The faithful sons and daughters of the Father Almighty are now blessed because the Father saw our sacrifices. Through the years, we were under the mercy of the elements and we did not flinch or we did not stagger in our faith. We continued our strongest perseverance of faith so the Father saw that and has blessed us with the Kingdom.

That’s why all of us must go into the third level of spiritual growth. Without which you have not passed the Kingdom message of Spiritual Revolution. If you have not passed that, you are just a servant here in the Kingdom.

When you reach the third level, there’s no more murmuring there, there’s no more complaining there, there’s no more negativity there.

That’s why it’s very necessary for you to reach there because without that, you are not saved at all.

What have you contributed to the unity, obedience, to the spirit of love, peace, joy, kindness, meekness, obedience, and loyalty? What you have contributed is going back to reward you.

All of us cannot contribute to that if we will not grow in the spirit.

If we remain a child always being told what to do and what not to do. That’s why the Father’s blessing the Kingdom ministry, because this is the ministry that produces sons and daughters not for denominations or religion but for heaven.

Anyone who does not reach that is only a servant as Galatians 4 says even though you have been called an heir or an inheritor for that. All of us have to be called for that. But still you have to be chosen.

How can you be chosen? You go to the third level. Because when you turn to the third level, you are already faithful. You are not only chosen, you are not only called, chosen, you are faithful.

I am here for you to be guided. I am your standard, follow me and you will not go wrong.

That is why it’s important for you to know what the Word of God says, honor the Son and you honor the Father.

I can only be honored when you grow, I can only be honored when you go to the third step of spiritual maturity— the third level.  I can only be honored when you become a son and a daughter but as long as you remain a servant, you are nothing in the Kingdom but a servant until the time appointed by the Father.

There is no schism in the body, there is no division, there is no struggle in the body, there is no fight in the body, there is no offense in the body, the body is united. What the head says, the body follows. That is in the Kingdom Culture of Unity.

Have you contributed to that? You cannot contribute to that unless you go to the third level. You will never understand the language I have if you don’t go to the third level.

By this time, all of you should have already grown into maturity.

Have you contributed to the unity? Or contributing to the fruits of the flesh.

Galatians 5:22,

Have you contributed to love? Have you contributed to the joy, which is the atmosphere of the Kingdom, which is the spirit of the Son.

 I am the greater contributor of love and  joy here.

Have you contributed to peace?

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.

If you always create trouble and you are the cause of trouble, you are not contributing to the investment in spiritual things that will lead you to Heaven.

Have you contributed to long-suffering, or are you the cause of suffering?

I have contributed so much to long-suffering. I suffered so much until my heart was beating irregularly already, but I did not complain.

Have you contributed to gentleness?

Review Your attitude. Review your spirit because the Spirit produces the attitude.

The attitude that you display in the Kingdom is the spirit that is within you. If you are rude and bad, who are you? Whose daughter or whose son are you?

My message is uncompromising. You have to grow.

When you become Sons and Daughters, you will understand my message because at that level, there’s no more murmuring; there’s no more complaining; there’s no more bitterness; there’s no more resentment. It’s just pure love, peace, and joy, dedicated, focused on producing the fruits that will glorify the Father; focused on the Word of God. 

 ‘’Herein is my Father glorified,  that you bear much fruit, so shall you be my disciples.’’ He will not know you if you don’t produce the fruits. How can you produce the fruits when you are fruitless yourself?

That’s why the Bible, the Word of God, is very logical spiritually when you follow it without curvature.

You must be born again first. Look at the inventory of your spiritual investments. Have you truly repented?

What is repentance? ‘Not my will but Your will be done.’ That’s why the Son is the standard. What the Son says, that is coming from the Father, it honors the Father.

When you are loyal, you are automatically obedient, dedicated, committed, and humble. There’s no pride of life here.

What is meekness? “I don’t own anything in this world. It’s all given to me and entrusted to me. And at any time, the owner can get it back. If I cannot be trusted, the owner can get it back because it is His.

Everything I have is not mine; it’s only entrusted to me, and I will lose it according to the will of the one who gave it to me, the owner.

In the Kingdom, there are no territorial spirits. When you belong to a department, that department is not yours; you’re just the head there. Anytime the Father could take that away from you if you cannot be trusted.

You are only there as a trusted one to produce fruit to give glory to the Father.    

When you’re meek, you are humble. You don’t treat anything as if you own it, but it is owned by someone else and is just trusted to you. You will also use it according to Him, according to what pleases Him.

Do not please yourself; please the Father. We are here to please the Father.

If you commit spiritual adultery, that means you love someone else more than Him. Pornography is spiritual adultery in the sight of the Father.

Use the cellphone responsibly, or it will lead you to hell because it destroys everything that was spiritually implanted in you that will let you go to heaven.

Pornography is the number one missile of the enemy that will destroy you and send your soul to hell.

Fornication is an uncommitted sin in the flesh. It is the same as adultery. But the worst thing about this is there is a spiritual interpretation, which becomes sins against God. 

The sin against the flesh is a sin against your body and the body of anyone, but the sin against God is when you fornicate and adulterate with other spirits that are there.

We can be holy; we can be acceptable. Our bodies are a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service.

What you see is what you will become. What you eat is what you are.  Both spiritual and physical.

We are the temple of the Father. We are the temple of the spirit. When you are used to eating junk food, unhealthy but very tasty food, and you go back to eating healthy food because that is the recommendation of your doctor, it’s a sacrifice.

It’s the same thing in the spirit. When your spiritual doctor says, let us only eat healthy food that will make us healthy in our spirit because our goal is to be with the Father forever, that is what we will do.

What’s idolatry? It’s the worship of idols, the worship of a false God. Many people idolize not only idols in religion but anyone you idolize more than Jesus Christ is idolatry.

Let us continue on the straight path of holiness and righteousness because the devil has opened the door to hell so wide. Everything is now accepted; everything goes, even the separation of gender is no more.

That’s why, in the last days, He has to produce a Son that will tirelessly preach His words without compromise, without fear or favor. Whoever gets hurt, gets hurt. It’s only Satan whom I’m hurting, not anyone else. I am a threat to the kingdom of Satan. I am not a threat to anyone because I am nonviolent. I don’t have missiles in my arsenal. I don’t have guns; I don’t have anything to kill you.

I only have the Word of God to change humanity from within, which is called the Spiritual Revolution. And when your pride is surrendered, we all come together in unity, in peace. That’s what the Word of God says because He is the Prince of Peace.

The Son was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. If I became a threat to you, then you are the devil, because it’s only the devil and his works that I am trying to destroy.

This is a spiritual battle for the souls of humanity, which are going into the rabbit hole of destruction that is wide open right now. Everything goes, everything can be done, and they are trying to cover the Word of God. But I will stand firm. My life is dedicated to it. When you say I am a threat to you, then you are the devil because I am only a threat to the devil, who is the enemy of the souls of humanity.

Children of the Father who want to go to Heaven, love me because I am the only one standing on the earth today to preach the gospel message of repentance straightforwardly, to rescue you from damnation and judgment that is about to befall the world.

Revelation 3:7-8

Don’t listen to any other voice for salvation. When it comes to salvation, there is no fear or favor. No one is being favored; everyone must go through it. That’s why John  5:22-23 says, “Honor the Son and He shall honor the Father.”

Glorification is in the hands of the Son right now. That is the spiritual technology that nobody can copy. Only the Son has it and to whom the Son will give it. That is what we call eternal life.

“He will change our vile body that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body.” (Philippians 3:21).

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