Towards Healing and Reconciliation for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada

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Towards Healing and Reconciliation for the IPs of Canada

Canada · April 25, 2023

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Towards Healing and Reconciliation for the IPs of Canada

Canada is a diverse country with beautiful mountains and plains, and a multicultural and multilingual society that includes indigenous peoples such as the First Nations — Inuit and Metis.

Unfortunately, during the 1800s, residential schools were established in Canada with the aim of assimilating indigenous children into mainstream society. These schools separated children from their families, banned them from speaking their native languages, and subjected them to physical and sexual abuse.

Survivors like Kathleen Cutarm and Richard Lightning have shared their harrowing experiences, which include poor living conditions, rampant disease, and forced labor. Many children died and were buried anonymously, and the trauma has had a lasting impact on indigenous communities in Canada.

The exposure and acknowledgment of this dark chapter in Canadian history has led to a difficult but necessary journey of healing and reconciliation.

The first nation peoples – Inuit and Metis – are determined to reclaim their identity and culture, with support from people like Pastor Apollo in the Philippines, who has sent volunteers to bring joy and love to indigenous children in Canada.

The celebration of the ACQ International Children’s Day in Edmonton, Alberta, was a huge success, and the Ermineskin Cree Nation expressed their gratitude to Pastor Apollo and his volunteers for their kindness and support in their journey towards healing and restoration.

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