Fostering Fellowship and Growth in the Kingdom Nation

Fostering Fellowship and Growth in the Kingdom Nation

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Fostering Fellowship and Growth in the Kingdom Nation

The Kingdom Nation has witnessed a series of exciting and meaningful events that have brought together the members of the Orange and Lemons Associations (OLA), the Keepers Club International, and the Kingdom Youth and Young Stewards and Ambassadors of the Kingdom (YSAK) from different parts of the world. These events, which were held under the direction of the Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has created opportunities for fellowship, learning, and personal development among the participants, demonstrating how these events  have impacted the lives of those who attended.

The event was not only intended for the youth but for the young at heart who had a memorable gathering that drew hundreds of participants who were grouped into four teams–Team Committed, Team Obedient, Team Loyal, and Team Dedicated. These teams have fostered camaraderie among the participants, enabling them to interact and share their stories. Moreover, the pioneers of the Kingdom had the chance to fellowship with the delegates, serving as living witnesses to the growth and blessings of the Kingdom over the years under the guidance of the Appointed Son.

Meanwhile, the Keepers Club International Indonesia chapter hosted its first club acquaintance event in 2023 with the theme, “We are The Keepers, I am the Change.” This event was attended by the Keeper’s Club members, visitors, and Kingdom youth who participated in various activities.

Some club members shared their testimonies before joining the club and how it changed their perspectives. Talents were showcased, inspiring newcomers and providing entertainment for everyone.  Moreover, the event was an opportune time for many pressing issues faced by the younger generation such as  internet addiction  and how to overcome this perennial problem.

The Global Kingdom Youth and Young Stewards and Ambassadors of the Kingdom (YSAK) gathered  for an exceptional online event called ACQ Youth Got Talent. This ground-breaking event brought together young people from various Kingdom Light Congregations (KLCs) worldwide, showcasing their diverse talents in singing, dancing, karate, multimedia, writing, and music videos.

The event featured participants from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, and South America, offering a wide array of performances. In his message, the Appointed Son stressed the importance of bearing fruits and active participation in expanding the Kingdom’s reach and focusing on the Father’s Will.

In the New Jerusalem, Davao City, hundreds of Kingdom youth and YSAK members gathered for a day filled with sports and spiritual enrichment. The event began with a lively sports league, allowing participants to compete in various activities.

After the sporting events, attendees convened for an insightful spiritual discipline forum, aimed at enhancing their understanding of spiritual matters and guiding them on the path set by the Appointed Son in serving the Almighty Father. The event fostered unity, physical well-being, and strengthened spiritual connection among the participants, leaving them inspired and ready for future endeavors.

The series of youth and OLA events in the Kingdom Nation has been a lively celebration of growth, inspiration, and unity. From the East Davao OLA Day, where senior citizens demonstrated their commitment and experienced the Kingdom’s blessings, to the Keepers Club International Indonesia chapter’s event, which inspired youth to become agents of  positive change, and the ACQ Youth Got Talent in the New Jerusalem and Youth League at JMC Sky Gym, which showcased diverse talents and enhanced spiritual growth, these events have made a lasting impact on the lives of the participants. 

As the Kingdom Nation continues to thrive, such events serve as catalysts for personal development, community building, and the fulfillment of the Almighty Father’s Will through the Appointed Son.

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