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Kingdom Nation’s Victories in Canada

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Kingdom Nation’s Victories in Canada

Canada · August 06, 2023

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Kingdom Nation’s Victories in Canada

Embracing Faith: Water Baptism Ceremony Unites Souls in Canada’s East Prairie Region

The tranquil shores of St. Malo Lake bore witness to a profound spiritual event as individuals from various walks of life gathered to take a monumental step on their spiritual journey. Under the open sky, souls embraced the sacred ritual of water baptism, an act symbolizing the surrender of their own will to the Will of the Almighty Father.

Among those who stepped into the waters of St. Malo Lake was a Nigerian family who were drawn to the ceremony not only as faithful supporters but also as dedicated viewers of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s teachings. 

The ceremony was a testament to the flourishing growth of the Kingdom Nation across Canada, where sons and daughters are reproducing at an accelerated pace. This proliferation of faith echoes a larger phenomenon—the great Glorification Harvest.

Amidst the serenity of St. Malo Lake, the water baptism ceremony illuminated the unity and diversity of faith. As souls submerged themselves into the waters, they emerged as symbols of renewal, carrying with them a strengthened commitment to do the Will of the Almighty Father. The presence of the Nigerian family foregrounded the universality of spiritual teachings, fostering connections that transcend race.

In this corner of North America, where natural beauty intertwines with spiritual significance, the water baptism ceremony at St. Malo Lake served as a reminder that faith knows no boundaries. As sons and daughters continue to multiply in Canada, the echoes of their devotion contribute to the profound global transformation that awaits—a harvest of Glorification transcending culture, race, and language.

Uniting in Gratitude: A Multicultural Thanksgiving Worship Celebration at the KJC Compound in Canada

Just recently, sons and daughters from the West, East Central, & Atlantic Regions held a special Thanksgiving Worship Presentation at the KJC Compound in Canada.

Sons and daughters of the Almighty Father from diverse corners of Canada’s regions gathered at the KJC Compound for an extraordinary event that transcended cultural boundaries. 

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as avid televiewers of SMNI, who have been touched by the teachings of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, graced the Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation. Ethnic diversity painted a vibrant tapestry, with Spanish, Mexican, Erythraean, Arab, Jamaican, and Asian brethren converging from all corners of Toronto, collectively embodying the spirit of unity that faith inspires.

As the words of the Appointed Son resonated through the hearts of the gathered, a profound realization of spiritual truths transpired. It was a collective spiritual awakening, a reminder of the paramount significance of genuine repentance and salvation.

At the KJC Compound, a truly remarkable event took place where divisions of culture and race were nonexistent, binding everyone together as one. 

Kingdom Citizens in Alberta, Canada Converge for 2-Day Summer Camp

In the heart of Alberta’s stunning landscape, a two-day Summer Camp unfolded, uniting Kingdom Citizens in Lethbridge for a journey of camaraderie, growth, and shared experiences. The event, held amidst the picturesque beauty of Lethbridge, allowed participants to immerse themselves in a dynamic blend of activities, fostering lasting connections and treasured memories.

The campgrounds came alive with the energy of  Kingdom Citizens ready to embark on a two-day adventure that would nurture their spirits and forge strong bonds. This event offered a respite from daily routines and a platform for Kingdom Citizens to rejuvenate their souls through shared activities and devotion.

Nature became their playground as the participants hit the road to Waterton, taking in the awe-inspiring scenic spots that Alberta has to offer. Kingdom Citizens savored moments of togetherness, enjoying a delightful barbeque party.

The spirit of gratitude became more evident on the second day as Kingdom Citizens congregated at a hall in Lethbridge. The air was filled with reverence as Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation unfolded, allowing participants to collectively express their gratitude for the blessings that enriched their lives.

Divided into four spirited teams, Kingdom Citizens embraced friendly competition in activities ranging from cheer dance and solo singing to preaching, broadcasting, and Bible quiz competitions.The culmination of events brought forth a sense of accomplishment and celebration. The Green Team from Edmonton secured the title as the over-all champion, a testament to their dedication and teamwork.

Acknowledging the guidance and support of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the event served as a reminder of the importance of faith and the power of joint experiences in the journey of Kingdom Citizens in Alberta, Canada.

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