How Kingdom Citizens in Brazil Celebrate the Harvest Season with Joy and Gratitude

How Kingdom Citizens in Brazil Celebrate the Harvest Season with Joy and Gratitude

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How Kingdom Citizens in Brazil Celebrate the Harvest Season with Joy and Gratitude

Brazil is a country of rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and festivals. One of the most popular  celebrations is Festa Junina, also known as Junina Party. It is a month-long event that marks the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest season. People from all over Brazil join in the festivities, which include music, dancing, games, bonfires, and delicious food.

But for the Kingdom citizens in Brazil, Festa Junina is more than just a cultural celebration. It is also a time to express their gratitude and appreciation for the Father’s blessings and miracles in their lives. They celebrate Festa Junina with joy and thanksgiving, as they recognize and revel in the mighty work that the Father is doing in this progressive foreign sentinel of light.‌

The Kingdom citizens in Brazil have witnessed the Father’s hand in transforming their lives and their land. They have seen how the Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, has brought the message of salvation and enlightenment to this Latin American country. Way back in 2018, when Pastor Apollo went to Brazil for his King Is Coming Tour as the Son’s first step in the Latin American country, he visited the 20-hectare land, which was newly purchased by that time and unproductive, but after five years, it prospered and bloomed.

The ACQ Fazenda was the venue for the Festa Junina celebration of the Kingdom Light Congregations of Brasília and Alexânia. The event started with a special Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation attended by all Kingdom citizens, sympathizers, and visitors. They praised and worshiped the Father for His goodness and faithfulness in their lives. They also listened to the fresh Manna of Revelations delivered by Pastor Apollo through his TV programs.

After the spiritual feast, everyone enjoyed the physical feast prepared by the Kingdom workers and members. They savored Brazil’s tasty native delicacies. They also participated in fun-filled activities, such as Hampas-Palayok (also known as Pukpok Palayok), egg spoon races, musical chairs, and dancing.‌

Other KLCs in Brazil also celebrated Festa Junina in their respective areas. They decorated their venues with colorful flags and lanterns. They wore traditional costumes inspired by rural farmers. They also prepared various games and prizes for the children and adults alike.

Festa Junina was indeed a memorable and meaningful celebration for the Kingdom citizens in Brazil. They celebrated not only the harvest season but also the harvest of souls that the Father has entrusted to them. They celebrated not only their cultural heritage but also their spiritual identity as sons and daughters of the Almighty Father. They celebrated not only with joy but also with gratitude for all that the Father has done for them through His Appointed Son.

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