When You Make Plans, Always Consider the Father’s Will

When You Make Plans, Always Consider the Father’s Will

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Give Us This Day · January 1, 2021



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When You Make Plans, Always Consider the Father’s Will

In the Kingdom Nation, we always follow the plan of the Almighty Father, although we have some plans of our own. It is always under His Will. Everything that we do is always for the glory of the Father Almighty. So, whether our plans happen right away or whether they altered, it doesn’t matter to us, as long as we know that all of these plans are under the Father’s Will.

When it is His Will, it will come to pass.

When it is not, it might take some time. So we must wait.

For example, we planned the building of the King Dome a long time ago. In the end, it took time, but construction continued in a grander way. Because the Father gave it to us. It was beyond what I asked or thought, but He gave it to me.

That’s what Ephesians says, “He will give you the things that you ask for beyond what you ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20). That is how it is altered for the better.

What should you do if you see that your life, your plans, seem to fall apart?

Maybe they are not the Will of the Father for you. You should consider what your plans are, put them under the Will of the Father and let Him have His way. And then tell Him, “Father if this plan is according to your Will, make it happen. If not, then show me another door, show me another plan.”

That is how I approach every plan that we have.

So, if your plans are falling apart, maybe they are not the Father’s Will for you at that time. Sometimes, what we plan will be for our destruction, if the Father will give it to us. Or it will give us trouble. So, when the Father loves you, He does not let those plans go through.

As the Chinese saying goes, “Be careful what you pray for, you might just get it.” So, plan according to His Will that it may glorify Him so that what’s good for you is good for everybody else.

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