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Help the Children in Africa

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Help the Children in Africa

Africa · April 25, 2023

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Help the Children in Africa

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On April 2023, a profound and transformative event took place in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Two hundred children, in desperate need of nourishment and love, were not only fed but experienced a day of joy and wonder.

This extraordinary occasion was made possible by the unwavering dedication of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the visionary leader of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name. With the unwavering support of over seven million followers worldwide, Pastor Apollo has committed his life to the noble mission of providing humanitarian aid to those in dire circumstances across the globe.

Among the children in attendance are 120 kids hailing from Gate Hill School in Kayole, Nairobi. This educational institution, situated in an area plagued by poverty and strife, catered to children with parents engaged in prostitution and afflicted by the devastating HIV virus. Additionally, the school welcomed orphans and those who are unable to attend school due to financial constraints. These innocent souls found themselves residing in a destitute slum, deprived of even the most basic sustenance.

Recognizing their plight, members and workers from the Kingdom of Jesus Christ planned to conduct regular feeding sessions at the school, a modest yet vital step towards alleviating their hunger and nourishing their bodies and spirits.

But the impact of this occasion extended beyond the walls of Gate Hill School. Sixty children from Naivasha, Kenya, and twenty children from Imbakase, Nairobi, were also invited to partake in this remarkable day.

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The chosen venue was Gravity Amusement Park, a place situated a mere thirty minutes away from downtown Nairobi. The deliberate choice of this location was to grant these children a glimpse, however fleeting, into the joys and experiences that their more privileged counterparts often take for granted. Poverty had denied them the simple pleasures of childhood, but on this day, the boundaries of their world expanded, and the transformative power of love and compassion began to unfold.

Though Gravity Amusement Park may not have been vast in size, it overflowed with enchantment and merriment. Carousel rides, rotating cups, and the exhilarating octopus were but a few of the attractions that awaited these eager children. Their laughter filled the air as they bounced on trampolines and slid down three towering inflatable slides. Yet, it was the Gravitron ride that captured their hearts, creating unforgettable memories that would forever resonate within their souls.

As the dawn of April 8 broke, rain cascaded from the heavens, casting doubt on the feasibility of utilizing the fairgrounds. Despite this setback, the children arrived after 9:00 a.m., brimming with hope and anticipation.

In response to the relentless downpour, they were promptly ushered to the feeding area rather than the fairgrounds. Paradoxically, the rain infused the gathering with a unique vibrancy, as the absence of functioning rides allowed the children to focus entirely on the communal feast.

Their hungry stomachs were sated with a delectable array of sustenance: succulent chicken, comforting spaghetti, fragrant rice, and their beloved sausages. To their immense delight, soft drinks — luxuries rarely afforded to them — and refreshing bottled water quenched their thirst. Laughter and jubilation resounded as the children showcased their talents through captivating African dance performances.

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The rain eventually ceased, and the resplendent sun emerged, casting its golden rays upon the grounds. The operator switched on the rides, and the atmosphere became electric with exuberance. For two glorious hours, the children reveled in the magic of the amusement park, embracing the thrill of each exhilarating adventure.

However, the capricious weather once again unleashed its watery torrents, compelling the children to gather in the feeding area for the presentation of gifts and the sharing of a delectable cake. Their faces radiated sheer joy and gratitude as they unwrapped the boxes that held treasures beyond measure. Each child received precious school supplies — notebooks, pencils, crayons — a means to nurture their dreams and empower their pursuit of knowledge. Water tumblers, slippers, candies, cookies, milk, and whimsical whistle toys completed the collection of cherished items, igniting their imaginations and reaffirming their worthiness of a brighter future.

Dancing became a testament to the irrepressible spirit that infused this extraordinary day. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone twirled and swayed, momentarily transcending their circumstances and embracing the collective joy that transcended language, culture, and adversity.

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Food prepared to sustain four hundred people, including the two hundred children, their devoted guardians, and faithful members of the Kingdom in Kenya, nourished not just their bodies but their souls as well. The generosity knew no bounds, as stuffed toys from faraway Dubai were brought to comfort and delight the youngest attendees. And to ensure that the childlike wonder extended to all, a cotton candy operator was enlisted, delighting children and adults alike with its sweet, ethereal confections.

After the exchange of gifts, a rush of excitement propelled the children toward the glistening swimming pool, beckoning them to plunge into its cool depths. The water, resembling the hues of coffee and cream, welcomed their gleeful splashes and carefree laughter, painting a portrait of innocent delight and unfettered freedom.

As the event drew to a close, the memories etched in the hearts of these children and all those in attendance were indelible. The transformative power of love, generosity, and compassion had worked its magic, rekindling hope, and kindling a flame of possibility within each young soul. Though the day had been ephemeral, its impact would reverberate far beyond its boundaries, illuminating paths yet untrodden and instilling a belief in a future brighter than ever imagined.

On this day, the world witnessed not just a feeding session or a day of amusement but an extraordinary testament to the boundless potential of humanity when united in love and driven by a shared vision of a better world.

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