lonely sad person from with hoodie sitting near sea thinking about life

When Depression Strikes, Call unto God

lonely sad person from with hoodie sitting near sea thinking about life

When Depression Strikes, Call unto God

by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy · Give Us This Day · May 29, 2003

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When Depression Strikes, Call unto God

There are so many problems and turmoil in the world today. We experience these pressures from the outside—worries of problems in the family, employment, and financial burdens. 

These are all weighing down upon us and are putting us in so much trouble that there are times when the devil says to us, “Where is thy God?”

When depression sets in, you are weighed down. You get so confused when you wake up in the morning. You feel empty and hopeless. You feel like it is a waste to live for another day. That is depression. It is an evil spirit. It is the spirit of the devil that disheartens you.

God made us in a way that we can face trials and testing to a certain point. There comes a time when we cannot take it anymore. It is when we cannot handle problems on our own and we need help from God.

Thus, it is important that we listen to the Word of God and maintain a sound relationship with Him.

No matter who we are, we cannot survive alone, and we need God. We need the Lord. There are times when we cannot avoid being busy with our ministry.

However, we must not forget our personal fellowship with God. We have to kneel down. We have to pray. We have to have personal devotion, a personal reading of the Word of God.

We must not let our feelings overwhelm us. The devil might take advantage of that and lead us into thinking that we have lost everything and have no more hope in living. We must not let this happen.

We must put our hope in God. We must put our minds into a positive mode. Do not look at the present things that are happening. Treat the situation positively and say, “God is with me. God is going to help me. I will still hope in God.”

In times of trouble, speak to Him. Talk to God! Tell Him how you feel. We must put our will and mind in gear because God has given us the power to control matters. We can control that.

By remembering and reflecting on God’s presence and His goodness, we can surpass any problem that comes our way. Remember always, remember often. He is the God of our life, our God, our Rock. He is the Savior.

God is our joy and delight. Put your mind and emotions in gear by basking in His love and then singing in the dark.

When you are depressed, sing because it lifts up the spirit. Have you felt the power in the Word of God lift you up when you are depressed, and you listen to it?

When depression strikes us, this is what we ought to do. We have the power to do it. 

God has given us the power, and He will make a way for us. Without knowing it, our depression will be lifted. It will completely vanish, and we will feel light. 

We will feel happy again. We will feel joyful, and we will feel that God is there for us once again.

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