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Inside the Mind of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

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Inside the Mind of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

Inside the Mind of PACQ 3

A spiritual leader of seven million, a televangelist and outstanding public speaker, a father to the fatherless and oppressed – how did this native son of Tamayong manage to build the “Kingdom of God on earth” despite concerted attacks and false accusations. 

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has been receiving a lot of attention these days both in the mainstream and alternative media, both of positive and negative publicity. 

His name trends among commentators and vloggers, that “Quiboloy” becomes a catchphrase or a clickbait for engagements and views. 

Learn about his story:

A Native Son

Born on April 25, 1950 to Jose Turla Quiboloy and Maria Sambat Carreon of Pampanga, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is the youngest among nine children. Remarkably, among his siblings, he is the only one born in Mindanao.

Records from local historians reveal that the pastor’s paternal great grandfather is Cayetano Quiboloy. 

The surname Quiboloy was common in Pampanga during the Spanish period. But the ancestry traces back to one of the ten islands near Malaysia, it could be from Borneo, Celebes or Sumatra.

Between 1846-1850, these traders from the southwest island of the Pacific Ocean ventured to Pangasinan to sell salt and other goods until he settled in the town of Lubao and lived in the village of Sta. Teresa. 

Cayetano, together with his wife Cecilia Manalili, had nine children: Luis, Ines, Lazaro, Dionisio, Alfonso, Petra, Gaudencio, Tiburcio and Romana. 

Dionisio Quiboloy, grandfather of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, was described as a man with “sound perception of purpose, lucid reasoning ability, and a strong, indomitable will”. He was married to Anastasia Turla, a woman described as having “a sense of genuine love for others, self-possession, and a courage to defend the right.” 

In one of the letters written by his son, Jose, he wrote that his father, Dionisio was a pre-law student who attended Spanish class in Bacolor, Pampanga. His first job was as a clerk of court in the municipality (of Lubao), later he would be a delegate of the sheriff in the province. When US Governor General Leonard Wood came to the Philippines, he was appointed as provincial sheriff.

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It was said that Dionisio has debated cases speaking the Spanish language.

On the other hand, Anastacia is the grandchild of Doña Maxima Flores, who is the daughter of Don Balbino Flores y Alberto, a Spanish colonel who joined the Spanish Armada to the Philippines in the 18th century. He was from Granada, Spain.

Dionisio and Anastasia produced eight children: Jose, Emilio, Alejandro, Delfin, Constantino, Eden, Angeles and Marcela.

Alejandro (1909-1990) was an educator, public servant, veteran and protestant minister. He was appointed as presidential assistant on Community Development (PACD) during the Macapagal administration.

Delfin (1911-1999) was a poet laureate, a playwright whose exceptional literary achievements in World poetry and Kapampangan poetry were recognized by the United Poet Laureates International. 

Constantino (1912-2000) was a principal and district school supervisor in Mabalacat, Pampanga. He also carved a niche in writing, however in the English language unlike his brother, Delfin who profusely wrote in Kapampangan.

The eldest, Jose (1905-1981) is the father of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. He is a farmer, a fisherman, a public school teacher, a writer and also a novelist. His works include Maligayang Impiyerno (Glorious Hell) and Malagung Ubingan (Beautiful Snake).

According to Marlen V. Ronquillo, Jose Quiboloy and Maria Carreon, the parents of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, were not unlettered peasant agitators like many others who were forcibly shipped to Mindanao. If Lubao had something close to a functioning intelligentsia then, the Quiboloys were part of it. They were educated. They were teachers and poets.

On the maternal side, Pastor Apollo’s mother, Maria has origins dating back to Don Pedro Carreon, a Spanish curate in Cavite province.

Jose and Maria produced nine children: Ellen Portia, Leonardo, Emilio, Flora, Jose, Brilla, Leonardo, Columbia and Apollo. 

Only Pastor Apollo, in the brood of nine, remained single in dedication to his special calling as the spiritual leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

All male children became pastors or leaders in their respective churches. The women were equally successful in raising children who are now professionals in different fields. 

Jose and Maria Quiboloy, birth parents of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, were originally from Pampanga in Luzon, but migrated to Mindanao to seek the proverbial green pastures. (Enhanced photo)
Jose and Maria Quiboloy, birth parents of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, were originally from Pampanga in Luzon, but migrated to Mindanao to seek the proverbial green pastures. (Enhanced photo)

How Jose and Maria’s family migrated to Mindanao is ascribable to the adventurous and impulsive spirit of Jose – who doesn’t like white collar jobs, but loves to work on land or at sea. He wrote that it was his hobby of orcharding that brought him there at the foot of Mt. Apo, and that he loved to plant bananas wherever he goes.

Pastor Apollo’s family adopted Davao City as their new home: from being a son of Lubao, to becoming a son of Mindanao.

Son of God

Tamayong is the birthplace of Pastor Apollo as well as of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

In the 70s, he enrolled in a Bible College with the hope that it would help raise his family from poverty. His leadership skills as well as outstanding management abilities were commended by American missionaries that he was promoted as National Youth President in his denomination to the International Youth Corps.

In 1973,  as the only Filipino representative among a delegation of 184 attendees mostly from the USA and Canada, he was sent to Seoul, South Korea to attend Billy Graham’s largest crusade.

It was during a ballroom service in this event that he heard an audible voice from God speaking in Cebuano, “Gamiton ta ka.” (I will use you.)

In his mind, “Why would God say He will use me when he was already using me?”

In one of his travels as a young evangelist
In one of his travels as a young evangelist

This became a defining moment for Pastor Apollo in his calling – when he returned to the Philippines, there were circumstances that led him to two mountains, where his spiritual sojourn would begin.

From being an ‘apple of the eye’ among the missionaries, he was led by the Spirit of God to Kitbog, Malalag Cogon, Sarangani Province (this used to be part of South Cotabato before re-zoning) living among the Blaan natives.

To Pastor Apollo, this one-year spiritual experience in Kitbog was his ‘Mountain of Decision’ – God erasing all doubts and confusion in his mind through dreams, revelations, and other heavenly experiences.

After a year, he found himself back in his hometown, Tamayong. This was where he was persecuted severely for five years – even by his own brother for leaving a princely life in the denomination in exchange for an uncertain future in this so-called spiritual calling.

This experience was the ‘Furnace of Affliction.’

Day and night, there were mockers and detractors who would stone his small hut and call him names. 

Day and night, there were mockers and detractors who would stone his small hut and call him names. 

After these six years of intense tribulation, which he endured without fighting back, he heard another voice from heaven which said, “Now you are my Son.”

It was also in Tamayong where he was anointed fifty years ago. In biblical language, to be anointed means to be sanctified or set apart for a special mission. 

Pastor Apollo’s mission as the ‘Appointed Son of God’ is to build the Kingdom of heaven here on earth as preached by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thy Kingdom Come

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name (KOJC for brevity) was officially established on September 1, 1985 in Davao City. 

It is a faith-based organization that has grown from fifteen members to a conservative estimate (as of 2023) of 7 million followers around the world. 

As founder, Pastor Apollo acts as spiritual leader of his flock, while the management and organizational affairs are entrusted to administrators and leaders which are based in its Central Headquarters in the Philippines.

Since 1985, he has preached both locally and internationally through his concert crusades, and have widely made use of TV, radio and all forms of media for transmission of these messages. 

To date, close to 65,000 tapes which contain an estimated count of 597,483 hours worth of preaching are all archived in his multimedia library, digitized for rebroadcast and publication.

Long before Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) was born, Pastor Apollo’s messages were aired on different stations on a blocktime basis.

In the early days of the ministry, buying airtime was a challenge, but with the steady contribution and donations from KOJC members and supporters, the television ministry sustained and has progressed into a media outlet that provides not only the Word of God, but also news, information and public affairs programs.

In 2016, SMNI took an active role in the creation of programs and advocacies that promote the good – introducing itself as “SMNI: truth that matters.”

Preaching in one of his flagship programs, Give Us This Day, on Live TV aired via SMNI.
Preaching in one of his flagship programs, Give Us This Day, on Live TV aired via SMNI.

From 2022 to 2023 more than 120 awards were given to anchors, reporters, program hosts and SMNI itself for constructive reporting, insightful commentaries on the fearless fight against the evils of society, and highlighting the contributions of both government and non-government agencies for nation-building. 

SMNI’s election coverage in 2022 was widely acclaimed, especially the ‘Deep Probe’ Presidential Interviews – for setting a world-class quality for election debates. 

This made SMNI the “most trusted and credible media network” recognized here in the Philippines and abroad. 

The ingenious use of media for evangelization has led to the massive conversion of souls.

These converts are taught in KOJC extension churches or ‘Kingdom Light Congregations’ (KLCs) that are strategically located in 200 countries and territories, and 2,000 cities worldwide.

Ministers and missionaries have also been produced and sent to these KLCs after graduating from the ACQ College of Ministries. 

For KOJC members who decide to serve full-time in the ministry, they are enrolled in this training program to be developed into leaders and missionary workers who can be assigned wherever in the world.

Education is very vital in the ministry of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy that aside from his bible college, the Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc., a non-sectarian academic institution was also established.

JMCFI was named after his parents, Jose and Maria. 

The need to educate the growing number of children and youth who are members of the KOJC was what Pastor Apollo had in mind when the JMCFI was built. 

At present, around 70% of the student population are scholars, their tuition and other fees subsidized in order for them to experience ‘Assured, Consistent and Quality (ACQ) Education.’

Aside from basic education, JMCFI offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs including the multi-awarded College of Law and College of Medicine. 

The JMCFI College of Law was recognized for 100% passing rate and four exemplary passers in the 2020-21 Bar exams.

In 2023, it was recognized by the Legal Education Board as one of the top performing law schools which produced 39 bar passers.

 From 2021 until 2023, a total of 65 JMarian lawyers are now proudly engaged in the legal profession.

Inspiring graduates during a gathering of JMCFI College of Law
Inspiring graduates during a gathering of JMCFI College of Law

Moreover, the JMCFI College of Medicine program was acknowledged by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as it works to be the leading institution in the medical field, crafting physicians with a heart.

In February 2024, a JMarian landed the seventh place in the February 2024 Criminology Licensure Examination.

He is the sole topnotcher from Davao City.

The basketball varsity team, JMC Kings, has made itself known for their consecutive wins due to impressive teamwork and athleticism. 

The Visayas-Mindanao champions were qualified in national tournaments, playing against Manila-based university teams.

JMCFI Integrated Basic Education (IBED) was also recognized as one of the top-performing private schools with the highest number of enrollments in the school year 2023-2024. 

Presently, JMCFI is accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities and is an associate member of the ASEAN University Network (AUN).

The picturesque campus situated near the Davao International Airport also made JMCFI a constant venue for national and international events. 

The Philippine Int’l Mathematical Olympiad (PHIMO) with delegates from Iran, Cambodia, Australia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam was held at the JMCFI campus.

Likewise, it hosted the Mindanao-wide Radiologic Technology Intercollegiate Day with over 900 delegates in December 2023.

Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc is committed to become a world-class university by producing God-fearing and globally competitive individuals who demonstrate proficiency in their respective fields of specialization.

Jose Maria College Foundation Inc., Campus in Davao City
Jose Maria College Foundation Inc., Campus in Davao City

Love Your Neighbor

The pioneer member of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in one of the baptismal rites in Davao City
The pioneer members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in one of the baptismal rites in Davao City

Alongside the preaching of the Word of God, Pastor Apollo has initiated ministry to the poor programs to thousands of beneficiaries coming from the marginalized sectors of the society – ranging from malnourished children, the handicapped, indigenous peoples and indigenous communities, the out of school youths and even the unemployed.

Pastor Apollo recalls that moment in his life when he had to wait for hours awkwardly outside a store in Tamayong to borrow rice since his family had no money to buy food.

As he often said, ‘Every meal was a challenge.’

He remembered a Chinese man who took a bag, put rice, canned goods, and instant noodles and gave it to him.

It was an act of kindness that he has never forgotten. 

That incident created a very pivotal impact in Pastor Apollo’s life that he made a promise to the Father that when He blesses him, he would give a bulk of his blessings to benefit the children. 

The first beneficiaries are the members and missionary workers of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, who are predominantly from the lower middle class.

Food, clothing, personal hygiene needs, housing, travel and transportation expenses, medical and dental allowances, even educational opportunities are provided to those who work full-time in the ministry. 

It is the goal of Pastor Apollo that ‘no one is left behind’ – as the Kingdom ministry progresses, each member and missionary also gets an upgrade in their standard of living. 

The KOJC humanitarian programs range from taking care of humanity and preserving his environment.
The KOJC humanitarian programs range from taking care of humanity and preserving his environment.

He envisions a decent and dignified life for every Kingdom Citizen, that while a missionary is engaged in the work of the Lord, he also enjoys conveniences and amenities without having to worry about his needs. 

Soon, the humanitarian support extended even also to the underprivileged citizens of the society.

Moved by God’s mandate to love our neighbors, relevant non-stock, non-profit organizations, duly registered in accordance with the law, have been established to specifically address the needs of various marginalized sectors.

The Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. reaches out to disadvantaged, neglected, and poor children in the Philippines by providing rehabilitative and developmental services to children and youth.

Since 1998, CJFI has been providing for their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and education while caring for them to become responsible and productive citizens.

It operates five (5) accredited 24-hour residential care centers nationwide for orphaned and neglected children under the guidance of trained staff. 

For more than 20 years, the CJFI has been one of the most respected and highly regarded Social Welfare Development Agencies for its best service.

In 2019, it was hailed as the Best Non-Government Organization (NGO) for its notable contribution to help indigent families and the disadvantaged children.

Every year since 2006, in time for the birthday of its founding president, the International Children’s Day (ICD) has been celebrated in 85 major areas around the world, with the biggest gathering of children held in Davao City. 

At the KJC Compound alone, more than 50,000 children and their families receive free food, gifts, and a day of treats and entertainment. 

Since the pandemic limited large group gatherings, the ICD evolved into community-based assemblies, reaching more communities with the banner, “All We need is love.”

From the Philippines, it has extended to Malaysia, the children of the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky, USA, the tribal communities of Brazil and even as far as Nairobi, Kenya. These are just a few of the countries which receive periodic assistance from the CJFI. 

The Sonshine Philippines Movement (SPM) was founded in 2005 with the guiding principle of restoring the earth through reforestation programs and clean-up drives. 

KOJC’s property in Tamayong, the Glory Mountain, which is planted with close to 500,000 Benguet pine trees and other endemic species of hardwood trees has reduced the impact of erosion, flooding and landslides at the foothills of Mt. Apo.

This is SPM’s exhibit ‘A’ when it comes to environmental preservation. 

In 2023 alone, together with government agencies like the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine Coast Guard and organizations from the private sectors, it conducted tree planting activities in Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas, at the foothills of Mt. Mayon in Sto. Domingo, Albay and at the ancestral domain of Tagabawa tribe in Brgy. Goma, Digos; mangrove planting in Noveleta, Cavite, regular coastal clean-up at the Manila Bay.

Consequently, the SMNI Foundation, Inc., aims to alleviate the sufferings and difficulties experienced by persons affected by natural and man-made calamities.

In the event of each disaster, SMNI Foundation spearheads the distribution of buckets of relief goods, food items, potable water, sacks of rice, medicine, blankets and mattresses in evacuation centers. 

As per 2023 records, more than 2,500 families have been given assistance particularly those affected by the earthquake in Abra, landslide in Bagbag, Leyte, and flood victims in Mindanao.   

Its partnership with the Chinese Embassy was able to help hundreds of families in the series of relief distributions in typhoon-stricken areas of Brgy. Calitcalit, San Juan, Batangas, Brgy. Dila, Bay, Laguna, Panay, Capiz and Misamis Occidental. 

The Keepers Club International (KCI) is a youth organization that aims to foster spirituality as well as social and environmental awareness among young people, steering them away from destructive vices such as drugs.

KCI has also secured membership of the Youth Organization Registration Program (YORP) under the supervision of the National Youth Commission.

This amplifies the organization’s capacity to initiate impactful projects and initiatives that address various challenges faced by young individuals.

In Davao City, in tandem with JMCFI, it hosted the Kilos Kabataan para sa Kapayapaan, a youth empowerment event focused on equipping youth against communist recruitment in Davao City.

Pastor Apollo was adopted by elders of Indigenous groups as one of their Datus - among the Obu-Manuvu, he is Datu Pamulingan (one who has possesses a discerning spirit and a divine gift from God; among Blaan tribe, he is Datu Tud Labun (access to heaven)

Pastor Apollo was adopted by elders of Indigenous groups as one of their Datus – among the Obu-Manuvu, he is Datu Pamulingan (one who has possessed a divine gift from God; among Blaan tribe, he is Datu Tud Labun (access to heaven)

The United Indigenous People’s Heritage of the Philippines or Uniphil was created to support the indigenous people who are considered as one of the most vulnerable groups in the country because they are being exploited, abused, and discriminated against by communist terrorist groups in the country. 

Uniphil stands with our IP brethren in defending their rights, particularly with respect to the ancestral domain. At the same time, it provides assistance in medical care, literacy, legal and socio-economic services. 

In 2022, it inked a solid partnership with the National Commision on Indigenous Peoples in order to reach 101 indigenous peoples and indigenous cultural communities and ethno-linguistic groups in the Philippines whose population reaches about 17 million. 

Under the leadership and initiative of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the large-scale philanthropic activities as well as environmental preservation efforts have also been recognized by prestigious award-giving bodies. 

Just to name some:

  • On Sept. 28, 2023, the Asia’s Humanitarian Hero Awards 2023 named the SMNI Foundation, Inc. as the “Most Trusted Humanitarian Foundation of the Year” and Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy with the “Lifetime Achiever and Most Active Humanitarian Advocate of the Year”
  • Nation Builders and Mosliv Awards have conferred Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy as the Spiritual Leader with Strong Advocacy for Peace and Nation Builder of the Year, SMNI as the Certified Most Sustainable and Reliable News Channel  and SMNI Foundation as the Most Exceptional Humanitarian Foundation on June 30, 2023
  • Asia Pacific Luminare Awards lauded Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy as the Outstanding Advocator for Environment and Humanity May 24, 2023
  • He was conferred with the “Green Leader Award” by the Brave Maharlikan Tigers in recognition to his exemplary leadership through environmental and social initiatives, particularly his initiatives in converting Glory Mountain through reforestation programs which transformed the mountain into a carbon sink on December 19, 2022 
  • He was commended as “Outstanding Philanthropist and Inspirational Leader of the Year” by the Global Entertainment and Events Management Inc. and Asia Pacific Awards Council on October 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • He was honored for his impressive contribution to the humanitarian and environmental preservation campaign at the 6th Outstanding Men & Women of the Philippines 2022 on August 27, 2022
  • He also received a distinction from the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Outstanding Filipino Achiever 2022 with the prestigious Nation-Building Lifetime Achievement Awards at The Manila Hotel on May 27, 2022 
Doctoral Conferment of Honoris Causa degrees and various awards from international organizations on July 20. 2022
Doctoral Conferment of Honoris Causa degrees and various awards from international organizations on July 20. 2022

He was given the distinction as Outstanding Humanitarian Pastor of the Year at the 20th Gawad Amerika Awards on November 20, 2021, held in Hollywood, California, USA Notable also in 2022 is the conferment of three doctorate degrees, honoris causa and high-profile awards from various international institutions to the esteemed KOJC spiritual leader.

The rank of Doctor Honoris Causa is an honorific title granted recognizing numerous valuable contributions for social development, environmental preservation, and nation-building not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

From the National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) based in Bucharest, Romania:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Public Service (Honoris Causa)
  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities (Honoris Causa)

From the Globe Eagle University based in California, USA:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities and Public Service

These degrees represent an achievement that he is at the pinnacle of academic recognition, and as recipient of these degrees, Pastor Apollo joins a community of scholars united in a commitment to the pursuit of world peace, harmony, and unity.

One of the most prestigious honors that was given to Pastor Apollo is the World Missionary Chaplain, Brigadier General — the highest rank given in the US military that even the most seasoned military leaders spend their entire career working towards but very few manage to achieve.

Among his awards are:

  1. Presidential Medal of Excellence and Merit of Excellence Medal from the United Nation-Intergovernmental Organization (UN IGO) in appreciation of his sincere dedication and commitment to interfaith harmony, gender equality, peace, justice and support in the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the Philippines;
  1. Service Medal for Humanitarian Service and Honorary Appointment as Humanitarian Ambassador to the Philippines of ICTC-ICTA;
  1. Conacce Certificate as World Missionary Chaplain where he is awarded the rank of World Missionary Chaplain Brigadier General, an official title with the United Nations accredited by the Chief of Chaplains, United States Army;
  1. Judicial Medal of Excellence and Badge from the International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights (ISCAHR) as Court Goodwill Ambassador of Religious Harmony & Social Justice and Messenger of Peace;
  1. Plaque of Recognition from the International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights (ISCAHR) to SMNI for the outstanding commitment, dedication to nation-building, investigative journalism and transparency in public information.

In 2019, Pastor Apollo was also given an international award of distinction as Pioneer Ambassador for Global Peace in recognition of his global moral values, inter-religious cooperation, international harmony, responsible mass media practitioner, and a strong commitment to the establishment of a culture of peace transcending racial, national, and international religious barriers, contributing to the fulfillment of the hope of all ages, a unified global peace wherein the spiritual and material dimensions of life are harmonized and solidified.

In 2016, he was chosen as Most Outstanding Kapampangan (MOKA) awardee in Religion. Although born and based in Davao City, Pastor Quiboloy is a son of Kapampangan spouses Jose Turla Quiboloy and Maria Carreon from Lubao, Pampanga.

These are just some of the prominent awards bestowed upon the Kingdom of Jesus Christ leader for his exemplary leadership in a span of 38 years in his ministry. 

It is also noteworthy that along with these acclaim and commendations, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy took the lead in the building of the King Dome, a 75,000-seating capacity house of worship which will soon be the largest indoor cathedral in the world.

This multi-billion megastructure is a testament to the decades of unwavering faith, solid unity and sacrifice of every Kingdom Citizen. 

Prior to this project, Pastor Apollo was already keen on construction projects for the territorial expansion of the KOJC from its base in Davao City to the rest of the world. 

Seated in its 30-hectare main headquarters are the KJC Cathedral, which is the main sanctuary, the Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc and ACQ College of Ministries buildings, the SMNI Worldwide Broadcast Studio, administrative offices, multi-purpose spaces for kitchens, dormitories and event halls. 

KOJC also maintains two mountain retreat areas in Davao City – both the Covenant Mountain and Garden of Eden Restored and the Glory Mountain are located in Brgy. Tamayong, Davao City. 

These properties were designed to meet the spiritual restoration needs of missionaries and members, at the same time, the large tracts of land are occupied for agricultural and husbandry activities to supply the growing population of the ministry.

 Pastor Apollo tours former president Rodrigo Duterte at the nearly completed, King Dome.
In 2023, Pastor Apollo tours former Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte at the nearly completed King Dome.

An Excellent Mindset: Wired for Success

The phenomenal rise of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, its multifaceted triumphs here and around the globe is a product of a progressive mindset. 

The Almighty God has indeed placed a powerful mental fortitude that made him rise above adversity, making each trial and tribulation an opportunity to soar high until he reaches this pinnacle of success.

 While there are always detractors and skeptics, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy took the moral high ground to show love, kindness and compassion even if the world does not love him back.

While he is reviled, and being evil spoken of, he walked the path of peace to be called a son of God.

 While he is persecuted, maligned and vilified, he prays and blesses them. 

For a man who endures and suffers for righteousness’ sake, blessings will follow all the days of his life.


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