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The Clock Strikes 6; The Son is Glorified!

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The Clock Strikes 6; The Son is Glorified!

The entire Kingdom Nation is celebrating because the long wait is over.

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The Clock Strikes 6; The Son is Glorified!

The entire Kingdom Nation is celebrating because the long wait is over. The minute hand of the Father’s time clock has finally moved, and it is 6 o’clock. The glorious Glorification of the Appointed Son has taken place, and all eyes shall see Him as He is.

December 9, 2023, will be remembered in the annals of Kingdom History as the day the good news broke out that the Son has entered the Glorification Era, and His earthly ministry has ended. The Son only came for one mission, and that is to build the Kingdom of God on this earth, and it is finished. His work is finally done.

After all the devil’s tactics to hinder the Son so that he would not be able to reach this phase on December 9, throwing at him all lies and dirt throughout the years, he has finally crossed the invisible line towards the Glorification Period.

Blessed are those who believe though they do not see. Blessed are those who commit not the same mistake as Thomas, who only believed after he thrust his finger into the hole of the Savior’s palm and saw with his own eyes the Begotten Son glorified.

Glorification among those who follow the Son requires the same loyalty, commitment, dedication, obedience, and repentance as he does, ready to leave this world without any attachments to anything.

The power of Glorification is at the disposal of his hand, and when that power is activated, it is the power to appear and disappear at will. All things happen in the spirit and by faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Only by believing can one be pleasing to the Father, for these are among the things that “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

With this greatest revelation, all things in the Kingdom Nation will continue and remain as they are until the Almighty Father says so through His Appointed Son.

Romans 8:30 is fulfilled, which says:

“Moreover, whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.”

Romans 8:30

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17 responses to “The Clock Strikes 6; The Son is Glorified!”

  1. Mary grace tadeo avatar
    Mary grace tadeo

    Thank you so much pastor

  2. Mercy Pastor Agliam avatar
    Mercy Pastor Agliam

    We are forever grateful and thankful Pastor sa walang sawang pag gabay, pasensya at inyong pagmamahal sa amin para kami po ay maging spiritually matured po na kagaya nyo po Pastor! Much thanks po Pastor sa mga katuruan niyo sa mga instructions niyo po sa amin, di po namin magagawa ang lahat ng mga ito kung wala po kayo sa aming buhay!! Loves u forever Pastor Apollo Quiboloy!🥰🥰🥰🥰

  3. Aileen Caril Tejada avatar

    Thank you po pastor, dahil nakapasok po ako sa bansang kaharian of God,marami pong nabago sa buhay ko.salamat po sa mga salita ng ama na ininabahagi nyo.po sa amin.
    I love u pastor,

  4. Aracelie Momo Hecita avatar
    Aracelie Momo Hecita

    Thank you so much Pastor . We love you . Salamat kaayo sa tanan na na overcome nimo . Kung Wala ka Pastor wala pud mi. Salamat sa imong commitment, obedience, loyalty ug faithfullness . Sundon ug kinabuhion na namo tanan imong mga bulawan nga mga pulong po Pastor. Salamat , salamat kaayo.

  5. Anna Mae Camayudo avatar
    Anna Mae Camayudo

    Pastor dako jud akong pasalamat diha kanimo tungod sa kaluwasan sa akong kalag, forever grateful jud ko Pastor nga nailhan ka nako dili pa ulahi ang tanan, salamat kaau sa imong sacrifice para sa among tanan Pastor…dili mapalit ug bisag unsa pa nga butang sa kalibutan ang kaluwasan, kalipay nga among nadawat, thank you so much Pastor, we love you!!!!

  6. Geraldine Lime Agra avatar

    Salamat po ng Marami Pastor ACQ PTFTTSNK Amen 🙏 ♥️

  7. Ma.Liza Patria avatar

    Forever grateful and thankful to our Almighty Father our Lord Jesus Christ the Creator of All Tru His Anointed and Appointed Son PACQ 🥰🙏 I believe that Pastor ACQ has already been glorified,how happy I am that Pastor ACQ is now glorified and death has no power over Him…and finally their is now one man that came from fallen Adamic race can say “death where is thy sting” whooooo…the victory is our 🥰🙏thank you Pastor ACQ and We love you till eternity 💞🙏💞

  8. Heartie B. Guades avatar
    Heartie B. Guades

    Salamat po Pastor for EVERYTHING!!!

  9. Abegail Joy Lopez avatar
    Abegail Joy Lopez

    Thank you Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy for your compassion and love for us. And to all your message that we received that brings enlightenment to all people who deceived by serpent seed and now, we are forever grateful to have you in our life. No one can pay the love, happiness and joy that we felt right now.

  10. Mary Jane Cabrales avatar
    Mary Jane Cabrales

    Maraming salamat Pastor sa lahat Ng sacrifices mo sa para Kami maenlighten sa sa tunay na klooban Ng Dakilang Ama .. 🙏 PTFTTSPACQ

  11. Melody Sales avatar
    Melody Sales

    Thank you so much Pastor for all your teachings and guidance. We are forever grateful having you in our midst. Your love and compassion is immeasurable. Thank you Pastor for changing my life.

  12. Mary Ann Concillado avatar
    Mary Ann Concillado

    Praise the Father Almighty thank you PASTOR ❤️ for everything 🙏

  13. Christina cimafranca avatar
    Christina cimafranca

    I’ve known you since 1985 Pastor.. I’ve seen how this ministry started. Thank you soooo much Pastor for everything. We owe everything to you.


    Thank You Pastor for the complete message of Salvation of our soul.

  15. Eulalia Monte Casili avatar
    Eulalia Monte Casili

    Thank you so much Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.
    For visiting me on December 9, 2024 my Birthday. Thank you for the words of God ❤️ you had taught me and my family. We stand for you.

  16. Angelica M. Alquizar avatar
    Angelica M. Alquizar

    Thank you so much po Pastor sa tanan labi na sa kaluwasan na akong na angkon !!! Tungod nimo Pastor nahimong mahinungdanon akong kinabuhi …
    We Love you Pastor ❤️❤️❤️
    “We Stand for you no matter what !

  17. julifer arabiana avatar
    julifer arabiana

    Daghan kaayong salamat Pastor.. usa ako sa nabag-o sa mga pulong sa Amahan sa pamaagi sa imong mga tudlo. Kung wala ka Pastor wala ko kahibalo kung asa ko karon.. Daghan gyung salamat.

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