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by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Sounds of Worship · October 22, 2023

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Financial and material blessings are nothing without Spiritual Revolution. Everything that we do is nothing without salvation, without that connection to the Almighty Father’s restoration of the soul of humanity that was lost.

That’s why we are always reminded about the curse of prosperity. The curse of having too much blessings without weight and balance of the spiritual. Everything that you do will be nothing and will be in vain. Remember that.

Just because we have been blessed like this, it’s not a guarantee that you have to relax, that you have to be complacent.

Now, you hold on to that crown, that’s why we have these words, “My heart is fixed, and my mind is made up, I will follow the Father’s Will, no matter what.”

Be careful, you might have been deceived by yourselves.

Deuteronomy 8:1-18

The tendency of human beings is when they are blessed, their love of God will be focused on the love of material things.

They become materialistic and they become so physical.

Because I was tried and I passed. That is my fire, my affliction to prove that and He did that to the chosen people and He is doing it to all of you who have followed the voice of the Appointed Son. 

Bless Him for everything that you have received from Him.

What are the basic commandments of God? Specifically to our people today? “Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not commit fornication.”

That’s why He said, “…be separate, touch not the unclean thing…”

Because that will exacerbate the weapons of the enemy against your soul.

What are the enemy’s weapons against our soul? The matrix of sin. What is the matrix of sin? Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life. 

Remember where you came from. From the slavery of sin, from the Egyptians—spiritual Egypt of our bondage of sin.

Always remember how poor you were physically and spiritually. You have nothing. We have nothing.

There is a baptism of fire so that our hearts will be purified, our spirits will be centered upon His will. His purpose is that He might do us good at the latter end. 

Because we have the material, we have the financial, and we have the spiritual component of that, we have been trained, we have been tested, we have gone through the fire, we came out as gold with flying colors.

We’re talking of great plentiful blessings from God and He will entrust that into our hands.

That’s why we have a Financial Revolution message. Where He can entrust us with anything but we are not focused on those things. What is designated for is designated for that. 

Never will it come into your mind to steal any centavo of that money entrusted to you because that is not designated to you.

And then the Kingdom Nation will prosper because this is now the survival of the honest in the Kingdom.

If you cannot change yourself, if you will not cooperate with the Spiritual Revolution message, remember this is a revolution.

Revolution means it is an ongoing battle against those who oppose the revolution that you are involved in. If you are involved in a Spiritual Revolution, you must change your heart.

What is the changing of governance from within? From a disobedient serpent seed spirit implanted within us to an obedient spirit that is within. 

Spiritual Integrity in a world where scandals and corruption are commonplace, there is a higher calling towards honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. It is the state of being upright constantly aligned in the righteousness of God. 

What is integrity? Integrity is the synonym of honesty.

How can you prove to be honest? First of all with material things, and every material thing ends up with money. That’s why we have what we call the currency. 

Currency is money, and money translates to anything material. Instead of us bartering your goat to a chicken. Your neighbor has a chicken, you have a goat, and you want to barter a chicken for a goat, and vice-versa. Instead of doing that, you just give money. 

Money can buy anything. If you remain in your integrity in holding money, then you are honest. 

Guard your spirituality so that it may not go the other way. Guard your mind, guard your soul, guard your heart that it will remain upright on the side of God because there are many things in this modern world today that will tempt you away from doing the Father’s Will. 

Be careful of blessings, be careful with prosperity, and be careful of having too much food, because it will tempt you to eat yourself out until you die.   

Take care of the temple of God, your body is the temple of God.

Proverbs 11:10-11
Proverbs 14:2

Honesty and Integrity are the components that are lacking in most leaders of this world today.   

Integrity means honesty in your standing with God. No matter what, you will not change in following Him. When everything in the world is offered to you, as long as you know it is not the Will of the Father, you stand for your integrity.

I’d rather be poor with my integrity than be rich and then become like Judas, like Lucifer. 

If your cellphone is a rival to the word of God you received, throw that cell phone. Smash that cell phone with a hammer because that cell phone will lead you to hell. 

Do you know that laziness is a form of dishonesty? Lazy people are dishonest people. It is the opposite of hard and honest work.

When you are given a ministry to work, do not play with that ministry while you work. Your working ethics should be pleasing to Father Almighty.                      

If you do not do it with love, you are not at the level of Sonship and Kingship, you are not owners, and you do not deserve to be in the house of God. You don’t deserve to be saved.

If there is work to do, there is no time for me. If there is work to do, I will be there. My work is not only to preach. My work is to supervise, to do what is necessary so that I can do the work and be a model and example to all of you for excellence. That’s why we are blessed. 

Many people are wondering why we are being blessed, so much blessings are coming unto us. They don’t know our working standards, our working ethics. 

Our work ethics are very excellent according to your model, the Appointed Son. There’s no time limit when I work if there’s work to do because I have the spirit of the Son, the spirit of the owner.

Everyone who wants to go to the Seventh Heaven to be with the Father and the Son should follow and listen to what I am saying. Because I have the key to that.

Proverbs 26:13-16

Honesty is the strength of character. The Father is pleased with every effort to conduct ourselves honestly in every aspect of our lives. 

In the Kingdom Nation, there is zero corruption. Each one who is entrusted with a ministry is entrusted with trust as a capital. It must be used with utmost diligence and not wasted or else, the holder will go bankrupt.

Righteousness includes honesty in everything.

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

Mathew 5:8,

Do not go against his Spiritual Revolution, do not go against the Revolution of Excellence, do not go against the Financial Revolution message. So that the blessing of the Father will continue to abide in us. 

Let’s be honest. Let’s be transparent by doing that the Father will pour out many blessings to us and will entrust us with many more blessings than what you have in vision.

The Father is so much in opening His blessings to us because He has an Appointed Son who has passed the test and you are Included in that blessing. Because of the Appointed Son, you are blessed.

I’m not blessed because of you, you are blessed because of me – His Appointed Son. But when the Father blesses us, let’s not take advantage of that blessing. Let’s be faithful, let’s be filled with integrity and honesty, and the Father will bless us more.

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