ACQ ICD makes its way to T’Boli, South Cotabato

ACQ ICD makes its way to T’Boli, South Cotabato

Philippines · April 25, 2023



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ACQ ICD makes its way to T’Boli, South Cotabato

Deep in the remote reaches of the Mindanao region lies a fascinating tribe known as the T’boli. They are amongst the most colorful of the 87 Filipino ethnic groups, renowned for their T’nalak weavings, exquisite embroidery, and impressive brass castings – crafts that are synonymous with their culture and people. However, as modernization sweeps across the land, preserving their rich heritage has become a daunting challenge. Despite adapting to the changing times, most T’boli people remain impoverished and their children struggle to access basic necessities, such as education. The tribe firmly believes that education is the key to addressing poverty, empowering their children, and preserving their cultural heritage. Unfortunately, most T’boli children are deprived of this fundamental right by their parents, due to the hardships of life.

The children of the tribe aspire to become doctors, pilots, teachers, and other professionals to help their people. These youngsters are resilient, resourceful, and hope-filled. However, for others living in remote areas, access to education is scarce, leaving them with limited opportunities to learn. To address this disparity, Project APOLLO for IPs was created – a literacy program designed by the indigenous people, for the indigenous people. Our beloved founder and Pastor, Apollo C. Quiboloy, also known as Datu Pamulingan, launched the Oplan Read Tagging: Project APOLLO 4 Ips, as a long-term solution to eradicate illiteracy among the T’boli Indigenous people. His vision is to empower their children through education, allowing them to learn how to read both in English and Filipino and providing them with essential resources such as books and school equipment.

This project has brought a glimmer of hope for the T’boli tribe and a silver lining for the children to fulfill their dreams. The T’boli teachers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy for the program, which builds a strong foundation for the children’s education, paving the way for them to achieve their aspirations. It is our beloved Pastor’s love and compassion for children in need that has made this possible.

But that’s not all! Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is also committed to spreading happiness to needy children around the world on his birthday. A special day dedicated to children worldwide, it is filled with excitement for those who have never tasted such delicacies, played games they have never experienced before and received gifts that they will cherish for a lifetime. For the less fortunate, it is a day of joy that they will forever hold dear to their hearts.

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