The Appointed Son of God

The Son: The Temple of the Father

The Appointed Son of God 2

The Son: The Temple of the Father

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Give Us This Day · September 5, 2011

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The Son: The Temple of the Father

When Jesus Christ came as the Begotten Son in the Jewish Setting, He began to introduce a new type of worship which was spiritual in nature.

In John 4:23-24, He said, “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”

They did not understand that because their worship at that time was centered on the temple in Jerusalem.

The temple of Jerusalem was the heaven on earth of the Jewish people. That is where the presence of God was — that is where the Shekinah Glory was. So when they offered something, they would go to the temple.

When they pray, they prayed towards the direction of the temple because that was the Father’s heaven on earth. The earth was the Jewish people who received those teachings from the guardians of the temple — the priest and the High priest.

So, at that time, when Jesus Christ came, He pointed to the temple and He said in Matthew 24:35, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

When He said heaven and earth shall pass away, it doesn’t literally mean that heaven will bow to us and the earth will fall beneath us. It does not literally refer to the terra firma that we’re stepping on or the blue sky above.

Temple-centered worship is the earth and the teachings that they received as coming from God is the heaven. Those are the heavens and the earth that are going to pass away.  But “My words,” He said, “shall not pass away.” They did not understand at that time that He was already going to change that type of temporary worship into a permanent one.

The Son: The New Temple Where the Father Dwells

Jesus Christ talked to the Jewish people and He said in John 3:19: “Destroy this temple, and in three (3) days, I will raise it up.” In verse 20, the Jewish people looked to Him and said, “Forty and six years was this temple in building and wilt though rear it up  in 3 days?”

In verse 21, we read: “But the temple He had spoken of was His body.”

The Jewish people did not understand or did not know that He was talking about the temple which was His body.

That is where the Father dwells now. This is the new arrangement for worship because the Father will not dwell in buildings made with hands. He will only dwell in a building He made himself.

Remember that when man was created, He took and scooped dust from the earth and formed man by Himself.

Everything was spoken to existence — let there be light, and there was light; let there be firmament and there was firmament; let there be seas, and there were seas.

But God did not speak us into existence. He created us with His own hands so we are a special creation of the Father. The Father’s intention was so that He could manifest Himself through us.

And now, you know the story of how we fell. The serpent came and tempted Adam and Eve. They were tempted and fell from the grace of the Father by disobedience.

So from that time on, it was not God who dwelt in man, it was Satan Lucifer the Devil, through the serpent seed making man a god unto himself.

Satan told Eve in Genesis 3:4-5, “You will not surely die, but you will become a god like Him. You will become gods like Him, knowing evil and good.” So, when Adam and Eve disobeyed the command and ate of the forbidden fruit, they became gods to themselves.

What that does mean? They now can interpret evil and good according to themselves, not according to God anymore. Because if you sustained obedience to the command of the Father, God becomes the God in your life. It means you will obey and subscribe to His interpretation of what is good and evil. That is what you’ll believe, that is what you will follow.

But right now, the cord has been broken. Our connection to the Almighty was totally broken because Adam and Eve disobeyed. They became gods to themselves. That is what Satan’s instigation was all about, for you to become a god to yourself, interpreting good and evil, not according to God, but according to you. That is the serpent seed within us.

The Father’s Plan is Put Into Action

So God was not able to dwell within us because His plan was aborted. And Satan Lucifer the Devil dwelled within us without us knowing. That is how great a master deceiver Satan Lucifer the Devil is.

Now when Jesus Christ came, He brought redemption and salvation.

What is redemption? Redemption is taking us back to where we were before.

If somebody kidnaps you, for example, in order for me to redeem you, I have to do something. I may give in to the demands of the kidnapper, I may pay a ransom, or I may try to rescue you by force. But as long as you’re in the hands of the kidnapper, you are lost. And my plan of salvation will remain just like that. A plan.

But the Father’s plan was put into action. He took us, but He respected our freedom of choice. So He just told us, that this is the way — repent or surrender the serpent seed that is in you through your freedom of choice. Surrender your being a god so that I can become your God again so that you will follow and subscribe to my interpretation of what is good and evil according to me, not according to you. That is what salvation is all about.

When you are able to grasp that and with your freedom of choice, freely surrender to Him your serpent seed, which is your own will, and then subscribe to the Will of the Almighty Father, you are rescued. You are redeemed. And then everything that the devil took from you — the Sonship and the Kingship — will be brought back.

The Jewish people did not understand that and Jesus Christ told them that. We can read this in John 2:19-21: “Jesus answered and said unto them, destroy this temple in three days, I will raise it up. Then said the Jews, forty and six years was this temple in building and will thou rear it up in three days? But He spake of the temple of His body.”

“He spake of the temple of His body.” I am emphasizing that because the time is going to come when God’s plan from the beginning that we become His residence is going to be executed, whether Satan Lucifer the Devil will like it or not. 

And the Father made a model out of the Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, in the Jewish Setting, that in becoming a human like Him, He identified himself with us. That is sending us a message that we human beings do not have any reason at all not to be able to let God live within us because we can do it now. As my model, the Begotten Son, has done it, you, too, can do it.

As he said in John 1:12, “But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”

So that was the beginning of it. There was already a way that was made when the temple curtain was broken into two. And the temple was laid open and bare.

That was when God already put aside the temporary form of worship.

Now He can dwell in man.

The Jewish Age wasn’t able to grasp that, and the Church Age people were not able to grasp that, but when the Father isolated me in two (2) mountains in six (6) years, I thank the Father that I’m here talking about it right now. That is because the Father completed His work of Salvation in His Appointed Son. He can now dwell within us. He told me, “Now you are my Son.”

Remember, we will not be sons and daughters of the Almighty unless we understand His revelations. We may be religious, but we are not spiritual. 

Many thought that one day, they will face the Almighty Father’s judgment bearing the credentials of religiosity. But the Father would answer them, as stated in Matthew 7: 21-23, “Not all who say, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.”

Doing the will of the Father, who is in Heaven, is the great subject of salvation because we do our own will. That is the life of sin.

Receive the Great Salvation

The life of righteousness is going back to the Father’s will. The subject of salvation is very simple, but it was made profound by religion and denominations which made us go into a web of confusion.

We thank the Almighty Father that one day, He enlightened us, told us, and showed us things we have not ever seen before.

The door is wide open for us to come in and receive this great salvation I’m talking about. When you cooperate and surrender your will to Him, you will stand before Him, and maybe you’ll be one of those who will complain, as we read in Matthew 7:22, “Lord didn’t we cast out demons in your name? Lord, did we not do wonderful works in your name? Lord, did we not prophesy in your name?”

What is disappointing is what the Father will say: “I don’t know you, I don’t know who you are, depart from me, you that do inequity.” (Matthew 7:23)

Is that not very disappointing? You’ve been trusting all of these works of religion for a long time, only to be denied in judgment?

That is what I call the great deception. Knowing or believing that you’re saved, when in fact, you are not.

But we thank the Father that in this ministry today, in the Kingdom Ministry the Father has entrusted to His Appointed Son, the simplicity of our Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ is back in our hearts. It’s simply doing His Will. It’s simply surrendering our own self to Him. Then one day we will hear Him, as I heard Him in that mountain, saying: “Now you are my Son.”

We read of this in Revelation 21:7, which says: “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”

What does this mean? Being “my son” means that now the Father can live within you. He now has His spiritual DNA within you. He now has His name and life in you.

“He is now your God” means that from now on, you will subscribe to His Will according to Him. His interpretation of what is good and evil is what you will follow voluntarily, lovingly, and obediently.

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  1. Angelo Miguel R. Nerida avatar
    Angelo Miguel R. Nerida

    Praise the Father!

  2. Eulalia Monte Casili avatar
    Eulalia Monte Casili

    Congratulations, Pastor Apollo C Quiboloy, for all your awards.

  3. Michael Pintoy avatar
    Michael Pintoy

    We are so blessed and thankful to the Almighty Father through His Son for giving us salvation. Before we were in the bondage of sin because of Satan Lucifer the devil but in these last days, we are all freed from the serpent seed that is camouflaging itself as our human will. Thank you Father through the Son for the salvation and compassion towards us. All glory and honor belong to Your Name forever.

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